Department of Justice

The Department of Justice (DOJ) avoided some potential effects of sequestration on its mission in fiscal year 2013, including employee furloughs. In some cases, spending reductions affected DOJ’s operations, performance, and services to the public, while in other cases projected effects on performance did not occur in fiscal year 2013. DOJ avoided furloughs in fiscal year 2013 by reprogramming funds and using its transfer authority, as well as taking other cost saving actions. In addition, DOJ began a hiring freeze in January 2011, which continued during sequestration. DOJ reported that the loss of staff resulting from the continuation of the hiring freeze during sequestration and attrition, among other things, resulted in over 1,600 fewer criminal and civil cases filed by prosecutors in the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices in fiscal year 2013, compared to fiscal year 2012. However, DOJ anticipated that the loss of staff resulting from its hiring freeze would also result in fewer assets seized from drug traffickers compared to fiscal year 2012, and this effect did not occur in fiscal year 2013.