Housing Assistance: An Inventory of Fiscal Year 2010 Programs, Tax Expenditures, and Other Activities

U.S. Government Accountability Office

Energy Innovation Fund: Multifamily Energy Pilot

Administering Agency/Entity Department of Housing and Urban Development
Short Description Provides competitive grants to support innovations in financing and conducting applied research to address primary barriers to the retrofitting of certain multifamily residential properties to be more energy efficient on a cost-effective basis. Eligible properties are existing multifamily residential properties in which a majority of units are reserved for low-income households. HUD will require that the ownership of properties benefiting from grant funds maintain affordability restrictions extending for at least 10 years from date of delivery of the grant benefit.
Primary Purpose Operation/management of rental housing
Type of Housing Supported Rental Housing
Type of Assistance Grant
Fiscal Year 2010 Obligations None; program was created in fiscal year 2010. However, no funds were obligated in that year.

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