GAO Month in Review June 2004

About the Month in Review

The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

Top 10 list of significant work made publicly available in the last month

Agriculture and Food

Farm Program Payments: USDA Needs to Strengthen Regulations and Oversight to Better Ensure Recipients Do Not Circumvent Payment Limitations. GAO-04-407, April 30, 2004 (69 pages).

Farm Program Payments: USDA Should Correct Weaknesses in Regulations and Oversight to Better Ensure Recipients Do Not
Circumvent Payment Limitations. GAO-04-861T, June 16, 2004 (14 pages).

Farmer Mac: Greater Attention to Risk Management, Mission, Public Purpose, and Corporate Governance Is Needed.
GAO-04-827T, June 2, 2004 (17 pages).

Budget and Spending

Federal Assistance: Temporary State Fiscal Relief. GAO-04-736R, May 7, 2004 (16 pages).

Business, Industry, and Consumers

Contract Management: Impact of Strategy to Mitigate Effects of Contract Bundling on Small Business is Uncertain.
GAO-04-454, May 27, 2004 (22 pages).

Intellectual Property: Economic Arrangments Among Small Webcasters and Third Parties and Their Effect on Royalties.
GAO-04-700, June 1, 2004 (38 pages).

Economic Development

Status of FEMA's FY03 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program. GAO-04-727R, April 28, 2004 (23 pages).


Illegal Alien Schoolchildren: Issues in Estimating State-by-State Costs. GAO-04-733, June 23, 2004 (29 pages).

Student Mentoring Programs: Education's Monitoring and Information Sharing Could Be Improved. GAO-04-581,
June 25, 2004 (57 pages).


OSHA's Complaint Response Policies: OSHA Credits Its Complaint System with Conserving Agency Resources, but the System Still Warrants Improvement , June 18, 2004 (35 pages).

Workforce Investment Act: States and Local Areas Have Developed Strategies to Assess Performance, but Labor Could Do More to Help. GAO-04-657, June 1, 2004 (57 pages).


Energy Employees Compensation: Even with Needed Improvements in Case Processing, Program Structure May Result in Inconsistent Benefit Outcomes. GAO-04-515, May 28, 2004 (39 pages).

Energy Employees Compensation: Even with Needed Improvements in Case Processing, Program Structure May Result in Inconsistent Benefit Outcomes. GAO-04-516, May 28, 2004 (39 pages).

Federal Research: Information on DOE's Laboratory-Directed R&D Program. GAO-04-489, April 30, 2004 (40 pages).

Geothermal Energy: Information on the Navy's Geothermal Program. GAO-04-513, June 4, 2004 (37 pages).

Low-Level Radioactive Waste: Disposal Availability Adequate in the Short Term, but Oversight Needed to Identify Any Future
Shortfalls. GAO-04-604, June 10, 2004 (53 pages).

Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE's Effort to Close Russia's Plutonium Production Reactors Faces Challenges, and Final
Shutdown Is Uncertain. GAO-04-662, June 4, 2004 (69 pages).

Nuclear Regulation: NRC's Liability Insurance Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants Owned by Limited Liability Companies.
GAO-04-654, May 28, 2004 (21 pages).

Nuclear Security: Several Issues Could Impede the Ability of DOE's Office of Energy, Science and Environment to Meet the May 2003 Design Basis Threat. GAO-04-894T, June 22, 2004 (10 pages).

Environmental Protection

Water Quality: Program Enhancements Would Better Ensure Adequacy of Boat Pumpout Facilities in No-Discharge Zones. GAO-04-613, May 24, 2004 (45 pages).

Financial Institutions

Anti-Money Laundering: Issues Concerning Depository Institution Regulatory Oversight. GAO-04-833T, June 3, 2004
(16 pages).

Financial Management

Acquisition/Financial Systems Interface Requirements: Checklist for Reviewing Systems under the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act. GAO-04-650G, June 1, 2004 (92 pages).

Financial Management: Audit of the Centennial of Flight Commission for Fiscal Year 2003 and though May 19, 2004.
GAO-04-599R, June 18, 2004 (6 pages).

Independent Standard-Setting Process for Establishing Accounting Standards for Private-Sector Entities. GAO-04-840R,
June 28, 2004 (4 pages).

Management Report: Opportunities for Improvements in FDIC's Internal Controls and Accounting Procedures. GAO-04-677R, June 16, 2004 (11 pages).

Government Operations

2010 Census: Overseas Enumeration Test Raises Need for Clear Policy Direction. GAO-04-470, May 21, 2004 (44 pages).

District of Columbia's Department of Transportation's Reorganization and Use of Federal-Aid Funding. GAO-04-644R,
May 14, 2004 (36 pages).

District of Columbia: Structural Imbalance and Management Issues. GAO-04-908T, June 22, 2004 (11 pages).

Human Capital: Additional Collaboration Between OPM and Agencies Is Key to Improved Federal Hiring. GAO-04-797,
June 7, 2004 (63 pages).

Human Capital: Senior Executive Performance Management Can Be Significantly Strengthened to Achieve Results.
GAO-04-614, May 26, 2004 (89 pages).

Human Capital: Status of Efforts to Improve Federal Hiring. GAO-04-796T, June 7, 2004 (9 pages).

Metropolitan Statistical Areas: New Standards and Their Impact on Selected Federal Programs. GAO-04-758, June 14, 2004 (97 pages).

Posthearing Questions Related to Agencies' Implementation of the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Act. GAO-04-897R, June 18, 2004 (7 pages).


Gulf War Illnesses: Federal Research Efforts Have Waned, and Research Findings Have Not Been Reassessed. GAO-04-815T, June 1, 2004 (18 pages).

Internet Pharmacies: Hydrocodone, an Addictive Narcotic Pain Medication, Is Available Without a Prescription Through the
Internet. GAO-04-892T, June 17, 2004 (5 pages).

Internet Pharmacies: Some Pose Safety Risks for Consumers. GAO-04-820, June 17, 2004 (29 pages).

Internet Pharmacies: Some Pose Safety Risks for Consumers and Are Unreliable in Their Business Practices. GAO-04-888T, June 17, 2004 (19 pages).

Medicare Dialysis Facilities: Beneficiary Access Stable and Problems in Payment System Being Addressed. GAO-04-450, June 25, 2004 (40 pages).

Homeland Security

Aviation Security: Further Steps Needed to Strengthen the Security of Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls.
GAO-04-728, June 4, 2004 (54 pages).

Homeland Security: Coordinated Planning and Standards Needed to Better Manage First Responder Grants in the National Capital Region. GAO-04-904T, June 24, 2004 (10 pages).

Homeland Security: Management of First Responder Grants in the National Capital Region Reflects the Need for Coordinated
Planning and Performance Goals. GAO-04-433, May 28, 2004 (53 pages).

Homeland Security: Performance of Information System to Monitor Foreign Students and Exchange Visitors Has Improved, but Issues Remain. GAO-04-690, June 18, 2004 (95 pages).

Maritime Security: Substantial Work Remains to Translate New Planning Requirements into Effective Port Security. GAO-04-838, June 30, 2004 (52 pages).

Overstay Tracking: A Key Component of Homeland Security and a Layered Defense. GAO-04-82, May 21, 2004 (51 pages).

The Chief Operating Officer Concept and its Potential Use as a Strategy to Improve Management at the Department of Homeland Security. GAO-04-876R, June 28, 2004 (8 pages).


Home Inspections: Many Buyers Benefit from Inspections, but Mandating Their Use Is Questionable. GAO-04-462, April 30, 2004 (60 pages).

Rural Housing Service: Agency Has Overestimated Its Rental Assistance Budget Needs over the Life of the Program. GAO-04-752, May 20, 2004 (17 pages).

Income Security

Social Security Numbers: Use Is Widespread and Protections Vary. GAO-04-768T, June 15, 2004 (22 pages).

Social Security: Distribution of Benefits and Taxes Relative to Earnings Level. GAO-04-747, June 15, 2004 (60 pages).

Social Security: Reform Proposals Could Have a Variety of Effects on Distribution of Benefits and Payroll Taxes.
GAO-04-872T, June 15, 2004 (30 pages).

Information Management

File Sharing: Selected Universities Report Taking Action to Reduce Copyright Infringement. GAO-04-503, May 28, 2004 (39

Geospatial Information: Better Coordination Needed to Identify and Reduce Duplicative Investments. GAO-04-703, June 23, 2004 (52 pages).

Geospatial Information: Better Coordination and Oversight Could Help Reduce Duplicative Investments. GAO-04-824T, June 23, 2004 (23 pages).

Information Security: Agencies Face Challenges in Implementing Effective Software Patch Management Processes. GAO-04-816T, June 2, 2004 (17 pages).

Information Security: Continued Action Needed to Improve Software Patch Management. GAO-04-706, June 2, 2004
(40 pages).

Technology Assessment: Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection. GAO-04-321, May 28, 2004 (214 pages).

International Affairs

Afghanistan Reconstruction: Deteriorating Security and Limited Resources Have Impeded Progress; Improvements in U.S. Strategy Needed. GAO-04-403, June 2, 2004 (80 pages).

Contract Management: Contracting for Iraq Reconstruction and for Global Logistics Support. GAO-04-869T, June 15, 2004 (12 pages).

El Tratado De Guadalupe Hidalgo: Hallazgos y Opciones Posibles Con Respecto a Los Reclamos de Larga Duracion de Mercedes de Tierras Comunitarias en Nuevo Mexico. GAO-04-60, June 4, 2004 (249 pages).

Financial Services: Post-hearing Questions Regarding Recovering Foreign Regimes' Assets. GAO-04-831R, May 27, 2004
(12 pages).

Foreign Assistance: Observations on USAID's Commodity Import Program in Egypt. GAO-04-846T, June 17, 2004
(17 pages).

Nonproliferation: Further Improvements Needed in U.S. Efforts to Counter Threats from Man-Portable Air Defense Systems.
GAO-04-519, May 13, 2004 (53 pages).

Peace Corps: Observations on Volunteer Safety and Security. GAO-04-903T, June 22, 2004 (14 pages).

Rebuilding Iraq: Fiscal Year 2003 Contract Award Procedures and Management Challenges. GAO-04-605, June 1, 2004
(55 pages).

Rebuilding Iraq: Resource, Security, Governance, Essential Services, and Oversight Issues. GAO-04-902R, June 28, 2004 (101 pages).

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: Findings and Possible Options Regarding Longstanding Community Land Grant Claims in New Mexico. GAO-04-59, June 4, 2004 (221 pages).

United Nations: Observations on the Oil for Food Program and Iraq's Food Security. GAO-04-880T, June 16, 2004
(22 pages).

Justice and Law Enforcement

Cigarette Smuggling: Federal Law Enforcement Efforts and Seizures Increasing. GAO-04-641, May 28, 2004 (31 pages).

FBI Transformation: Human Capital Strategies May Assist the FBI in Its Commitment to Address Its Top Priorities. GAO-04-817T, June 3, 2004 (13 pages).

Immigration Enforcement: Better Data and Controls Are Needed to Assure Consistency with the Supreme Court Decision on Long-Term Alien Detention. GAO-04-434, May 27, 2004 (43 pages).

Survey of Supervisors at U.S. Attorneys' Offices. GAO-04-616SP, May 28, 2004 (43 pages).

US Attorneys: Performance-Based Initiatives are Evolving. GAO-04-422, May 28, 2004 (76 pages).

National Defense

Air Force Depot Maintenance: Improved Pricing and Cost Reduction Practices Needed. GAO-04-498, June 17, 2004
(36 pages).

DOD Civilian Personnel: Comprehensive Strategic Workforce Plans Needed. GAO-04-753, June 30, 2004 (30 pages).

DOD Operational Ranges: More Reliable Cleanup Cost Estimates and a Proactive Approach to Identifying Contamination Are Needed. GAO-04-601, May 28, 2004 (48 pages).

DOD Travel Cards: Control Weaknesses Led to Millions in Fraud, Waste, and Improper Payments. GAO-04-825T, June 9, 2004 (23 pages).

DOD Travel Cards: Control Weaknesses Led to Millions of Dollars Wasted on Unused Airline Tickets. GAO-04-398, March 31, 2004 (44 pages).

DOD Travel Cards: Control Weaknesses Resulted in Millions of Dollars of Improper Payments. GAO-04-576, June 9, 2004 (51 pages).

Defense Logistics: GAO's Observations on Maintenance Aspects of the Navy's Fleet Response Plan. GAO-04-724R, June 18, 2004 (21 pages).

Defense Management: Opportunities Exist to Improve Implementation of DOD's Long-Term Corrosion Strategy. GAO-04-640, June 23, 2004 (22 pages).

Defense Space Activities: Continuation of Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program's Progress to Date Subject to Some
Uncertainity. GAO-04-778R, June 24, 2004 (37 pages).

Gulf War Illnesses: DOD's Conclusions About U.S. Troops' Exposure Cannot Be Adequately Supported. GAO-04-821T, June 1, 2004 (18 pages).

Gulf War Illnesses: DOD's Conclusions about U.S. Troops' Exposure Cannot Be Adequately Supported. GAO-04-159, June 1, 2004 (109 pages).

Joint Strike Fighter Acquisition: Observations on the Supplier Base. GAO-04-554, May 3, 2004 (14 pages).

Military Aircraft: DOD Needs to Determine Its Aerial Refueling Aircraft Requirements. GAO-04-349, June 4, 2004 (36 pages).

Military Operations: Recent Campaigns Benefited from Improved Communications and Technology, but Barriers to Continued Progress Remain. GAO-04-547, June 28, 2004 (49 pages).

Military Personnel: DOD Has Not Implemented the High Deployment Allowance That Could Compensate Servicemembers Deployed Frequently for Short Periods. GAO-04-805, June 25, 2004 (27 pages).

Military Training: DOD Report on Training Ranges Does Not Fully Address Congressional Reporting Requirements. GAO-04-608, June 4, 2004 (31 pages).

Natural Resources

Alaska Native Villages: Villages Affected by Flooding and Erosion Have Difficulty Qualifying for Federal Assistance.
GAO-04-895T, June 29, 2004 (17 pages).

Columbia River Basin: A Multilayered Collection of Directives and Plans Guides Federal Fish and Wildlife Activities.
GAO-04-602, June 4, 2004 (59 pages).

Federal Land Management: Additional Guidance on Community Involvement Could Enhance Effectiveness of Stewardship
Contracting. GAO-04-652, June 14, 2004 (66 pages).

National Park Service: Comments on Provisions of S. 2543, a Bill to Establish a Federal Program and Criteria for National Heritage Areas. GAO-04-914T, June 24, 2004 (11 pages).

Pacific Groundfish: Continued Efforts Needed to Improve Reliability of Stock Assessments. GAO-04-606, June 4, 2004 (47

Watershed Management: Better Coordination of Data Collection Efforts Needed to Support Key Decisions. GAO-04-382, June 7, 2004 (145 pages).

Wildfire Suppression: Funding Transfers Cause Project Cancellations and Delays, Strained Relationships, and Management
Disruptions. GAO-04-612, June 2, 2004 (62 pages).

Science, Space, and Technology

NASA: Lack of Disciplined Cost-Estimating Processes Hinders Effective Program Management. GAO-04-642, May 28, 2004 (71 pages).

Spectrum Management: Better Knowledge Needed to Take Advantage of Technologies That May Improve Spectrum Efficiency. GAO-04-666, May 28, 2004 (37 pages).

Special Publications

GAO Performance Plan: Fiscal Year 2005. GAO-04-776SP, May 1, 2004 (54 pages).


Aviation Assistance: Compensation Criteria and Payment Equity under the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act. GAO-04-725R, June 4, 2004 (15 pages).

Coast Guard: Deepwater Program Acquisition Schedule Update Needed. GAO-04-695, June 14, 2004 (34 pages).

Commercial Aviation: Despite Industry Turmoil, Low-Cost Airlines Are Growing and Profitable. GAO-04-837T, June 3, 2004 (14 pages).

Federal Aviation Administration: Plan Still Needed to Meet Challenges to Effectively Managing Air Traffic Controller
Workforce. GAO-04-887T, June 15, 2004 (14 pages).

Highway Safety: Federal and State Efforts to Address Rural Road Safety Challenges. GAO-04-663, May 28, 2004 (51 pages).

Mass Transit: FTA Needs to Better Define and Assess Impact of Certain Policies on New Starts Program. GAO-04-748, June 25, 2004 (38 pages).

Pipeline Safety: Preliminary Information on the Office of Pipeline Safety's Efforts to Strengthen Its Enforcement
Activities. GAO-04-875T, June 16, 2004 (17 pages).

Pipeline Safety: Preliminary Information on the Office of Pipeline Safety's Enforcement Activities. GAO-04-826T, June 15,
2004 (17 pages).

Transportation Planning: State and Metropolitan Planning Agencies Report Using Varied Methods to Consider Ecosystem
Conservation. GAO-04-536, May 17, 2004 (44 pages).

Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs: Federal Gulf War Illnesses Research Strategy Needs Reassessment. GAO-04-767, June 1, 2004 (36 pages).

VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program: GAO Comments on Key Task Force Findings and Recommendations.
GAO-04-853, June 15, 2004 (30 pages).

VHA Purchase Cards: Internal Controls Over the Purchase Card Program Need Improvement. GAO-04-737, June 7, 2004 (56 pages).

Veterans Health Administration: Inadequate Controls over the Purchase Card Program Resulted in Improper and Questionable
Purchases. GAO-04-857T, June 17, 2004 (18 pages).

Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

Associated Aircraft Manufacturing & Sales, Inc.. B-293529, March 22, 2004 (3 pages).

Chicago Dryer Company. B-293940, June 30, 2004 (5 pages).

Consortium HSG Technischer Service GmbH and GeBe Gebdude- und Betriebstechnik GmbH Sudwest Co., Management KG. B-292699.6, June 24, 2004 (5 pages).

Designer Associates, Inc.. B-293226, February 12, 2004 (6 pages).

Graves Construction, Inc.. B-294032, June 29, 2004 (4 pages).

MW-All Star Joint Venture. B-291170.4, August 4, 2003 (7 pages).

Orion Construction Company, Inc.. B-294014, June 30, 2004 (3 pages).

Orion International Technologies, Inc.. B-293256, February 18, 2004 (5 pages).

Paradise Landscape Maintenance, Inc.. B-293097, January 29, 2004 (6 pages).

Specific Systems, Ltd.. B-292087.3, February 20, 2004 (6 pages).

Superlative Technologies, Inc.. B-293709.2, June 18, 2004 (6 pages).

Vallie Bray. B-293840, B-293840.2, March 30, 2004 (3 pages).

Legal Products: Federal Agency Major Rules

Department of Agriculture, Commodity Credit Corporation: 2002 Farm Bill--Conservation Reserve Program--Long-Term Policy. GAO-04-829R, May 27, 2004 (4 pages).

Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security: General Order Implementing Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Act of 2003. GAO-04-828R, May 27, 2004 (4 pages).

Environmental Protection Agency: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines. GAO-04-572R, June 29, 2004 (4 pages).

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