GAO Month in Review October 2009

About the Month in Review

The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

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Agriculture and Food

Food Safety: Agencies Need to Address Gaps in Enforcement and Collaboration to Enhance Safety of Imported Food
GAO-09-873, September 15, 2009
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Internal Control Would Improve Accountability for Certain Centrally Provided (Greenbook) Programs
GAO-10-82, October 20, 2009
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Charges to Agencies and Offices for Centrally Provided (Greenbook) Programs for Fiscal Years 1999 through 2009 (GAO-10-83SP), an E-supplement to GAO-10-82
GAO-10-83SP, October 20, 2009
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Budget and Spending

Contract Management: Extent of Federal Spending under Cost-Reimbursement Contracts Unclear and Key Controls Not Always Used
GAO-09-921, September 30, 2009
The Federal Government's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: Fall 2009 Update
GAO-10-137SP, October 15, 2009
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Business, Industry, and Consumers

Credit Cards: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Could Better Reflect the Evolving Debt Collection Marketplace and Use of Technology
GAO-09-748, September 21, 2009
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Civil Rights

Equal Employment Opportunity: DHS Has Opportunities to Better Identify and Address Barriers to EEO in Its Workforce
GAO-09-639, August 31, 2009
Equal Employment Opportunity: DHS Has Opportunities to Better Identify and Address Barriers to EEO in Its Workforce
GAO-10-160T, October 14, 2009
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Employment Discrimination: Overview of State Statutes and Complaint Data
GAO-10-135R, October 1, 2009
Voters with Disabilities: Additional Monitoring of Polling Places Could Further Improve Accessibility
GAO-09-941, September 30, 2009
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Economic Development

Emergency Management: Preliminary Observations on FEMA's Community Preparedness Programs Related to the National Preparedness System
GAO-10-105T, October 1, 2009
Fire Grants: FEMA Has Met Most Requirements for Awarding Fire Grants, but Additional Actions Would Improve Its Grant Process
GAO-10-64, October 30, 2009
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Federal Student Aid: Highlights of a Study Group on Simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
GAO-10-29, October 29, 2009
Federal Student Loans: Audits and Reviews of the Federal Family Education Loan and Federal Direct Loan Programs
GAO-09-992R, September 30, 2009
Higher Education and Disability: Education Needs a Coordinated Approach to Improve Its Assistance to Schools in Supporting Students
GAO-10-33, October 28, 2009
Higher Education: Issues Related to Law School Cost and Access
GAO-10-20, October 26, 2009
Proprietary Schools: Improved Department of Education Oversight Needed to Help Ensure Only Eligible Students Receive Federal Student Aid
GAO-10-127T, October 14, 2009
School Facilities: Physical Conditions in School Districts Receiving Impact Aid for Students Residing on Indian Lands
GAO-10-32, October 29, 2009
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Biofuels: Potential Effects and Challenges of Required Increases in Production and Use
GAO-09-446, August 25, 2009
Energy-Water Nexus: Improvements to Federal Water Use Data Would Increase Understanding of Trends in Power Plant Water Use
GAO-10-23, October 16, 2009
Federal Energy Management: Agencies Are Taking Steps to Meet High-Performance Federal Building Requirements, but Face Challenges
GAO-10-22, October 30, 2009
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Environmental Protection

Clean Air Act: Mercury Control Technologies at Coal-Fired Power Plants Have Achieved Substantial Emissions Reductions
GAO-10-47, October 8, 2009
Clean Water Act: Longstanding Issues Impact EPA's and States' Enforcement Efforts
GAO-10-165T, October 15, 2009
Climate Change Adaptation: Strategic Federal Planning Could Help Government Officials Make More Informed Decisions
GAO-10-113, October 7, 2009
Climate Change Adaptation: Information on Selected Federal Efforts To Adapt To a Changing Climate (GAO-10-114SP, October 7, 2009), an E-supplement to GAO-10-113
GAO-10-114SP, October 7, 2009
Climate Change Adaptation: Strategic Federal Planning Could Help Officials Make More Informed Decisions
GAO-10-175T, October 22, 2009
Coal Combustion Residue: Status of EPA's Efforts to Regulate Disposal
GAO-10-85R, October 30, 2009
Federal Electronics Management: Federal Agencies Could Improve Participation in EPA's Initiatives for Environmentally Preferable Electronic Products
GAO-10-196T, October 27, 2009
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Financial Institutions

Troubled Asset Relief Program: One Year Later, Actions Are Needed to Address Remaining Transparency and Accountability Challenges
GAO-10-16, October 8, 2009
Troubled Asset Relief Program: Capital Purchase Program Transactions for October 28, 2008, through September 25, 2009, and Information on Financial Agency Agreements, Contracts, Blanket Purchase Agreements, and Interagency Agreements Awarded as of September 18, 2009 (GAO-10-24SP, October 2009), an e-supplement to GAO-10-16
GAO-10-24SP, October 8, 2009
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Financial Management

Financial Management Systems: DHS Faces Challenges to Successfully Consolidate Its Existing Disparate Systems
GAO-10-210T, October 29, 2009
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Government Operations

2010 Census: Census Bureau Continues to Make Progress in Mitigating Risks to a Successful Enumeration, but Still Faces Various Challenges
GAO-10-132T, October 7, 2009
2010 Census: Efforts to Build an Accurate Address List Are Making Progress, but Face Software and Other Challenges
GAO-10-140T, October 21, 2009
Civilian Agencies' Development and Implementation of Insourcing Guidelines
GAO-10-58R, October 6, 2009
Continuing Resolutions: Uncertainty Limited Management Options and Increased Workload in Selected Agencies
GAO-09-879, September 24, 2009
Contract Management: Agencies Are Not Maximizing Opportunities for Competition or Savings under Blanket Purchase Agreements despite Significant Increase in Usage
GAO-09-792, September 9, 2009
Human Capital: Monitoring of Safeguards and Addressing Employee Perceptions Are Key to Implementing a Civilian Performance Management System in DOD
GAO-10-102, October 28, 2009
Personnel Security Clearances: An Outcome-Focused Strategy and Comprehensive Reporting of Timeliness and Quality Would Provide Greater Visibility over the Clearance Process
GAO-10-117T, October 1, 2009
Recovery Act: Preliminary Observations on the Implementation of Broadband Programs
GAO-10-192T, October 27, 2009
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Black Lung Benefits Program: Administrative and Structural Changes Could Improve Miners' Ability to Pursue Claims
GAO-10-7, October 30, 2009
Influenza Pandemic: Key Securities Market Participants Are Making Progress, but Agencies Could Do More to Address Potential Internet Congestion and Encourage Readiness
GAO-10-8, October 26, 2009
Medicaid: State and Federal Actions Have Been Taken to Improve Children's Access to Dental Services, but Gaps Remain
GAO-09-723, September 30, 2009
Medicaid: State and Federal Actions Have Been Taken to Improve Children's Access to Dental Services, but More Can Be Done
GAO-10-112T, October 7, 2009
Medicare: Per Capita Method Can Be Used to Profile Physicians and Provide Feedback on Resource Use
GAO-09-802, September 25, 2009
New Drug Approval: FDA Needs to Enhance Its Oversight of Drugs Approved on the Basis of Surrogate Endpoints
GAO-09-866, September 23, 2009
Oversight of Clinical Investigators: Action Needed to Improve Timeliness and Enhance Scope of FDA's Debarment and Disqualification Processes for Medical Product Investigators
GAO-09-807, September 25, 2009
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Homeland Security

Aviation Security: DHS and TSA Have Researched, Developed, and Begun Deploying Passenger Checkpoint Screening Technologies, but Continue to Face Challenges
GAO-10-128, October 7, 2009
Combating Illicit Financing: Treasury's Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Could Manage More Effectively to Achieve Its Mission
GAO-09-794, September 24, 2009
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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Analysis of Options for Revising the Housing Enterprises' Long-term Structures
GAO-10-144T, October 8, 2009
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Income Security

401(k) Plans: Several Factors Can Diminish Retirement Savings, but Automatic Enrollment Shows Promise for Increasing Participation and Savings
GAO-10-153T, October 28, 2009
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Workers and Retirees Experience Delays and Uncertainty when Underfunded Plans Are Terminated
GAO-10-181T, October 29, 2009
Railroad Retirement Board: Review of Commuter Railroad Occupational Disability Claims Reveals Potential Program Vulnerabilities
GAO-09-821R, September 9, 2009
Retirement Savings: Automatic Enrollment Shows Promise for Some Workers, but Proposals to Broaden Retirement Savings for Other Workers Could Face Challenges
GAO-10-31, October 23, 2009
Retirement Savings: Better Information and Sponsor Guidance Could Improve Oversight and Reduce Fees for Participants
GAO-09-641, September 4, 2009
Social Security Disability: Additional Outreach and Collaboration on Sharing Medical Records Would Improve Wounded Warrior's Access to Benefits
GAO-09-762, September 16, 2009
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Information Management

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Current Cyber Sector-Specific Planning Approach Needs Reassessment
GAO-09-969, September 24, 2009
Information Security: Concerted Effort Needed to Improve Federal Performance Measures
GAO-09-617, September 14, 2009
Information Security: Concerted Effort Needed to Improve Federal Performance Measures
GAO-10-159T, October 29, 2009
Information Security: NASA Needs to Remedy Vulnerabilities in Key Networks
GAO-10-4, October 15, 2009
Information Technology: Social Security Administration's Data Exchanges Support Current Programs, but Better Planning Is Needed to Meet Future Demands
GAO-09-966, September 16, 2009
Telecommunications: Current Broadband Measures Have Limitations and New Measures Are Promising but Need Improvement
GAO-10-49, October 9, 2009
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International Affairs

International Food Assistance: A U.S. Governmentwide Strategy Could Accelerate Progress toward Global Food Security
GAO-10-212T, October 29, 2009
U.S. Embargo on Cuba: Recent Regulatory Changes and Potential Presidential or Congressional Actions
GAO-09-951R, September 17, 2009
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Justice and Law Enforcement

Federal Judgeships: The General Accuracy of District and Appellate Judgeship Case-Related Workload Measures
GAO-09-1050T, September 30, 2009
Juvenile Justice: Technical Assistance and Better Defined Evaluation Plans Will Help Girls' Delinquency Programs
GAO-10-133T, October 20, 2009
Legal Services Corporation: Some Progress Made in Addressing Governance and Accountability Weaknesses, But Challenges Remain
GAO-10-194T, October 27, 2009
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National Defense

Briefing on Air Force's Response on Fee-For-Service Aerial Refueling
GAO-10-124R, October 5, 2009
Contingency Contracting: DOD, State, and USAID Continue to Face Challenges in Tracking Contractor Personnel and Contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan
GAO-10-1, October 1, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Challenges in Aligning Space System Components
GAO-10-55, October 29, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Many Analyses of Alternatives Have Not Provided a Robust Assessment of Weapon System Options
GAO-09-665, September 24, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Rapid Acquisition of MRAP Vehicles
GAO-10-155T, October 8, 2009
Defense Critical Infrastructure: Actions Needed to Improve the Identification and Management of Electrical Power Risks and Vulnerabilities to DOD Critical Assets
GAO-10-147, October 23, 2009
Defense Infrastructure: DOD Needs to Provide Updated Labor Requirements to Help Guam Adequately Develop Its Labor Force for the Military Buildup
GAO-10-72, October 14, 2009
Defense Management: Widespread DCAA Audit Problems Leave Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Vulnerable to Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Mismanagement
GAO-10-163T, October 15, 2009
Formerly Used Defense Sites: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Needs to Improve Its Process for Reviewing Completed Cleanup Remedies to Ensure Continued Protection
GAO-10-46, October 29, 2009
Homeland Defense: Planning, Resourcing, and Training Issues Challenge DOD's Response to Domestic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Yield Explosive Incidents
GAO-10-123, October 7, 2009
Military Training: DOD's Report on the Sustainability of Training Ranges Addresses Most of the Congressional Reporting Requirements and Continues to Improve with Each Annual Update
GAO-10-103R, October 27, 2009
Warfighter Support: Actions Needed to Improve Visibility and Coordination of DOD's Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Efforts
GAO-10-95, October 29, 2009
Warfighter Support: Challenges Confronting DOD's Ability to Coordinate and Oversee Its Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices Efforts
GAO-10-186T, October 29, 2009
Warfighter Support: Independent Expert Assessment of Army Body Armor Test Results and Procedures Needed Before Fielding
GAO-10-119, October 16, 2009
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Natural Resources

Valles Caldera: The Trust Has Made Progress but Faces Significant Challenges to Achieve Goals of the Preservation Act
GAO-10-84, October 30, 2009
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Science, Space, and Technology

NASA: Briefing on National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Programs and Associated Activities
GAO-10-87R, October 15, 2009
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Tax Policy and Administration

First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit: Taxpayers' Use of the Credit and Implementation and Compliance Challenges
GAO-10-166T, October 22, 2009
International Taxation: Study Countries That Exempt Foreign-Source Income Face Compliance Risks and Burdens Similar to Those in the United States
GAO-09-934, September 15, 2009
Tax Administration: IRS Has Implemented Initiatives to Prevent, Detect, and Resolve Identity Theft-Related Problems, but Needs to Assess Their Effectiveness
GAO-09-882, September 8, 2009
Tax Administration: Opportunities Exist for IRS to Enhance Taxpayer Service and Enforcement for the 2010 Filing Season
GAO-09-1026, September 23, 2009
Tax Debt Collection: IRS Needs to Better Manage the Collection Notices Sent to Individuals
GAO-09-976, September 30, 2009
Tax Gap: Limiting Sole Proprietor Loss Deductions Could Improve Compliance but Would Also Limit Some Legitimate Losses
GAO-09-815, September 10, 2009
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Aviation Safety: Information on the Safety Effects of Modifying the Age Standard for Commercial Pilots
GAO-10-107R, October 30, 2009
Aviation Security: A National Strategy and Other Actions Would Strengthen TSA's Efforts to Secure Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls
GAO-09-399, September 30, 2009
High Speed Passenger Rail: Developing Viable High Speed Rail Projects under the Recovery Act and Beyond
GAO-10-162T, October 14, 2009
National Transportation Safety Board: Reauthorization Provides an Opportunity to Focus on Implementing Leading Management Practices and Addressing Human Capital and Training Center Issues
GAO-10-183T, October 29, 2009
Next Generation Air Transportation System: FAA Faces Challenges in Responding to Task Force Recommendations
GAO-10-188T, October 28, 2009
Public Transportation: Federal Project Approval Process Remains a Barrier to Greater Private Sector Role and DOT Could Enhance Efforts to Assist Project Sponsors
GAO-10-19, October 29, 2009
Transportation Security Administration: TSA Executive Attrition Has Declined, but Better Information Is Needed on Reasons for Leaving and Executive Hiring Process
GAO-10-139, October 9, 2009
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Veterans Affairs

VA Health Care: Ineffective Medical Center Controls Resulted in Inappropriate Billing and Collection Practices
GAO-10-152T, October 15, 2009
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Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

AMI-ACEPEX, Joint Venture
B-401560, September 30, 2009
Aleut Facilities Support Services, LLC
B-401925, October 13, 2009
Anwar Al-Anduols
B-401550; B-401550.3, September 22, 2009
Armed Forces Hospitality, LLC
B-298978.2; B-298978.3, October 1, 2009
Bering Straits Technical Services, LLC
B-401560.3; B-401560.4, October 7, 2009
Coastal International Security, Inc.
B-400240.3; B-400240.4; B-400240.5, September 24, 2009
Department of the Army, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command--Use of Appropriations for Bottled Water
B-318588, September 29, 2009
Family Entertainment Services, Inc.
B-401693; B-401693.2, October 20, 2009
Frank A. Bloomer-Agency Tender Official
B-401482.2; B-401482.3, October 19, 2009
GFS Group, LLC
B-401560.2, September 14, 2009
Mike Kesler Enterprises
B-401633, October 23, 2009
Oceantronics, Inc.
B-401697, October 23, 2009
Outdoor Venture Corporation
B-401351.2; B-401351.3, September 14, 2009
Outdoor Venture Corporation
B-401628, October 2, 2009
RBC Bearings Incorporated
B-401661; B-401661.2, October 27, 2009
Solutions Lucid Group, LLC--Costs
B-400967.2, October 1, 2009
Starwin Industries, Inc.
B-401576; B-401576.2; B-401724, October 1, 2009
The S.M. Stoller Corporation
B-400937; B-400937.3; B-400937.4, March 25, 2009
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Legal Products: Federal Agency Major Rules

Department of Agriculture, Commodity Credit Corporation: Farm Storage Facility Loan and Sugar Storage Facility Loan Programs
GAO-10-169R, October 28, 2009
Department of Energy: Energy Conservation Program for Certain Industrial Equipment: Energy Conservation Standards and Test Procedures for Commercial Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Water-Heating Equipment
GAO-10-109R, October 5, 2009
Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service: Migratory Bird Hunting; Final Frameworks for Late-Season Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations
GAO-10-122R, October 8, 2009
Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service: Migratory Bird Hunting; Late Seasons and Bag and Possession Limits for Certain Migratory Game Birds
GAO-10-129R, October 8, 2009
Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service: Migratory Bird Hunting; Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations on Certain Federal Indian Reservations and Ceded Lands for the 2009-10 Late Season
GAO-10-130R, October 8, 2009
Securities and Exchange Commission: Internal Control Over Financial Reporting in Exchange Act Periodic Reports of Non-Accelerated Fliers
GAO-10-177R, October 30, 2009
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