GAO Month in Review May 2008

About the Month in Review

The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

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Budget and Spending

The Nation's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook: April 2008 Update
GAO-08-783R, May 16, 2008
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Business, Industry, and Consumers

Digital Television Transition: Majority of Broadcasters Are Prepared for the DTV Transition, but Some Technical and Coordination Issues Remain
GAO-08-510, April 30, 2008
Digital Television Transition: GAO DTV Broadcaster Survey (GAO-08-528SP, April 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-510
GAO-08-528SP, April 30, 2008
Utility Regulation: Opportunities Exist to Improve Oversight
GAO-08-752T, May 1, 2008
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Civil Rights

Legal Services Corporation: Improvements Needed in Governance, Accountability, and Grants Management and Oversight
GAO-08-833T, May 22, 2008
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Management of Civil Rights Efforts Continues to Be Deficient Despite Years of Attention
GAO-08-755T, May 14, 2008
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Economic Development

Natural Catastrophe Insurance: Analysis of a Proposed Combined Federal Flood and Wind Insurance Program
GAO-08-504, April 25, 2008
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Higher Education: Multiple Higher Education Tax Incentives Create Opportunities for Taxpayers to Make Costly Mistakes
GAO-08-717T, May 1, 2008
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Employment Verification: Challenges Exist in Implementing a Mandatory Electronic Employment Verification System
GAO-08-729T, May 6, 2008
Employment and Training Program Grants: Evaluating Impact and Enhancing Monitoring Would Improve Accountability
GAO-08-486, May 7, 2008
Human Capital: Corps of Engineers Needs to Update Its Workforce Planning Process to More Effectively Address Its Current and Future Workforce Needs
GAO-08-596, May 7, 2008
Human Capital: Workforce Diversity Governmentwide and at the Department of Homeland Security
GAO-08-815T, May 21, 2008
Older Workers: Federal Agencies Face Challenges, but Have Opportunities to Hire and Retain Experienced Employees
GAO-08-630T, April 30, 2008
Workforce Development: Community Colleges and One-Stop Centers Collaborate to Meet 21st Century Workforce Needs
GAO-08-547, May 15, 2008
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Economic and Other Implications of Switching from Coal to Natural Gas at the Capitol Power Plant and at Electricity-Generating Units Nationwide
GAO-08-601R, May 1, 2008
Global Nuclear Energy Partnership: DOE Should Reassess Its Approach to Designing and Building Spent Nuclear Fuel Recycling Facilities
GAO-08-483, April 22, 2008
Low-Level Radioactive Waste: Status of Disposal Availability in the United States and Other Countries
GAO-08-813T, May 20, 2008
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Environmental Protection

Aboveground Oil Storage Tanks: More Complete Facility Data Could Improve Implementation of EPA's Spill Prevention Program
GAO-08-482, April 30, 2008
Chemical Assessments: EPA's New Assessment Process Will Further Limit the Productivity and Credibility of Its Integrated Risk Information System
GAO-08-810T, May 21, 2008
Offshore Marine Aquaculture: Multiple Administrative and Environmental Issues Need to Be Addressed in Establishing a U.S. Regulatory Framework
GAO-08-594, May 9, 2008
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Financial Institutions

Credit and Debit Cards: Federal Entities Are Taking Actions to Limit Their Interchange Fees, but Additional Revenue Collection Cost Savings May Exist
GAO-08-558, May 15, 2008
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Financial Management

Auditing and Advising in a Time of Transition
GAO-08-842CG, May 21, 2008
Financial Audit: Congressional Award Foundation's Fiscal Years 2007 and 2006 Financial Statements
GAO-08-715, May 15, 2008
Governmentwide Accounts Payable
GAO-08-711R, May 20, 2008
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Government Operations

2010 Census: Bureau Needs to Specify How It Will Assess Coverage Follow-up Techniques and When It Will Produce Coverage Measurement Results
GAO-08-414, April 15, 2008
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of May 22, 2008
GAO-08-811T, May 22, 2008
Federal Real Property: Corps of Engineers Needs to Improve the Reliability of Its Real Property Disposal Data
GAO-08-349, May 9, 2008
Federal User Fees: A Design Guide
GAO-08-386SP, May 29, 2008
Human Capital: Transforming Federal Recruiting and Hiring Efforts
GAO-08-762T, May 8, 2008
Interagency Contracting: Need for Improved Information and Policy Implementation at the Department of State
GAO-08-578, May 8, 2008
Smithsonian Institution: Board of Regents Has Implemented Many Governance Reforms, but Ensuring Accountability and Oversight Will Require Ongoing Action
GAO-08-632, May 15, 2008
U.S. Capitol Police: Status of Efforts to Address Prior GAO Recommendations on Administrative and Management Operations
GAO-08-540T, May 1, 2008
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Congressional Review Act: Applicability to CMS Letter on State Children's Health Insurance Program
GAO-08-785T, May 15, 2008
Food and Drug Administration: Agency Complied with Statutory Requirement to Reexamine Condom Labels
GAO-08-565R, April 25, 2008
Health Savings Accounts: Participation Grew, and Many HSA-Eligible Plan Enrollees Did Not Open HSAs while Individuals Who Did Had Higher Incomes
GAO-08-802T, May 14, 2008
Medical Devices: FDA Faces Challenges in Conducting Inspections of Foreign Manufacturing Establishments
GAO-08-780T, May 14, 2008
Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy: SSA Continues to Approve Applicants, but Millions of Individuals Have Not Yet Applied
GAO-08-812T, May 22, 2008
Medicare: Competitive Bidding for Medical Equipment and Supplies Could Reduce Program Payments, but Adequate Oversight Is Critical
GAO-08-767T, May 6, 2008
Nursing Homes: Federal Monitoring Surveys Demonstrate Continued Understatement of Serious Care Problems and CMS Oversight Weaknesses
GAO-08-517, May 9, 2008
Organ Transplant Programs: Federal Agencies Have Acted to Improve Oversight, but Implementation Issues Remain
GAO-08-412, April 29, 2008
Prescription Drugs: Trends in FDA's Oversight of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
GAO-08-758T, May 8, 2008
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Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security: Better Planning and Assessment Needed to Improve Outcomes for Complex Service Acquisitions
GAO-08-263, April 22, 2008
Department of Homeland Security: Better Planning and Oversight Needed to Improve Complex Service Acquisition Outcomes
GAO-08-765T, May 8, 2008
High-Containment Biosafety Laboratories: DHS Lacks Evidence to Conclude That Foot-and-Mouth Disease Research Can Be Done Safely on the U.S. Mainland
GAO-08-821T, May 22, 2008
Supply Chain Security: U.S. Customs and Border Protection Has Enhanced Its Partnership with Import Trade Sectors, but Challenges Remain in Verifying Security Practices
GAO-08-240, April 25, 2008
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Income Security

Federal Disability Programs: More Strategic Coordination Could Help Overcome Challenges to Needed Transformation
GAO-08-635, May 20, 2008
Social Security Administration Field Offices: Reduced Workforce Faces Challenges as Baby Boomers Retire
GAO-08-737T, May 8, 2008
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Information Management

Bureau of the Public Debt: Areas for Improvement in Information Security Controls
GAO-08-625R, May 27, 2008
Information Management: Challenges in Implementing an Electronic Records Archive
GAO-08-738T, May 14, 2008
Information Security: FDIC Sustains Progress but Needs to Improve Configuration Management of Key Financial Systems
GAO-08-564, May 30, 2008
Information Security: TVA Needs to Address Weaknesses in Control Systems and Networks
GAO-08-526, May 21, 2008
Information Security: TVA Needs to Enhance Security of Critical Infrastructure Control Systems and Networks
GAO-08-775T, May 21, 2008
Information Technology: Agriculture Needs to Strengthen Management Practices for Stabilizing and Modernizing Its Farm Program Delivery Systems
GAO-08-657, May 16, 2008
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International Affairs

Combating Terrorism: U.S. Efforts to Address the Terrorist Threat in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas Require a Comprehensive Plan and Continued Oversight
GAO-08-820T, May 20, 2008
International Food Security: Insufficient Efforts by Host Governments and Donors Threaten Progress to Halve Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2015
GAO-08-680, May 29, 2008
Preliminary Observations on the Use and Oversight of U.S. Coalition Support Funds Provided to Pakistan
GAO-08-735R, May 6, 2008
U.S.-China Trade: USTR's China Compliance Reports and Plans Could Be Improved
GAO-08-405, April 14, 2008
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Justice and Law Enforcement

Prison Construction: Clear Communication on the Accuracy of Cost Estimates and Project Changes is Needed
GAO-08-634, May 29, 2008
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National Defense

DOD Business Systems Modernization: Military Departments Need to Strengthen Management of Enterprise Architecture Programs
GAO-08-519, May 12, 2008
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Progress in Establishing Corporate Management Controls Needs to Be Replicated Within Military Departments
GAO-08-705, May 15, 2008
DOD Health Care: Mental Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Screening Efforts Implemented, but Consistent Pre-Deployment Medical Record Review Policies Needed
GAO-08-615, May 30, 2008
Defense Contracting: Post-Government Employment of Former DOD Officials Needs Greater Transparency
GAO-08-485, May 21, 2008
Defense Contracting: Progress Made in Implementing Defense Base Act Requirements, but Complete Information on Costs Is Lacking
GAO-08-772T, May 15, 2008
Defense Infrastructure: Planning Efforts for the Proposed Military Buildup on Guam Are in Their Initial Stages, with Many Challenges Yet to Be Addressed
GAO-08-722T, May 1, 2008
Defense Logistics: Navy Needs to Develop and Implement a Plan to Ensure That Voyage Repairs Are Available to Ships Operating near Guam when Needed
GAO-08-427, May 12, 2008
Department of Defense Pilot Authority for Acquiring Information Technology Services under OMB Circular A-76
GAO-08-753R, May 29, 2008
Depot Maintenance: Issues and Options for Reporting on Military Depots
GAO-08-761R, May 15, 2008
Force Structure: Ship Rotational Crewing Initiatives Would Benefit from Top-Level Leadership, Navy-wide Guidance, Comprehensive Analysis, and Improved Lessons-Learned Sharing
GAO-08-418, May 29, 2008
Military Personnel: DOD Needs Data to Determine if Active Duty Service Has an Impact on the Ability of Guard and Reservists to Maintain Their Civilian Professional Licenses or Certificates
GAO-08-790R, May 27, 2008
Military Readiness: Joint Policy Needed to Better Manage the Training and Use of Certain Forces to Meet Operational Demands
GAO-08-670, May 30, 2008
Military Transformation: DOD Needs to Strengthen Implementation of Its Global Strike Concept and Provide a Comprehensive Investment Approach for Acquiring Needed Capabilities
GAO-08-325, April 30, 2008
Personnel Clearances: Key Factors for Reforming the Security Clearance Process
GAO-08-776T, May 22, 2008
Review of the President's Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Request for the Defense Health Program's Private Sector Care Budget Activity Group
GAO-08-721R, May 28, 2008
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Natural Resources

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Endangered Species Act Decision Making
GAO-08-688T, May 21, 2008
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Science, Space, and Technology

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Federal Actions Needed to Ensure Safety and Expand Their Potential Uses within the National Airspace System
GAO-08-511, May 15, 2008
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Social Services

Residential Facilities: Improved Data and Enhanced Oversight Would Help Safeguard the Well-Being of Youth with Behavioral and Emotional Challenges
GAO-08-346, May 13, 2008
Residential Facilities: Surveys of State Child Welfare, Health and Mental Health, and Juvenile Justice Directors (GAO-08-631SP, May 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-346
GAO-08-631SP, May 13, 2008
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Tax Policy and Administration

Value-Added Taxes: Lessons Learned from Other Countries on Compliance Risks, Administrative Costs, Compliance Burden, and Transition
GAO-08-566, April 4, 2008
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Aviation and the Environment: NextGen and Research and Development Are Keys to Reducing Emissions and Their Impact on Health and Climate
GAO-08-706T, May 6, 2008
Motor Carrier Safety: Improvements to Drug Testing Programs Could Better Identify Illegal Drug Users and Keep Them off the Road
GAO-08-600, May 15, 2008
Physical Infrastructure: Challenges and Investment Options for the Nation's Infrastructure
GAO-08-763T, May 8, 2008
Transportation Security: Transportation Security Administration Has Strengthened Planning to Guide Investments in Key Aviation and Surface Transportation Security Programs, but More Work Remains
GAO-08-487T, May 13, 2008
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Veterans Affairs

Veterans' Benefits: Increased Focus on Evaluation and Accountability Would Enhance Training and Performance Management for Claims Processors
GAO-08-561, May 27, 2008
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Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

Alanna Orr
B-310966.2, May 14, 2008
Colson Services Corporation
B-310971; B-310971.2; B-310971.3, March 21, 2008
Contingency Management Group, LLC; IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.
B-309752; B-309752.2; B-309752.3; B-309752.4; B-309752.5; B-309752.6; B-309752.7, October 5, 2007
DAV Prime, Inc.
B-311420, May 1, 2008
Deva & Associates PC
B-309972.3, April 29, 2008
Division Laundry and Cleaners, Inc.
B-311242, May 19, 2008
Eastern Medical Equipment, Inc; Omnicare, Inc.; Dania Medical Equipment & Supplies, Inc.; Chronic Care Pharmaceutical Services, LLC; Wound Management Technologies, Inc.
B-311423; B-311423.2; B-311423.3; B-311423.4; B-311423.5, May 1, 2008
Goel Services, Inc.
B-310822.2, May 23, 2008
Kellogg, Brown & Root Services, Inc.--Reconsideration
B-309752.8, December 20, 2007
LEADS Corporation
B-311002; B-311002.2, March 26, 2008
Lisa Hartman--Designated Employee Agent
B-311247, May 6, 2008
ManTech International Corporation
B-311074, April 15, 2008
Mark Whetstone--Designated Employee Agent
B-311284, May 9, 2008
Mark Whetstone-Designated Employee Agent
B-311327, May 20, 2008
Masai Technologies Corporation
B-400106, May 27, 2008
National Conference Services, Inc. and Direct Marketing Productions, Inc. d/b/a Technology Forums Inc.
B-311137, April 25, 2008
National Science Foundation--Disposition of False Claims Act Recoveries
B-310725, May 20, 2008
Native American Industrial Distributors, Inc.
B-310737.3; B-310737.4; B-310737.5, April 15, 2008
Pemco Aeroplex, Inc.
B-310372.4, May 2, 2008
Rhonda Podojil--Agency Tender Official
B-311310, May 9, 2008
Savannah River Alliance, LLC
B-311126; B-311126.2; B-311126.3; B-311126.4, April 25, 2008
Tip Top Construction Corporation
B-311305, May 2, 2008
United Way of the National Capital Area
B-311235, May 16, 2008
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Legal Products: Federal Agency Major Rules

Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, and Environmental Protection Agency: Compensatory Mitigation for Losses of Aquatic Resources
GAO-08-801R, May 16, 2008
Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities Prospective Payment System Payment Update for Rate Year Beginning July 1, 2008 (RY 2009)
GAO-08-777R, May 22, 2008
Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration: Substances Prohibited From Use in Animal Food or Feed
GAO-08-769R, May 16, 2008
Environmental Protection Agency: Control of Emissions of Air Pollution From Locomotive Engines and Marine Compression-Ignition Engines Less Than 30 Liters Per Cylinder
GAO-08-771R, May 21, 2008
Environmental Protection Agency: Lead; Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program
GAO-08-734R, May 5, 2008
Federal Communications Commission: In the Matter of Promoting Diversification of Ownership in the Broadcasting Services
GAO-08-803R, May 28, 2008
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