General Services Administration

Less than 1 percent of the total funding for the General Services Administration (GSA) was sequestered in fiscal year 2013. GSA’s two largest funds, the Federal Buildings Fund, which collects rents from tenant federal agencies at GSA properties, and the Acquisition Services Fund, which finances the purchase of products and services for federal agencies, represent over 98 percent of GSA’s total funding for fiscal year 2013. The Acquisition Services Fund was exempt from sequestration, while the Federal Buildings Fund was largely exempt. In light of sequestration, GSA officials said GSA cut its operations, postponed some planned activities, and took advantage of an effort to consolidate support services. Even though the portion of the budget sequestered was very small, and steps taken to mitigate the effects of sequestration were sufficient for fiscal year 2013, GSA officials indicated that they may not be able to address a future sequestration in a similar manner.