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Federally Funded Research at Institutions of Higher Education


Responding to the Questionnaire

Structure of the Questionnaire

Navigating, Exiting, and Printing the Questionnaire

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Section I: Publication of Research Results

Section II: Posting of Research Results on the Web

Section III: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests for Research Data

Section IV: Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure

Section V: Research Funding at Your Institution

Additional Comments

Section VI: Information About Individuals Completing this Questionnaire

Other Individuals Providing Information for Questionnaire

Section VII: Indicating that the Questionnaire is Complete

Thank You

A more detailed discussion of our scope and methodology and a discussion of the summary of the survey results are contained in our report entitled "University Research: Federal Agencies Need to Better Protect Against Financial Conflicts of Interest" GAO-04-31.
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