U.S. GAO - Federal Economic Development Funding (GAO-06-436sp)

Federal Economic Development Funding (GAO-06-436sp)

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Rural Cooperative Development Grants (10.771) obligations in Missouri by county and program
Dollars and shares using Rural-Urban Continuum

County Rural-Urban Continuum Category Total Obligations (FY2002-2004)
Audrain County Rural 500,000
Barton County Rural 47,500
Bates County Urban 140,000
Boone County Urban 546,607
Buchanan County Urban 1,174,800
Cass County Urban 332,119
Cole County Urban 2,295,184
Howell County Rural 420,000
Jackson County Urban 265,500
Johnson County Urban 50,000
Linn County Rural 20,800
Macon County Rural 117,000
Marion County Urban 66,000
Montgomery County Rural 200,000
Pettis County Urban 49,760
Phelps County Urban 300,000
Scotland County Rural 349,950
Shelby County Rural 349,990
St. Louis County Urban 55,525
Vernon County Rural 24,620
Wright County Rural 133,500

For a more detailed discussion of our scope and methodology and additional details see "Rural Economic Development: More Assurance Is Needed That Grant Funding Information Is Accurately Reported."