Housing Assistance: An Inventory of Fiscal Year 2010 Programs, Tax Expenditures, and Other Activities

U.S. Government Accountability Office

Institutions of the Farm Credit System, which include the Agricultural Credit Bank and Farm Credit Banks, provide financed credit to agricultural and rural communities

Administering Agency/Entity Farm Credit System
Short Description The Farm Credit System is a government-sponsored enterprise that provides privately financed credit to agricultural and rural communities. The major functional entities of the system are the Agricultural Credit Bank, the Farm Credit Banks, and the direct-lender associations. Farm Credit System institutions are authorized to provide rural housing financing for dwellings that are single-family, owner-occupied, and moderately priced for the rural area in which they are located.
Primary Purpose Increase availability of mortgage loans
Type of Housing Supported Homeownership
Type of Assistance Loan
Fiscal Year 2010 Obligations None; entities of the Farm Credit System are not included in the federal budget.

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