Survey of Youth Opportunity Grant Program Directors (GAO-06-56SP)

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This document presents selected results of GAO’s Web-based Survey of Youth Opportunity Grant Program Directors. We asked program directors about the usefulness of program components, challenges they faced in implementing the program and strategies used to deal with them, and their opinions on the program’s impact on participants and communities. In addition, we asked directors about the size and structure of their program, the manner in which they delivered services and the types of organizations with which their programs partnered. All 36 program directors participated in the survey, for a response rate of 100 percent. A more detailed discussion of our scope and methodology is contained in our report entitled “YOUTH OPPORTUNITY GRANTS: Lessons Can Be Learned From Program, but Labor Needs to Make Data Available” GAO-06-53. We administered this survey between March and May 2005 in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.

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  • The data reported for the YO grant funding item (in question 29) were not sufficiently complete for us to include in our results.

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