U.S. GAO - Federal Economic Development Funding (GAO-06-436sp)

Federal Economic Development Funding (GAO-06-436sp)

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Forestry Incentives Program (10.064) obligations in West Virginia by county and program
Dollars and shares using Rural-Urban Continuum

County Rural-Urban Continuum Category Total Obligations (FY2002-2004)
Berkeley County Urban 780
Braxton County Rural 9,786
Calhoun County Rural 291
Clay County Urban 3,484
Doddridge County Rural 352
Fayette County Rural 390
Gilmer County Rural -4
Greenbrier County Rural 642
Hampshire County Urban -4,577
Harrison County Urban 1,620
Jackson County Rural 291
Kanawha County Urban -30
Lewis County Rural 2,627
Lincoln County Urban 650
Marion County Urban 2,285
Marshall County Urban 650
Mason County Rural 676
McDowell County Rural 650
Mercer County Urban -65
Monongalia County Urban 650
Morgan County Urban 3,925
Nicholas County Rural 779
Pocahontas County Rural 5,825
Preston County Urban 1,894
Roane County Rural 582
Summers County Rural 1,292
Taylor County Rural 2,647
Tucker County Rural 260
Tyler County Rural 360
Upshur County Rural 14,177
Wetzel County Rural 1,394

For a more detailed discussion of our scope and methodology and additional details see "Rural Economic Development: More Assurance Is Needed That Grant Funding Information Is Accurately Reported."