Elections: 2007 Survey of State Voting System Programs (GAO-08-1147SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-874

Approval Process

11. The approval process refers to activities undertaken by a state authority to
(1) initially determine that a voting system has met or exceeded all minimum standards established for use in its elections (including, but not limited to, testing, examination, state or federal certification, and public hearings),
(2) grant re-approval after re-examination and/or retesting if modifications or enhancements are made to a system, and
(3) revoke approval when a voting system fails to fulfill state requirements.

Does your state currently have a requirement to approve voting systems?
(Check one)
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12. When did your state last conduct approval of a voting system?
(Check one)

13. Who performs the following activities for approval of voting systems in your state?
(Check all that apply in each row)
    Not included in approval process Secretary of State State election board or committee State election director Subject matter experts/ consultants State Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer Other (describe below) Don't know
  a. Establishing specific standards for approval
  b. Evaluation of technical documentation (e.g., manuals, program source code)
  c. Evaluation of vendor's system demonstration results
  d. Evaluation of vendor business, financial and past performance information
  e. Evaluation of vendor contracts for purchase, lease and support of voting systems
  f. Testing systems to state standards or criteria
  g. Examination of test results
  h. Holding public hearings or having period for public comment
  i. Resolution of voting system problems during the approval process
  j. Approval decision for voting system
  k. Other (describe below)

  l. If applicable, briefly describe other activities for approval and/or who is responsible for activities:

14. Has your state developed any standards or criteria that must be met for initial approval of voting systems to be given?
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15. Has your state developed standards or criteria in each of the following areas?
(Check one in each row)
    State developed standards State did not develop standards Don't know
  a. Performance requirements (e.g., accuracy, vote time)
  b. Physical, design, or environmental characteristics
  c. System security requirements
  d. Audit capability requirements
  e. Information privacy requirements
  f. Requirement that system is used in other states
  g. Requirements for long term system sustainability
  h. Life cycle costs
  i. Other (describe below)

  j. If applicable, briefly describe other state developed standards or criteria:

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