GAO Month in Review September 2004

About the Month in Review

The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

Top 10 list of significant work made publicly available in the last month

Business, Industry, and Consumers

Small Business: The National Veterans Business Development Corporation Faces Challenges in Planning for and Achieving
Financial Self-sufficiency. GAO-04-893, August 30, 2004 (54 pages).

Economic Development

Indian Economic Development: Relationship to EDA Grants and Self-determination Contracting Is Mixed. GAO-04-847, September 8, 2004 (85 pages).


Commercial Activities in Schools: Use of Student Data is Limited and Additional Dissemination of Guidance Could Help Districts Develop Policies. GAO-04-810, August 20, 2004 (45 pages).

Diploma Mills: Diploma Mills Are Easily Created and Some Have Issued Bogus Degrees to Federal Employees at Government Expense. GAO-04-1096T, September 23, 2004 (6 pages).

Federal Family Education Loan Program: Statutory and Regulatory Changes Could Avert Billions in Unnecessary Federal Subsidy Payments. GAO-04-1070, September 20, 2004 (45 pages).

Low-Income and Minority Serving Institutions: Department of Education Could Improve Its Monitoring and Assistance.
GAO-04-961, September 21, 2004 (42 pages).

Prekindergarten: Four Selected States Expanded Access by Relying on Schools and Existing Providers of Early Education and Care to Provide Services. GAO-04-852, September 9, 2004 (37 pages).


September 11: Federal Assistance for New York Workers' Compensation Costs. GAO-04-1013T, September 8, 2004 (15 pages).

Trade Adjustment Assistance: Reforms Have Accelerated Training Enrollment, but Implementation Challenges Remain. GAO-04-1012, September 22, 2004 (64 pages).


Electricity Markets: Consumers Could Benefit from Demand Programs, but Challenges Remain. GAO-04-844, August 13, 2004 (62 pages).

Energy Employees Compensation: Many Claims Have Been Processed, but Action Is Needed to Expedite Processing of Claims Requiring Radiation Exposure Estimates. GAO-04-958, September 10, 2004 (39 pages).

Low-Level Radioactive Waste: Future Waste Volumes and Disposal Options Are Uncertain. GAO-04-1097T, September 30, 2004 (25 pages).

Renewable Energy: Wind Power's Contribution to Electric Power Generation and Impact on Farms and Rural Communities. GAO-04-756, September 3, 2004 (106 pages).

Financial Institutions

Credit Unions: Available Information Indicates No Compelling Need for Secondary Capital. GAO-04-849, August 6, 2004 (49 pages).

Financial Management

Financial Audit: Independent and Special Counsel Expenditures for the Six Months Ended March 31, 2004. GAO-04-1014, September 30, 2004 (20 pages).

Financial Audit: Process for Preparing the Consolidated Financial Statements of the U.S. Government Needs Further
Improvement. GAO-04-866, September 10, 2004 (48 pages).

Financial Audit: U.S. Senate Gift Shop Revolving Fund's Fiscal Years 2002 and 2001 Financial Statements. GAO-04-906, August 27, 2004 (9 pages).

Financial Audit: U.S. Senate Stationery Room Revolving Fund's Fiscal Years 2002 and 2001 Financial Statements. GAO-04-905, August 27, 2004 (11 pages).

Financial Management Systems: HHS Faces Many Challenges in Implementing Its Unified Financial Management System.
GAO-04-1089T, September 30, 2004 (9 pages).

Financial Management Systems: Lack of Disciplined Processes Puts Implementation of HHS' Financial System at Risk. GAO-04-1008, September 23, 2004 (106 pages).

Financial Management: Further Actions Are Needed to Establish Framework to Guide Audit Opinion and Business Management Improvement Efforts at DOD. GAO-04-910R, September 20, 2004 (26 pages).

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Further Improvements Needed to Strengthen Controls Over the Purchase Card Program. GAO-04-987R, August 5, 2004 (55 pages).

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Further Improvements Needed to Strengthen Controls Over the Purchase Card Program. GAO-04-986R, August 5, 2004 (58 pages).

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Enhancements Needed to Strengthen Controls Over the Purchase Card Program. GAO-04-988R, August 5, 2004 (51 pages).

Sandia National Laboratories: Further Improvements Needed to Strengthen Controls Over the Purchase Card Program. GAO-04-989R, August 5, 2004 (53 pages).

Government Operations

2010 Census: Counting Americans Overseas as Part of the Census Would Not Be Feasible. GAO-04-1077T, September 14, 2004 (15 pages).

2010 Census: Counting Americans Overseas as Part of the Decennial Census Would Not Be Cost-Effective. GAO-04-898, August 19, 2004 (24 pages).

Best Practices: Using Spend Analysis to Help Agencies Take a More Strategic Approach to Procurement. GAO-04-870, September 16, 2004 (38 pages).

District of Columbia Jail: Management Challenges Exist in Improving Facility Conditions. GAO-04-742, August 27, 2004 (62

Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee: IRAC Representatives Effectively Coordinate Federal Spectrum but Lack Seniority to Advise on Contentious Policy Issues. GAO-04-1028, September 30, 2004 (52 pages).

Kennedy Center: More Information on Project Status and Budgets Needed to Understand the Impact of Future Funding Decisions. GAO-04-933, September 15, 2004 (38 pages).

Posthearing Questions Related to Assessing Progress in Human Capital Management. GAO-04-1072R, September 3, 2004 (8 pages).

Public Key Infrastructure: Examples of Risks and Internal Control Objectives Associated with Certification Authorities.
GAO-04-1023R, August 10, 2004 (17 pages).

Telecommunications: GSA Has Made Progress in Planning Governmentwide Program but Challenges Remain. GAO-04-1085T, September 15, 2004 (14 pages).

U.S. Postal Service: Better Guidance Is Needed to Ensure an Appropriate Response to Anthrax Contamination. GAO-04-239, September 9, 2004 (77 pages).


Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities: High Medicare Payments in Florida Raise Program Integrity Concerns.
GAO-04-709, August 12, 2004 (26 pages).

Infectious Disease Preparedness: Federal Challenges in Responding to Influenza Outbreaks. GAO-04-1100T, September 28,
2004 (13 pages).

Medicare Demonstration PPOs: Financial and Other Advantages for Plans, Few Advantages for Beneficiaries. GAO-04-960, September 27, 2004 (58 pages).

Medicare Preventive Services: Most Beneficiaries Receive Some but Not All Recommended Services. GAO-04-1004T, September 21, 2004 (12 pages).

Medicare Secondary Payer: Improvements Needed to Enhance Debt Recovery Process. GAO-04-783, August 20, 2004 (27 pages).

Medicare: Information Needed to Assess Adequacy of Rate-Setting Methodology for Payments for Hospital Outpatient Services. GAO-04-772, September 17, 2004 (33 pages).

Medicare: Past Experience Can Guide Future Competitive Bidding for Medical Equipment and Supplies. GAO-04-765, September 7, 2004 (30 pages).

September 11: Health Effects in the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Attack. GAO-04-1068T, September 8, 2004 (30 pages).

Homeland Security

Border Security: Consular Identification Cards Accepted within United States, but Consistent Federal Guidance Needed.
GAO-04-881, August 24, 2004 (50 pages).

Border Security: Joint, Coordinated Actions by State and DHS Needed to Guide Biometric Visas and Related Programs.
GAO-04-1080T, September 9, 2004 (14 pages).

Border Security: State Department Rollout of Biometric Visas on Schedule, but Guidance Is Lagging. GAO-04-1001, September 9, 2004 (28 pages).

Department of Homeland Security: Formidable Information and Technology Management Challenge Requires Institutional Approach. GAO-04-702, August 27, 2004 (48 pages).

Homeland Security: Federal Leadership Needed to Facilitate Interoperable Communications Between First Responders.
GAO-04-1057T, September 8, 2004 (20 pages).

Homeland Security: Observations on the National Strategies Related to Terrorism. GAO-04-1075T, September 22, 2004 (16

Intelligence Reform: Human Capital Considerations Critical to 9/11 Commission's Proposed Reforms. GAO-04-1084T, September 14, 2004 (18 pages).

Maritime Security: Better Planning Needed to Help Ensure an Effective Port Security Assessment Program. GAO-04-1062,
September 30, 2004 (29 pages).

Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Preliminary Observations on Efforts to Improve Security at Nuclear Power Plants.
GAO-04-1064T, September 14, 2004 (15 pages).


Rural Housing Service: Updated Guidance and Additional Monitoring Needed for Rental Assistance Distribution Process.
GAO-04-937, September 13, 2004 (45 pages).

Survey of State and Local Offices Administering Section 521 Rental Assistance. GAO-04-978SP, September 13, 2004 (2 pages).

Income Security

Pension Plans: Additional Transparency and Other Actions Needed in Connection with Proxy Voting. GAO-04-749, August 10, 2004 (40 pages).

Social Security Numbers: Use Is Widespread and Protections Vary in Private and Public Sectors. GAO-04-1099T, September 28, 2004 (20 pages).

Information Management

Electronic Government: Federal Agencies Continue to Invest in Smart Card Technology. GAO-04-948, September 8, 2004 (24 pages).

Information Management: Planning for the Electronic Records Archives Has Improved. GAO-04-927, September 23, 2004 (51 pages).

Information Technology: FAA Has Many Investment Management Capabilities in Place, but More Oversight of Operational Systems Is Needed. GAO-04-822, August 20, 2004 (52 pages).

Information Technology: Foundational Steps Being Taken to Make Needed FBI Systems Modernization Management Improvements. GAO-04-842, September 10, 2004 (56 pages).

Polar-Orbiting Environmental Satellites: Information on Program Cost and Schedule Changes. GAO-04-1054, September 30, 2004 (22 pages).

Telecommunications: Intelsat Privatization and the Implementation of the ORBIT Act. GAO-04-891, September 13, 2004
(21 pages).

International Affairs

Embassy Construction: Achieving Concurrent Construction Would Help Reduce Costs and Meet Security Goals. GAO-04-952, September 28, 2004 (31 pages).

Embassy Management: Actions Are Needed to Increase Efficiency and Improve Delivery of Administrative Support Services.
GAO-04-511, September 7, 2004 (113 pages).

Intellectual Property: U.S. Efforts Have Contributed to Strengthened Laws Overseas, but Challenges Remain. GAO-04-1093T, September 23, 2004 (13 pages).

Intellectual Property: U.S. Efforts Have Contributed to Strengthened Laws Overseas, but Challenges Remain. GAO-04-912,
September 8, 2004 (85 pages).

International Trade: Current Government Data Provide Limited Insight into Offshoring of Services. GAO-04-932, September 22, 2004 (73 pages).

Peacekeeping: Multinational Force And Observers Maintaining Accountability, but State Department Oversight Could Be Improved. GAO-04-883, July 23, 2004 (61 pages).

Russian Nuclear Submarines: U.S. Participation in the Arctic Military Environmental Cooperation Program Needs Better
Justification. GAO-04-924, September 9, 2004 (50 pages).

National Defense

Combating Terrorism: Improvements Needed in Pacific Command's Antiterrorism Approach for In-Transit Forces at Seaports.
GAO-04-851NI, August 27, 2004 (35 pages).

Defense Acquisitions: Better Information Could Improve Visibility over Adjustments to DOD's Research and Development
Funds. GAO-04-944, September 17, 2004 (55 pages).

Defense Acquisitions: Challenges Facing the DD(X) Destroyer Program. GAO-04-973, September 3, 2004 (28 pages).

Defense Management: Tools for Measuring and Managing Defense Agency Performance Could Be Strengthened. GAO-04-919, September 13, 2004 (53 pages).

Depot Maintenance: DOD Needs Plan to Ensure Compliance with Public- and Private-Sector Funding Allocation. GAO-04-871, September 29, 2004 (38 pages).

Military Personnel: DOD Could Make Greater Use of Existing Legislative Authority to Manage General and Flag Officer Careers. GAO-04-1003, September 23, 2004 (40 pages).

Military Personnel: DOD Needs More Data Before It Can Determine if Costly Changes to the Reserve Retirement System Are Warranted. GAO-04-1005, September 15, 2004 (55 pages).

Military Personnel: DOD Needs to Address Long-term Reserve Force Availability and Related Mobilization and Demobilization Issues. GAO-04-1031, September 15, 2004 (100 pages).

Natural Resources

Protected Species: International Convention and U.S. Laws Protect Wildlife Differently. GAO-04-964, September 15, 2004 (53 pages).

Social Services

D.C. Child And Family Services Agency: More Focus Needed on Human Capital Management Issues for Caseworkers and Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention. GAO-04-1017, September 24, 2004 (61 pages).

Food Stamp Farm Bill Options: Local Survey Results. GAO-04-1059SP, September 16, 2004 (51 pages).

Food Stamp Program: Farm Bill Options Ease Administrative Burden, but Opportunities Exist to Streamline Participant
Reporting Rules among Programs. GAO-04-916, September 16, 2004 (50 pages).

Survey of State Food Stamp Program Administrators. GAO-04-1058SP, September 16, 2004 (2 pages).

Tax Policy and Administration

IRS' Efforts to Evaluate the Section 1203 Process for Employee Misconduct and Measure Its Impacts on Tax Administration.
GAO-04-1039R, September 27, 2004 (48 pages).

Tax Policy: Historical Tax Treatment of INTELSAT and Current Tax Rules for Satellite Corporations. GAO-04-994, September 13, 2004 (14 pages).


Air Traffic Control: System Management Capabilities Improved, but More Can Be Done to Institutionalize Improvements.
GAO-04-901, August 20, 2004 (177 pages).

Maritime Security Fleet: Many Factors Determine Impact of Potential Limits on Food Aid Shipments. GAO-04-1065, September 13, 2004 (67 pages).

Transportation-Disadvantaged Seniors: Efforts to Enhance Senior Mobility Could Benefit from Additional Guidance and Information. GAO-04-971, August 30, 2004 (88 pages).

Veterans Affairs

VA Long-Term Care: More Accurate Measure of Home-Based Primary Care Workload Is Needed. GAO-04-913, September 8, 2004 (10 pages).

VA and Defense Health Care: More Information Needed to Determine If VA Can Meet an Increase in Demand for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Services. GAO-04-1069, September 20, 2004 (29 pages).

Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

Abt Associates, Inc.. B-294130, August 11, 2004 (3 pages).

Alion Science & Technology Corporation. B-294159, B-294159.2, September 10, 2004 (9 pages).

Cross Match Technologies, Inc.. B-293024.3, B-293024.4, June 25, 2004 (14 pages).

Daisung Company. B-294142, August 20, 2004 (6 pages).

Department of Health and Human Services--Chief Actuary's Communications with Congress. B-302911, September 7, 2004 (13 pages).

DuRette Construction Company, Inc.. B-294379, September 15, 2004 (3 pages).

DynCorp International LLC. B-294232, B-294232.2, September 13, 2004 (10 pages).

ELEIT Technology, Inc.. B-294193.2, September 30, 2004 (3 pages).

Forest Service--Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment brochure and video materials. B-302992, September 10, 2004 (13 pages).

Government Contracts Consultants. B-294335, September 22, 2004 (3 pages).

Guam Shipyard. B-294287, September 16, 2004 (4 pages).

InfoGroup Inc.. B-294610, September 30, 2004 (3 pages).

Manufacturing Engineering Systems, Inc.. B-293299.3, B-293299.4, August 3, 2004 (6 pages).

Mechanical Equipment Company, Inc.; Highland Engineering, Inc.; Etnyre International, Ltd.; Kara Aerospace, Inc..
B-292789.2, B-292789.3, B-292789.4, B-292789.5, B-292789.6, B-292789.7, December 15, 2003 (30 pages).

Noble Solutions. B-294393, September 10, 2004 (6 pages).

Oregon Electric Construction, Inc. dba Integrated Systems Group. B-294279, September 27, 2004 (3 pages).

Professional Performance Development Group, Inc.. B-294054.3, September 30, 2004 (5 pages).

REMSA, Inc.--Costs. B-293771.2, September 3, 2004 (3 pages).

RR Donnelley, Inc.. B-294395, September 15, 2004 (2 pages).

Science Applications International Corporation. B-293601.5, September 21, 2004 (5 pages).

Special Counsel and Permanent Indefinite Appropriation. B-302582, September 30, 2004 (9 pages).

T. J. Lambrecht Construction, Inc.. B-294425, September 14, 2004 (3 pages).

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, North Atlantic Division--Food for a Cultural Awareness Program. B-301184, January 15, 2004 (7 pages).

Verizon Federal, Inc.. B-293527, March 26, 2004 (6 pages).

Williamson County Ambulance Service, Inc.--Costs. B-293811.4, September 16, 2004 (3 pages).

Legal Products: Federal Agency Major Rules

Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Inpatient Hospital Deductible and Hospital and Extended Care Services Coinsurance Amounts for 2005. GAO-04-1086R, September 21, 2004 (4 pages).

Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Prospective Payment System for Fiscal Year 2005. GAO-04-1034R, September 10, 2004 (4 pages).

Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Medicare Part B Monthly Actuarial Rates, Premium Rate, and Annual Deductible Beginning January 1, 2005. GAO-04-1088R, September 21, 2004 (4 pages).

Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Part A Premium for 2005 for the Uninsured Aged and for Certain Disabled Individuals Who Have Exhausted Other Entitlement. GAO-04-1087R, September 21, 2004 (4 pages).

Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Prospective Payment System and Consolidated Billing for Skilled Nursing Facilities--Update--Notice. GAO-04-1035R, September 10, 2004 (4 pages).

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs: Indian Reservation Roads Program. GAO-04-1026R, September 24, 2004 (4 pages).

Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service: Migratory Bird Hunting; Early Seasons and Bag and Possession Limits for Certain Migratory Game Birds in the Contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
GAO-04-1081R, September 10, 2004 (4 pages).

Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service: Migratory Bird Hunting; Final Frameworks for Early-Season Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations. GAO-04-1071R, September 8, 2004 (4 pages).

Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service: Migratory Bird Hunting; Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations on Certain
Federal Indian Reservations and Ceded Lands for the 2004-05 Early Season. GAO-04-1082R, September 14, 2004 (4 pages).

Environmental Protection Agency: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Industrial, Commercial, and
Institutional Boilers and Process Heaters. GAO-04-680R, September 24, 2004 (4 pages).

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