U.S. GAO - Federal Economic Development Funding (GAO-06-436sp)

Federal Economic Development Funding (GAO-06-436sp)

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Health Care and Other Facilities (93.887) obligations in Missouri by county and program
Dollars and shares using Rural-Urban Continuum

County Rural-Urban Continuum Category Total Obligations (FY2002-2004)
Adair County Rural 246,121
Atchison County Rural 295,070
Boone County Urban 344,396
Buchanan County Urban 196,712
Cape Girardeau County Urban 344,477
Cass County Urban 147,624
Clay County Urban 10,193,758
Douglas County Rural 246,121
Franklin County Urban 30,509
Greene County Urban 457,546
Lafayette County Urban 1,081,924
McDonald County Urban 590,692
Polk County Urban 393,575
St. Charles County Urban 196,832
St. Louis County Urban 393,795
St. Louis city Urban 3,492,945

For a more detailed discussion of our scope and methodology and additional details see "Rural Economic Development: More Assurance Is Needed That Grant Funding Information Is Accurately Reported."