Elections: 2007 Survey of State Voting System Programs (GAO-08-1147SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-874


24. Re-approval: Re-examination and possibly retesting of a voting system and/or component (including, for example, system software) based on specific requirements identified by the state.

Under which of the following circumstances, if any, is re-approval used by the state?
(Check one in each row)
    Yes No Don't know
  a. Modification or upgrade to system hardware (including, for example, printers and scanners)
  b. Modification or upgrade of system software
  c. System does not meet voting system requirements according to examination or testing results
  d. Expiration of vendor support contract
  e. Expiration of system approval
  f. State or local jurisdiction official request
  g. Change to state requirements for approval
  h. System required re-approval in other state or jurisdiction
  i.Other (describe below)

  j. If applicable, briefly describe other circumstances:

25. Have any voting systems in your state been required to undergo re-approval after December 2004?
(Check one)

  a. If yes, how many voting systems have been required to undergo re-approval?

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