Elections: 2007 Survey of State Voting System Programs (GAO-08-1147SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-874

Use of HAVA Funds

61. How have HAVA funds been applied, if at all, to the following activities?
(Check one in each row)
    Expended Budgeted but not yet fully expended Not applied Don't know
  a. Approval of voting system (including testing and use of federal certification)
  b. Purchase of voting systems
  c. Testing of voting systems for election use
  d. Monitoring voting systems for errors or malfunctions during the election cycle
  e. Collecting data on voting system errors or malfunctions
  f. Resolving voting system errors or malfunctions that occurred during elections
  g. Conducting post-election audits
  h. Other (describe below)

  i. If applicable, briefly describe how HAVA funds have been applied to other activities:

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