GAO-11-109SP: National Security: An Inventory of Professional Development Activities Intended to Improve Interagency Collaboration and Selected Characteristics by Providing Agency and Type of Activity, an E-supplement to GAO-11-108

U.S. Government Accountability Office

Table of Contents

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Professional Development Activities, All Types
Training Courses and Programs
Exercise Programs
Interagency Rotational Programs
Joint Professional Military Education Programs
Leadership Development Programs

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DHS: Department of Homeland Security
DOD: Department of Defense
DOE: Department of Energy
FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency
FS: Foreign Service (pay schedule)
GS: General Schedule
JPME: Joint Professional Military Education
NGO: Nongovernmental organization
NDU: National Defense University
NNSA: National Nuclear Security Administration
O: Officer-level (pay schedule)
ROTC: Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
SES: Senior Executive Service
State: Department of State
Treasury: Department of Treasury
USAID: United States Agency for International Development
USDA: United States Department of Agriculture
USG: United States Government