GAO Month in Review March 2009

About the Month in Review

The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

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Agriculture and Food

Dietary Supplements: FDA Should Take Further Actions to Improve Oversight and Consumer Understanding
GAO-09-250, January 29, 2009
Seafood Fraud: FDA Program Changes and Better Collaboration among Key Federal Agencies Could Improve Detection and Prevention
GAO-09-258, February 19, 2009
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Improved Management Controls Can Enhance Effectiveness of Key Conservation Programs
GAO-09-528T, March 25, 2009
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Budget and Spending

Debt Management: Treasury's Cash Management Challenges and Timing of Payments to Medicare Private Plans
GAO-09-118, January 30, 2009
Principles of Federal Appropriations Law: Annual Update of the Third Edition
GAO-09-340SP, March 12, 2009
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Business, Industry, and Consumers

HUBZone Program: Fraud and Abuse Identified in Four Metropolitan Areas
GAO-09-440, March 25, 2009
HUBZone Program: Fraud and Abuse Identified in Four Metropolitan Areas
GAO-09-519T, March 25, 2009
Small Business Administration: Additional Guidance on Documenting Credit Elsewhere Decisions Could Improve 7(a) Program Oversight
GAO-09-228, February 12, 2009
Small Business Administration: Status of Efforts to Address Previous Recommendations on the HUBZone Program
GAO-09-532T, March 25, 2009
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Economic Development

Disaster Recovery: Past Experiences Offer Recovery Lessons for Hurricanes Ike and Gustav and Future Disasters
GAO-09-437T, March 3, 2009
Emergency Management: Actions to Implement Select Provisions of the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act
GAO-09-433T, March 17, 2009
Information on Proposed Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program
GAO-09-420R, February 27, 2009
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Federal Student Aid: Recent Changes to Eligibility Requirements and Additional Efforts to Promote Awarness Could Increase Academic Competitiveness and SMART Grant Participation
GAO-09-343, March 25, 2009
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Department of Labor: Wage and Hour Division's Complaint Intake and Investigative Processes Leave Low Wage Workers Vulnerable To Wage Theft
GAO-09-458T, March 25, 2009
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Clean Coal: DOE's Decision to Restructure FutureGen Should Be Based on a Comprehensive Analysis of Costs, Benefits, and Risks
GAO-09-248, February 13, 2009
Clean Coal: DOE Should Prepare a Comprehensive Analysis of the Relative Costs, Benefits, and Risks of a Range of Options for FutureGen
GAO-09-465T, March 11, 2009
Department of Energy: Contract and Project Management Concerns at the National Nuclear Security Administration and Office Of Environmental Management
GAO-09-406T, March 4, 2009
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Environmental Protection

Climate Change: Observations on Federal Efforts to Adapt to a Changing Climate
GAO-09-534T, March 25, 2009
Climate Change: Observations on the Potential Role of Carbon Offsets in Climate Change Legislation
GAO-09-456T, March 5, 2009
Environmental Protection Agency: Major Management Challenges
GAO-09-434, March 4, 2009
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Financial Institutions

Bank Secrecy Act: Federal Agencies Should Take Action to Further Improve Coordination and Information-Sharing Efforts
GAO-09-227, February 12, 2009
Bank Secrecy Act: Suspicious Activity Report Use Is Increasing, but FinCEN Needs to Further Develop and Document Its Form Revision Process
GAO-09-226, February 27, 2009
Federal Financial Assistance: Preliminary Observations on Assistance Provided to AIG
GAO-09-490T, March 18, 2009
Financial Regulation: Review of Regulators' Oversight of Risk Management Systems at a Limited Number of Large, Complex Financial Institutions
GAO-09-499T, March 19, 2009
Inspectors General: Independent Oversight of Financial Regulatory Agencies
GAO-09-524T, March 25, 2009
Securities and Exchange Commission: Oversight of U.S. Equities Market Clearing Agencies
GAO-09-318R, February 26, 2009
Systemic Risk: Regulatory Oversight and Recent Initiatives to Address Risk Posed by Credit Default Swaps
GAO-09-397T, March 5, 2009
Troubled Asset Relief Program: March 2009 Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues
GAO-09-504, March 31, 2009
Troubled Asset Relief Program: Capital Purchase Program Transactions for the Period October 28, 2008 through March 20, 2009 and Information on Financial Agency Agreements, Contracts, and Blanket Purchase Agreements Awarded as of March 13, 2009 (GAO-09-522SP, March 2009), an E-supplement to GAO-09-504
GAO-09-522SP, March 31, 2009
Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues
GAO-09-474T, March 11, 2009
Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues
GAO-09-484T, March 19, 2009
Troubled Asset Relief Program: Status of Efforts to Address Transparency and Accountability Issues
GAO-09-539T, March 31, 2009
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Financial Management

Review of Special Counsel Expenses for 6 Months Ended September 30, 2008
GAO-09-367R, March 31, 2009
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Government Operations

2010 Census: Communications Campaign Has Potential to Boost Participation
GAO-09-525T, March 23, 2009
2010 Census: Fundamental Building Blocks of a Successful Enumeration Face Challenges
GAO-09-430T, March 5, 2009
2010 Census: Little Time Remains to Address Operational Challenges
GAO-09-408T, March 5, 2009
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: GAO's Role in Helping to Ensure Accountability and Transparency
GAO-09-453T, March 5, 2009
Challenges Facing the New Administration and the 111th Congress
GAO-09-510CG, March 12, 2009
Federal Real Property: Authorities and Actions Regarding Enhanced Use Leases and Sale of Unneeded Real Property
GAO-09-283R, February 17, 2009
Freedom of Information Act: DHS Has Taken Steps to Enhance Its Program, but Opportunities Exist to Improve Efficiency and Cost-Effectivess
GAO-09-260, March 20, 2009
GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide: Best Practices for Developing and Managing Capital Program Costs
GAO-09-3SP, March 2, 2009
GSA Global Supply's Direct Vendor Delivery Proposal Addresses Declining Office Product Sales, but Annual Reviews May Be Needed to Monitor Impact on Small Business Participation
GAO-09-230R, February 6, 2009
Information Technology: Census Bureau Testing of 2010 Decennial Systems Can Be Strengthened
GAO-09-262, March 5, 2009
U.S. Postal Service: Escalating Financial Problems Require Major Cost Reductions to Limit Losses
GAO-09-475T, March 25, 2009
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Health-Care-Associated Infections In Hospitals: Continuing Leadership Needed from HHS to Prioritize Prevention Practices and Improve Data on These Infections
GAO-09-516T, March 18, 2009
Health-Care-Associated Infections: HHS Action Needed to Obtain Nationally Representative Data on Risks in Ambulatory Surgical Centers
GAO-09-213, February 25, 2009
Human Subjects Research: Undercover Tests Show the Institutional Review Board System Is Vulnerable to Unethical Manipulation
GAO-09-448T, March 26, 2009
Influenza Pandemic: Sustaining Focus on the Nation's Planning and Preparedness Efforts
GAO-09-334, February 26, 2009
Medicare and Medicaid Participating Facilities: CMS Needs to Reexamine Its Approach for Funding State Oversight of Health Care Facilities
GAO-09-64, February 13, 2009
Medicare: Improvements Needed to Address Improper Payments in Home Health
GAO-09-185, February 27, 2009
Nonprescription Drugs: Considerations Regarding a Behind-the-Counter Drug Class
GAO-09-245, February 20, 2009
Private Health Insurance: 2008 Survey Results on Number and Market Share of Carriers in the Small Group Health Insurance Market
GAO-09-363R, February 27, 2009
Ryan White CARE Act: Estimated Effect of Proposed Stop-Loss Provision on Urban Areas
GAO-09-472R, March 6, 2009
Ryan White CARE Act: Implementation of the New Minority AIDS Initiative Provisions
GAO-09-315, March 27, 2009
State Children's Health Insurance Program: CMS Should Improve Efforts to Assess whether SCHIP Is Substituting for Private Insurance
GAO-09-252, February 20, 2009
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Homeland Security

Aviation Security: Preliminary Observations on TSA's Progress and Challenges in Meeting the Statutory Mandate for Screening Air Cargo on Passenger Aircraft
GAO-09-422T, March 18, 2009
Commercial Vehicle Security: Risk-Based Approach Needed to Secure the Commercial Vehicle Sector
GAO-09-85, February 27, 2009
DHS: Organizational Structure and Resources for Providing Health Care to Immigration Detainees
GAO-09-308R, February 23, 2009
Department of Homeland Security: Organizational Structure, Spending, and Staffing for the Health Care Provided to Immigration Detainees
GAO-09-401T, March 3, 2009
Nuclear Detection: Domestic Nuclear Detection Office Should Improve Planning to Better Address Gaps and Vulnerabilities
GAO-09-257, January 29, 2009
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Income Security

Defined Benefit Pensions: Survey Results of the Nation's Largest Private Defined Benefit Plan Sponsors
GAO-09-291, March 30, 2009
Private Pensions: Conflicts of Interest Can Affect Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans
GAO-09-503T, March 24, 2009
Social Security Administration: Further Actions Needed to Address Disability Claims and Service Delivery Challenges
GAO-09-511T, March 24, 2009
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Information Management

Information Security: Securities and Exchange Commission Needs to Consistently Implement Effective Controls
GAO-09-203, March 16, 2009
Information Technology: Census Bureau Needs to Strengthen Testing of 2010 Decennial Systems
GAO-09-413T, March 5, 2009
Information Technology: Census Bureau Testing of 2010 Decennial Systems Can Be Strengthened
GAO-09-414T, March 5, 2009
Information Technology: Challenges Remain for VA's Sharing of Electronic Health Records with DOD
GAO-09-427T, March 12, 2009
National Cybersecurity Strategy: Key Improvements Are Needed to Strengthen the Nation's Posture
GAO-09-432T, March 10, 2009
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International Affairs

Afghanistan Security: U.S. Programs to Further Reform Ministry of Interior and National Police Challenged by Lack of Military Personnel and Afghan Cooperation
GAO-09-280, March 9, 2009
Department of State: Undercover Tests Reveal Significant Vulnerabilities in State's Passport Issuance Process
GAO-09-447, March 13, 2009
International Trade: Effective Export Programs Can Help In Achieving U.S. Economic Goals
GAO-09-480T, March 17, 2009
Iraq and Afghanistan: Security, Economic, and Governance Challenges to Rebuilding Efforts Should Be Addressed in U.S. Strategies
GAO-09-476T, March 25, 2009
Iraq: Key Issues for Congressional Oversight
GAO-09-294SP, March 24, 2009
Nuclear Nonproliferation: Strengthened Oversight Needed to Address Proliferation and Management Challenges in IAEA's Technical Cooperation Program
GAO-09-275, March 5, 2009
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Justice and Law Enforcement

Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center: Clarifying Rationale for the Research and Development Funding Decisions Would Increase Accountability
GAO-09-339R, March 12, 2009
Immigration Enforcement: Better Controls Needed over Program Authorizing State and Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws
GAO-09-109, January 30, 2009
Immigration Enforcement: Controls over Program Authorizing State and Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws Should Be Strengthened
GAO-09-381T, March 4, 2009
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National Defense

DOD Business Transformation: Status of DOD's Actions on Previous Recommendations for the Defense Travel System
GAO-09-416T, March 5, 2009
DOD's High Risk Areas: Actions Needed to Reduce Vulnerabilities and Improve Business Outcomes
GAO-09-460T, March 12, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
GAO-09-326SP, March 30, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: DOD Must Balance Its Needs with Available Resources and Follow an Incremental Approach to Acquiring Weapon Systems
GAO-09-431T, March 3, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: DOD Must Prioritize Its Weapon System Acquisitions and Balance Them with Available Resources
GAO-09-501T, March 18, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Decisions Needed to Shape Army's Combat Systems for the Future
GAO-09-288, March 12, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Key Considerations for Planning Future Army Combat Systems
GAO-09-410T, March 26, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Production and Fielding of Missile Defense Components Continue with Less Testing and Validation Than Planned
GAO-09-338, March 13, 2009
Defense Infrastructure: DOD Needs to Periodically Review Support Standards and Costs at Joint Bases and Better Inform Congress of Facility Sustainment Funding Uses
GAO-09-336, March 30, 2009
Defense Management: Actions Needed to Address Stakeholder Concerns, Improve Interagency Collaboration, and Determine Full Costs Associated with the U.S. Africa Command
GAO-09-181, February 20, 2009
Defense Management: DOD Needs to Increase Attention on Fuel Demand Management at Forward-Deployed Locations
GAO-09-300, February 20, 2009
Defense Management: Increased Attention on Fuel Demand Management at DOD's Forward-Deployed Locations Could Reduce Operational Risks and Costs
GAO-09-388T, March 3, 2009
Defense Management: Key Challenges Should be Addressed When Considering Changes to Missile Defense Agency's Roles and Missions
GAO-09-466T, March 26, 2009
Department of Defense: Additional Actions and Data Are Needed to Effectively Manage and Oversee DOD's Acquisition Workforce
GAO-09-342, March 25, 2009
Global War on Terrorism: DOD Needs to More Accurately Capture and Report the Costs of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom
GAO-09-302, March 17, 2009
Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense
GAO-09-449R, March 30, 2009
Joint Strike Fighter: Accelerating Procurement before Completing Development Increases the Government's Financial Risk
GAO-09-303, March 12, 2009
Nuclear Weapons: NNSA and DOD Need to More Effectively Manage the Stockpile Life Extension Program
GAO-09-385, March 2, 2009
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Natural Resources

Department of the Interior: Major Management Challenges
GAO-09-425T, March 3, 2009
Federal Land Management: Additional Documentation of Agency Experiences with Good Neighbor Authority Could Enhance Its Future Use
GAO-09-277, February 25, 2009
Forest Service: Emerging Issues Highlight the Need to Address Persistent Management Challenges
GAO-09-443T, March 11, 2009
Oil and Gas Leasing: Federal Oil and Gas Resource Management and Revenue Collection in Need of Comprehensive Reassessment
GAO-09-506T, March 17, 2009
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Science, Space, and Technology

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: GAO's Role in Helping to Ensure Accountability and Transparency for Science Funding
GAO-09-515T, March 19, 2009
NASA: Assessments of Selected Large-Scale Projects
GAO-09-306SP, March 2, 2009
NASA: Projects Need More Disciplined Oversight and Management to Address Key Challenges
GAO-09-436T, March 5, 2009
Property Management: NASA's Goal of Increasing Equipment Reutilization May Fall Short without Further Efforts
GAO-09-187, January 30, 2009
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Tax Policy and Administration

Business Systems Modernization: Internal Revenue Service's Fiscal Year 2009 Expenditure Plan
GAO-09-281, March 11, 2009
Tax Compliance: Offshore Financial Activity Creates Enforcement Issues for IRS
GAO-09-478T, March 17, 2009
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Coast Guard: Observations on Changes to Management and Oversight of the Deepwater Program
GAO-09-462T, March 24, 2009
Commuter Rail: Many Factors Influence Liability and Indemnity Provisions, and Options Exist to Facilitate Negotiations
GAO-09-282, February 24, 2009
High Speed Passenger Rail: Future Development Will Depend on Addressing Financial and Other Challenges and Establishing a Clear Federal Role
GAO-09-317, March 19, 2009
Highway Infrastructure: Federal Efforts to Strengthen Security Should Be Better Coordinated and Targeted on the Nation's Most Critical Highway Infrastructure
GAO-09-57, January 30, 2009
Highway Trust Fund: Improved Solvency Mechanisms and Communication Needed to Help Avoid Shortfalls in the Highway Account
GAO-09-316, February 6, 2009
Next Generation Air Transportation System: Issues Associated with Midterm Implementation of Capabilities and Full System Transformation
GAO-09-481T, March 25, 2009
Next Generation Air Transportation System: Status of Transformation and Issues Associated with Midterm Implementation of Capabilities
GAO-09-479T, March 18, 2009
Responses to Questions for the Record: February 11, 2009, Hearing on the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009
GAO-09-467R, March 10, 2009
Transportation Programs: Challenges Facing the Department of Transportation and Congress
GAO-09-435T, March 10, 2009
Urban Partnership Agreements: Congestion Relief Initiative Holds Promise; Some Improvements Needed in Selection Process
GAO-09-154, March 25, 2009
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Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs Contracting with Veteran Owned-Small Businesses
GAO-09-391R, March 19, 2009
VA Health Care: Challenges in Budget Formulation and Execution
GAO-09-459T, March 12, 2009
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Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

ACCESS Systems, Inc.
B-400623.3, March 4, 2009
Alatech Healthcare, LLC
B-400925; B-400925.2, March 9, 2009
Antideficiency Act--Applicability to Statutory Prohibitions on the Use of Appropriations
B-317450, March 23, 2009
Arc-Tech, Inc.
B-400325.3, February 19, 2009
Core Tech International Corporation--Costs
B-400047.2, March 11, 2009
Department of Homeland Security Inspector General--Federal Emergency Management Agency Subgrantee's Claim under the Stafford Act
B-317098, March 13, 2009
Encompass Group LLC
B-310940.3, March 17, 2009
Herley Industries, Inc.
B-400736.2, January 15, 2009
Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc.
B-400771; B-400771.2, January 27, 2009
Installation Management Company
B-400613; B-400613.2, December 31, 2008
Intercontinental Construction Contracting, Inc.--Costs
B-400729.3, March 4, 2009
Kellogg Brown & Root Services
B-400614.3, February 10, 2009
Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc.
B-400787.2; B-400861, February 23, 2009
MayaTech Corporation
B-400491.4; B-400491.5, February 25, 2009
National Services, Inc.
B-400836.2, March 11, 2009
Northrop Grumman Space and Missile Systems Corporation; Textron Marine and Land Systems Corporation
B-400837; B-400837.2; B-400837.3; B-400837.4; B-400837.5, February 17, 2009
Pond Security Group Italia JV--Costs
B-400149.2, March 19, 2009
RN Expertise, Inc.
B-401020, March 27, 2009
SEI Group, Inc.
B-400829, February 13, 2009
SPAAN Tech, Inc.
B-400406; B-400406.2, October 28, 2008
Triple Canopy, Inc.--Costs
B-310566.9; B-400437.4, March 25, 2009
U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach--Use of Appropriated Funds to Purchase Food for Participants in Antiterrorism Exercises
B-317423, March 9, 2009
United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General--Implementation of Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act Section 603, Part 2
B-317878, March 3, 2009
Updated Rescission Statistics, Fiscal Years 1974-2008
B-310950.2, March 12, 2009
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Legal Products: Federal Agency Major Rules

Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration: Amendments to the Digital-to-Analog Coverter Box Program to Implement the DTV Delay Act
GAO-09-502R, March 27, 2009
Federal Reserve System; Department of the Treasury, Office of Thrift Supervision; and National Credit Union Administration: Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices
GAO-09-421R, March 5, 2009
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