Housing Assistance: An Inventory of Fiscal Year 2010 Programs, Tax Expenditures, and Other Activities

U.S. Government Accountability Office

Enforcement of the Fair Housing Act (Title VIII)

Administering Agency/Entity Department of Housing and Urban Development
Short Description The Fair Housing Act, as amended, prohibits discrimination in residential real estate transactions based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or familial status and makes it illegal to coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere with people exercising their rights under the Act, or assisting others in exercising their rights. HUD investigates, conciliates, and charges cases of prohibited housing discrimination. If attempts at conciliation between the relevant parties are unsuccessful, HUD will, in appropriate cases, bring a discrimination charge in an administrative hearing. Either party may elect instead to litigate the action in federal district court. At that point, the Department of Justice takes over HUDís role as counsel seeking resolution of the charge. The Act requires that HUD administer its housing and urban development programs and activities in a manner that affirmatively furthers the policies of the Act.
Primary Purpose Regulatory requirements
Type of Housing Supported Both
Type of Assistance Regulation
Fiscal Year 2010 Obligations Included in obligations for Fair Housing Assistance Program and Fair Housing Initiatives Program, which were each $25,000,000.

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