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Federally Funded Research at Institutions of Higher Education

Navigating, Exiting, and Printing the Questionnaire

To go to the bottom of a page: Use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen.

To move from page to page: Use the buttons at the bottom of each page. Do not use the "Enter" key on your keyboard to navigate through the questionnaire.

To exit: Click on the "Exit" button at the bottom of the page. Always use the "Exit" button to close the questionnaire. If you do not, you will lose the information you entered on that page.

To restart your questionnaire: Log on to the questionnaire using your user name and password. The questionnaire will restart at the point where you exited.

To change your answers: To change an answer marked with a "button" (circle), click on another answer. To "uncheck" a checked box, click on the box again (this will "uncheck" it), then check the box(es) you wish to check. Note: You can change your answers, even after logging off, by logging on again (see above).

To print your responses: Click on the "Print" button at the bottom of each page. You cannot print the entire questionnaire with your answers at one time.

Suggestion: Print this page to have for future reference.


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