U.S. GAO - Federal Economic Development Funding (GAO-06-436sp)

Federal Economic Development Funding (GAO-06-436sp)

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Schools and Roads/Grants to Counties (10.666) obligations in South Dakota by county and program
Dollars and shares using Rural-Urban Continuum

County Rural-Urban Continuum Category Total Obligations (FY2002-2004)
Corson County Rural 5,952
Custer County Rural 6,294
Fall River County Rural 25,628
Jackson County Rural 11,681
Jones County Rural 4,077
Lyman County Rural 12,431
Pennington County Urban 21,887
Perkins County Rural 23,699
Stanley County Rural 7,279
Ziebach County Rural 23

For a more detailed discussion of our scope and methodology and additional details see "Rural Economic Development: More Assurance Is Needed That Grant Funding Information Is Accurately Reported."