Competition in the Accounting Profession: Survey of Public Companies (GAO-08-164SP, November 2007), an E-supplement to GAO-08-163

Audit Fees

20. How have your audit fees changed since 2003?

"Audit fees" refers to total fees for the financial statement audit and the audit of internal contol over financial reporting.
1. Greatly increased
2. Moderately increased
3. Remained the same (Click here to go to Question 22.)
4. Moderately decreased
5. Greatly decreased
6. Don't know

21. IF AUDIT FEES INCREASED OR DECREASED: Which of the following reasons explain why your audit fees have changed?
(Select one answer in each row.)
    Yes No No answer
  a. Change in hourly rates of audit team and senior partners
  b. Change in number of hours by audit engagement team
  c. Change in number of hours by senior partners and experts
  d. Addition of requirement for audit of internal control over financial reporting
  e. Change in complexity or scope of company operations
  f. Other - please describe below

  IF OTHER, please describe.

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