Survey of Public Transit Agencies on Security Information Sharing (GAO-10-896SP, 9/22/2010), an E-supplement to GAO-10-895

Read the Full Report: Public Transit Security Information Sharing: DHS Could Improve Information Sharing Through Streamlining and Increased Outreach (GAO-10-895).


This e-supplement is a companion to our report entitled "Public Transit Security Information Sharing: DHS Could Improve Information Sharing Through Streamlining and Increased Outreach," GAO-10-895. Section 1410 of the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 directed GAO to assess the role of the PT-ISAC and other related federal mechanisms for sharing security-related information with the public transit industry. The purpose of the survey was to assess the satisfaction of public transit agencies with federal efforts to share security-related information, and the extent to which these efforts can be improved.

We administered this web survey to 96 of the top 100 U.S. public transit agencies in March and April of 2010, as measured by fiscal year 2008 ridership. (We omitted two agencies after learning these two entities are each comprised of multiple smaller transit agencies that, for ease of reporting, consolidate their annual ridership totals in the National Transit Database. In addition, we omitted two other agencies after learning that the security points-of-contact at these two agencies were also responsible for security at two other top-100 agencies and consequently already received our survey.)

Out of the 96 public transit agencies in our final sample, we received completed questionnaires from 80 agencies, for a response rate of 83 percent. While each of the largest agencies was selected for our survey, and the survey results are therefore not subject to sampling error, nonresponse and the practical difficulties of conducting any survey may introduce other errors into the results. However, we took steps to minimize errors of measurement, nonresponse, and data processing. For a full discussion of the survey methodology, the nature of survey error and the steps we took to minimize such error, see Appendix I of the full report, GAO-10-895.

A facsimile of the final web survey instrument is reproduced in this e-supplement, along with summary statistics for each numeric question and the number of valid responses to each question.


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