Elections: 2007 Survey of State Voting System Programs (GAO-08-1147SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-874

Overall Approval Process

31. How well have each of the following activities worked as part of the approval process in your state (including re-approval or revocation as applicable)?
(Check one in each row)
    Not used Very well Moderately well Not well Unable to judge
  a. Establishing specific standards for approval
  b. Evaluation of technical documentation (e.g., manuals, program source code)
  c. Evaluation of vendor's system demonstration results
  d. Evaluation of vendor business, financial and past performance information
  e. Evaluation of vendor contracts for purchase, lease and support of voting systems
  f. Testing systems to state standards or criteria
  g. Examination of test results
  h. Holding public hearings or having period for public comment
  i. Approval decision for voting system use
  j. Resolution of voting system problems during the approval process
  k. Use of experts
  l. Other (describe below)

  m. If applicable, briefly describe other activities:

32. How much of a challenge, if at all, have each of the following areas been for your state during the approval process (including re-approval or revocation as applicable)?
(Check one in each row)
    Major challenge Minor challenge Not a challenge Not applicable Don't know
  a. Ensuring all state officials understand their role in the process
  b. Having sufficient qualified staff and facilities to conduct voting system tests
  c. Having sufficient funding to conduct approval
  d. Ensuring vendors meet requirements
  e. Properly configuring systems
  f. Successfully integrating various components of voting system (including add-ons, printers, VVPT)
  g. Ensuring voters' concerns are considered
  h. Addressing system testing failures
  i. Ensuring approval process is completed in time prior to the election
  j. Communicating the status of state voting system approval to local jurisdictions
  k. Confirming local jurisdictions have received state approved systems
  l. Ensuring local jurisdictions use state approved system configurations
  m. Decisions by other states on same voting system
  n. Timeliness of EAC certification
  o. Other (describe below)

  p. If applicable, briefly describe other areas:

33. For any area identified in Q32 as a major challenge, please describe why it was a challenge and how your state addressed this challenge.

34. Once a voting system has been initially approved, does your state require acceptance testing to verify that voting systems delivered by the vendor meet state requirements?
(Check one)

35. If acceptance testing is performed, do any of the following entities perform the test(s)?
(Check one in each row)
    Yes No Don't know
  a.State election personnel
  b. Experts or consultants
  c. Local jurisdictions
  d. Contractors
  e. State auditor or equivalent
  f. Vendors
  g. Other (describe below)

  h. If applicable, briefly describe other entities:

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