Summary of Furloughed Federal Employees as a Result of Sequestration in Fiscal Year 2013

Agency Actual furlough days Approximate number of employees furloughed   Component(s) affected Estimated spending reductions (in millions of dollars)
DOD 6 640,500   Civilian employeesa $1,200
HUD 5 8,000   Agency-wideb $19
Interior 3 766   U.S. Park Police $0.827
DOL 0.5 - 7 4,000   Variousc $3.7
DOT 1 21,100   Federal Aviation Administrationd $8.7
Treasury 3 84,000e   Internal Revenue Service $89
EPA 6f 16,000   Agency-wideg $48

Source: GAO analysis of agency data.
aThere were some exceptions and not all DOD civilian employees were furloughed. Specifically, approximately 126,000 DOD civilian employees were not affected by furloughs.
bHUD reported that some employees were not furloughed, including employees within the Office of the Inspector General and Ginnie Mae, among others.
cDOL furloughed employees in 11 components for between 4 hours and 7 days based on the account that funded the component. For example, employees in the Office of Labor Management Standards were furloughed for 2.5 days and employees in the Benefits Review Board and the Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board were furloughed for up to 7 days.
dDOT initially planned to furlough FAA’s 47,000 employees for one day per pay period for the remainder of the fiscal year, beginning April 21, 2013. DOT expected that each employee would take 11 furlough days. However, DOT suspended furloughs on April 27, 2013 pending enactment of the Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013. Consequently, some employees were never furloughed, and of those that were, few were furloughed more than 8 hours.
eThe number of IRS employees furloughed by Treasury ranged from roughly 84,000 to 90,000.
fEPA furloughed employees for 47 hours.
g EPA reported that the Office of Inspector General was able to avoid the need to furlough employees by applying carryover balances from prior fiscal years.