Survey of Workforce Investment Board Directors on the Use of Individual Training Accounts (GAO-05-807SP)

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This document presents a facsimile of GAO’s Web-based survey of workforce investment board directors on the use of individual training accounts. We are providing the survey instrument used in this study so that readers may see the actual questions used to collect the survey data used in GAO’s report. The results of this survey are not included in this document but are discussed in detail in our report entitled "Workforce Investment Act: Substantial Funds Are Used for Training, But Little Is Known Nationally About Training Outcomes " GAO-05-650. We conducted this survey to determine the extent to which program year 2003 Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds were spent or obligated for training, how local workforce boards manage individual training accounts (ITAs), and what challenges these local boards have encountered in implementing ITAs. We conducted this Web-based survey of all local workforce investment boards, receiving responses from 428 (73 percent). A more detailed discussion of our scope and methodology can be found in our report. We administered the survey of workforce investment board directors between November 2004 and March 2005 in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.

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