GAO Month in Review June 2007

About the Month in Review

The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

Top 10 list of significant work made publicly available in the last month

Agriculture and Food

  • Crop Insurance: Continuing Efforts Are Needed to Improve Program Integrity and Ensure Program Costs Are Reasonable. GAO-07-944T, June 7, 2007 (19 pages).

Business, Industry, and Consumers

  • Science and Technology: Information on Federal Programs and Interagency Efforts That Support Small Businesses Engaged in Manufacturing. GAO-07-714, May 18, 2007 (116 pages).


  • Higher Education: Challenges in Attracting International Students to the United States and Implications for Global Competitiveness. GAO-07-1047T, June 29, 2007 (14 pages).
  • Low-Income and Minority Serving Institutions: Education Has Taken Steps to Improve Monitoring and Assistance, but Further Progress Is Needed. GAO-07-926T, June 4, 2007 (14 pages).


  • Employment Verification: Challenges Exist in Implementing a Mandatory Electronic Verification System. GAO-07-924T, June 7, 2007 (14 pages).
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance: Changes Needed to Improve States' Ability to Provide Benefits and Services to Trade-Affected Workers. GAO-07-995T, June 14, 2007 (23 pages).
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance: Program Provides an Array of Benefits and Services to Trade-Affected Workers. GAO-07-994T, June 14, 2007 (26 pages).
  • Women and Low-Skilled Workers: Other Countries' Policies and Practices That May Help These Workers Enter and Remain in the Labor Force. GAO-07-817, June 14, 2007 (42 pages).
  • Women and Low-Skilled Workers: Efforts in Other Countries to Help These Workers Enter and Remain in the Workforce. GAO-07-989T, June 14, 2007 (21 pages).
  • Workforce Investment Act: Additional Actions Would Further Improve the Workforce System. GAO-07-1051T, June 28, 2007 (24 pages).


  • Biofuels: DOE Lacks a Strategic Approach to Coordinate Increasing Production with Infrastructure Development and Vehicle Needs. GAO-07-713, June 8, 2007 (51 pages).
  • Energy Efficiency: Important Challenges Must Be Overcome to Realize Significant Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Improvements in Gulf Coast Reconstruction. GAO-07-654, June 26, 2007 (36 pages).
  • Oil and Gas Royalties: A Comparison of the Share of Revenue Received from Oil and Gas Production by the Federal Government and Other Resource Owners. GAO-07-676R, May 1, 2007 (15 pages).

Environmental Protection

  • Defense Health Care: Issues Related to Past Drinking Water Contamination at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. GAO-07-933T, June 12, 2007 (35 pages).
  • Hurricane Katrina: EPA's Current and Future Environmental Protection Efforts Could Be Enhanced by Addressing Issues and Challenges Faced on the Gulf Coast. GAO-07-651, June 25, 2007 (97 pages).
  • Implementation of the Beach Act of 2000: EPA and States Have Made Progress, but Additional Actions Could Improve Public Health Protection. GAO-07-1043T, June 27, 2007 (13 pages).
  • Nuclear Waste: DOE Should Reassess Whether the Bulk Vitrification Demonstration Project at Its Hanford Site Is Still Needed to Treat Radioactive Waste. GAO-07-762, June 12, 2007 (25 pages).
  • Nuclear Waste: Plans for Addressing Most Buried Transuranic Wastes Are Not Final, and Preliminary Cost Estimates Will Likely Increase. GAO-07-761, June 22, 2007 (28 pages).
  • Wildland Fire Management: A Cohesive Strategy and Clear Cost-Containment Goals Are Needed for Federal Agencies to Manage Wildland Fire Activities Effectively. GAO-07-1017T, June 19, 2007 (9 pages).

Financial Institutions

  • Financial Regulators: Agencies Have Implemented Key Performance Management Practices, but Opportunities for Improvement Exist. GAO-07-678, June 18, 2007 (146 pages).
  • Management Report: Opportunities for Improvements in FDIC's Internal Controls and Accounting Procedures. GAO-07-942R, June 27, 2007 (15 pages).

Financial Management

  • Financial Audit Manual: Volume Three, Exposure Draft, June 2007. GAO-07-313G, June 29, 2007 (120 pages).
  • Homeland Security: Departmentwide Integrated Financial Management Systems Remain a Challenge. GAO-07-536, June 21, 2007 (55 pages).
  • Homeland Security: Transforming Departmentwide Financial Management Systems Remains a Challenge. GAO-07-1041T, June 28, 2007 (11 pages).
  • Internal Revenue Service: Status of GAO Financial Audit and Related Financial Management Report Recommendations. GAO-07-629, June 7, 2007 (82 pages).
  • National Flood Insurance Program: Preliminary Views on FEMA's Ability to Ensure Accurate Payments on Hurricane-Damaged Properties. GAO-07-991T, June 12, 2007 (11 pages).
  • Navy Working Capital Fund: Management Action Needed to Improve Reliability of the Naval Air Warfare Center's Reported Carryover Amounts. GAO-07-643, June 26, 2007 (44 pages).
  • The Nation's Long-Term Fiscal Outlook April 2007 Update: The Bottom Line: Federal Fiscal Policy Remains Unsustainable. GAO-07-983R, June 4, 2007 (14 pages).

Government Operations

  • 2010 Census: Census Bureau Has Improved the Local Update of Census Addresses Program, but Challenges Remain. GAO-07-736, June 14, 2007 (55 pages).
  • 2010 Census: Census Bureau Is Making Progress on the Local Update of Census Addresses Program, but Improvements Are Needed. GAO-07-1063T, June 26, 2007 (10 pages).
  • Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of June 27, 2007. GAO-07-897T, June 27, 2007 (7 pages).
  • Elections: Action Plans Needed to Fully Address Challenges in Electronic Absentee Voting Initiatives for Military and Overseas Citizens. GAO-07-774, June 14, 2007 (50 pages).
  • Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board: Due Diligence Over Administrative Expenses Should Continue and Be Broadened. GAO-07-541, May 14, 2007 (35 pages).
  • Human Capital: Bonuses to Senior Executives at the Department of Veterans Affairs. GAO-07-985T, June 12, 2007 (13 pages).
  • Human Capital: Greater Focus on Results in Telework Programs Needed. GAO-07-1002T, June 12, 2007 (10 pages).
  • Inspectors General: Proposals to Strengthen Independence and Accountability. GAO-07-1021T, June 20, 2007 (16 pages).
  • Talking Books for the Blind. GAO-07-871R, June 12, 2007 (11 pages).
  • The Federal Workforce: Additional Steps Needed to Take Advantage of Federal Executive Boards' Ability to Contribute to Emergency Operations. GAO-07-515, May 4, 2007 (45 pages).


  • Avian Influenza: USDA Has Taken Important Steps to Prepare for Outbreaks, but Better Planning Could Improve Response. GAO-07-652, June 11, 2007 (55 pages).
  • End-Stage Renal Disease: Medicare Should Pay a Bundled Rate for All ESRD Items and Services. GAO-07-1050T, June 26, 2007 (5 pages).
  • Influenza Pandemic: Efforts to Forestall Onset Are Under Way; Identifying Countries at Greatest Risk Entails Challenges. GAO-07-604, June 20, 2007 (72 pages).
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Partnership Programs Include Benefits That Protect Policyholders and Are Unlikely to Result in Medicaid Savings. GAO-07-231, May 11, 2007 (79 pages).
  • Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy: Additional Efforts Would Help Social Security Improve Outreach and Measure Program Effects. GAO-07-555, May 31, 2007 (45 pages).
  • Medicare Part D: CMS's Process and Policy for Enrolling New Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries. GAO-07-1022T, June 21, 2007 (11 pages).
  • Medicare Ultrasound Procedures: Consideration of Payment Reforms and Technician Qualification Requirements. GAO-07-734, June 28, 2007 (65 pages).
  • Military Health: DOD's Vaccine Healthcare Centers Network. GAO-07-787R, June 29, 2007 (16 pages).
  • Nursing Homes: Federal Actions Needed to Improve Targeting and Evaluation of Assistance by Quality Improvement Organizations. GAO-07-373, May 29, 2007 (69 pages).
  • World Trade Center: Preliminary Observations on EPA's Second Program to Address Indoor Contamination. GAO-07-806T, June 20, 2007 (10 pages).

Homeland Security

  • Border Patrol: Costs and Challenges Related to Training New Agents. GAO-07-997T, June 19, 2007 (13 pages).
  • Coast Guard: Challenges Affecting Deepwater Asset Deployment and Management and Efforts to Address Them. GAO-07-874, June 18, 2007 (77 pages).
  • Department of Homeland Security: Ongoing Challenges in Creating an Effective Acquisition Organization. GAO-07-948T, June 7, 2007 (11 pages).
  • Department of Homeland Security: Progress and Challenges in Implementing the Department's Acquisition Oversight Plan. GAO-07-900, June 13, 2007 (17 pages).
  • Department of Homeland Security: Science and Technology Directorate's Expenditure Plan. GAO-07-868, June 22, 2007 (35 pages).
  • Emergency Management: Most School Districts Have Developed Emergency Management Plans, but Would Benefit from Additional Federal Guidance. GAO-07-609, June 12, 2007 (73 pages).
  • Homeland Security: Guidance from Operations Directorate Will Enhance Collaboration among Departmental Operations Centers. GAO-07-683T, June 20, 2007 (20 pages).
  • Homeland Security: Prospects For Biometric US-VISIT Exit Capability Remain Unclear. GAO-07-1044T, June 28, 2007 (12 pages).
  • Preliminary Information on Rebuilding Efforts in the Gulf Coast. GAO-07-809R, June 29, 2007 (41 pages).


  • Federal Home Loan Banks: Too Soon to Tell the Potential Impact of Excess Stock Rule on the Affordable Housing Program. GAO-07-878R, June 22, 2007 (29 pages).
  • Leveraging Federal Funds for Housing, Community, and Economic Development. GAO-07-768R, May 25, 2007 (27 pages).
  • Mortgage Financing: Seller-Funded Down-Payment Assistance Changes the Structure of the Purchase Transaction and Negatively Affects Loan Performance. GAO-07-1033T, June 22, 2007 (14 pages).
  • Public Housing: Information on the Financing, Oversight, and Effects of the HOPE VI Program. GAO-07-1025T, June 20, 2007 (12 pages).

Income Security

  • Defined Benefit Pensions: Conflicts of Interest Involving High Risk or Terminated Plans Pose Enforcement Challenges. GAO-07-703, June 28, 2007 (61 pages).
  • PBGC's Legal Support: Improvements Needed to Eliminate Confusion and Ensure Provision of Consistent Advice. GAO-07-757R, May 18, 2007 (12 pages).
  • Unemployment Insurance: More Guidance and Evaluation of Worker-Profiling Initiative Could Help Improve State Efforts. GAO-07-680, June 14, 2007 (44 pages).

Information Management

  • Bureau of the Public Debt: Areas for Improvement in Information Security Controls. GAO-07-899R, June 14, 2007 (8 pages).
  • Federal Research: Policies Guiding the Dissemination of Scientific Research from Selected Agencies Should Be Clarified and Better Communicated. GAO-07-653, May 17, 2007 (96 pages).
  • Health Information Technology: Efforts Continue but Comprehensive Privacy Approach Needed for National Strategy. GAO-07-988T, June 19, 2007 (19 pages).
  • Information Security: Agencies Report Progress, but Sensitive Data Remain at Risk. GAO-07-935T, June 7, 2007 (29 pages).
  • Information Security: Homeland Security Needs to Enhance Effectiveness of Its Program. GAO-07-1003T, June 20, 2007 (12 pages).
  • Social Security Numbers: Federal Actions Could Further Decrease Availability in Public Records, though Other Vulnerabilities Remain. GAO-07-752, June 15, 2007 (44 pages).
  • Social Security Numbers: Use is Widespread and Protection Could Be Improved. GAO-07-1023T, June 21, 2007 (14 pages).

International Affairs

  • Combating Terrorism: Law Enforcement Agencies Lack Directives to Assist Foreign Nations to Identify, Disrupt, and Prosecute Terrorists. GAO-07-697, May 25, 2007 (68 pages).
  • Compacts of Free Association: Trust Funds for Micronesia and the Marshall Islands May Not Provide Sustainable Income. GAO-07-513, June 15, 2007 (73 pages).
  • Millennium Challenge Corporation: Progress and Challenges with Compacts in Africa. GAO-07-1049T, June 28, 2007 (19 pages).
  • Peacekeeping: Observations on Costs, Strengths, and Limitations of U.S. and UN Operations. GAO-07-998T, June 13, 2007 (16 pages).
  • State Department: The July 2006 Evacuation of American Citizens from Lebanon. GAO-07-893R, June 7, 2007 (33 pages).
  • United Nations Organizations: Oversight and Accountability Could Be Strengthened by Further Instituting International Best Practices. GAO-07-597, June 18, 2007 (85 pages).

National Defense

  • Defense Acquisitions: An Analysis of the Special Operations Command's Management of Weapon System Programs. GAO-07-620, June 28, 2007 (39 pages).
  • Defense Acquisitions: Analysis of Processes Used to Evaluate Active Protection Systems. GAO-07-759, June 8, 2007 (27 pages).
  • Defense Acquisitions: Role of Lead Systems Integrator on Future Combat Systems Program Poses Oversight Challenges. GAO-07-380, June 6, 2007 (37 pages).
  • Defense Contracting: Improved Insight and Controls Needed over DOD's Time-and-Materials Contracts. GAO-07-273, June 29, 2007 (49 pages).
  • Defense Contracting: Use of Undefinitized Contract Actions Understated and Definitization Time Frames Often Not Met. GAO-07-559, June 19, 2007 (32 pages).
  • Defense Logistics: Army and Marine Corps' Body Armor Requirements, Controls, and Other Issues. GAO-07-911T, June 6, 2007 (9 pages).
  • Guard and Reserve Personnel: Fiscal, Security, and Human Capital Challenges Should be Considered in Developing a Revised Business Model for the Reserve Component. GAO-07-984, June 20, 2007 (35 pages).
  • Military Base Closures: Projected Savings from Fleet Readiness Centers Likely Overstated and Actions Needed to Track Actual Savings and Overcome Certain Challenges. GAO-07-304, June 29, 2007 (35 pages).
  • Military Construction: Observations on Mismanagement of the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center. GAO-07-1039T, June 28, 2007 (22 pages).
  • Military Personnel: DOD Needs to Establish a Strategy and Improve Transparency over Reserve and National Guard Compensation to Manage Significant Growth in Cost. GAO-07-828, June 20, 2007 (74 pages).

Natural Resources

  • Forest Service: Vegetation Management Projects Approved during Calendar Years 2003 through 2005 Using Categorical Exclusions. GAO-07-1016T, June 28, 2007 (16 pages).
  • Waters and Wetlands: Corps of Engineers Needs to Ensure That Permit Decisions Made Using Funds from Nonfederal Public Entities Are Transparent and Impartial. GAO-07-478, May 16, 2007 (40 pages).
  • Wildland Fire Management: Lack of Clear Goals or a Strategy Hinders Federal Agencies' Efforts to Contain the Costs of Fighting Fires. GAO-07-655, June 1, 2007 (47 pages).
  • Wildland Fire: Management Improvements Could Enhance Federal Agencies' Efforts to Contain the Costs of Fighting Fires. GAO-07-922T, June 26, 2007 (11 pages).

Science, Space, and Technology

  • Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites: Restructuring Is Under Way, but Technical Challenges and Risks Remain. GAO-07-498, April 27, 2007 (57 pages).
  • Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites: Restructuring Is Under Way, but Challenges and Risks Remain. GAO-07-910T, June 7, 2007 (27 pages).


  • Federal Aviation Administration: Cost Allocation Practices and Cost Recovery Proposal Compared with Selected International Practices. GAO-07-773R, June 8, 2007 (12 pages).
  • Motor Carrier Safety: A Statistical Approach Will Better Identify Commercial Carriers That Pose High Crash Risks Than Does the Current Federal Approach. GAO-07-585, June 11, 2007 (49 pages).
  • National Transportation Safety Board: Observations on the Draft Business Plan for NTSB's Training Center. GAO-07-886R, June 14, 2007 (28 pages).

Veterans Affairs

  • Veterans Affairs: Continued Focus on Critical Success Factors Is Essential to Achieving Information Technology Realignment. GAO-07-844, June 15, 2007 (30 pages).

Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

Legal Products: Federal Agency Major Rules

  • Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicaid Program; Cost Limit for Providers Operated by Units of Government and Provisions To Ensure the Integrity of Federal-State Financial Partnership. GAO-07-931R, June 12, 2007 (4 pages).
  • Department of Homeland Security: Adjustment of the Immigration and Naturalization Benefit Application and Petition Fee Schedule. GAO-07-946R, June 15, 2007 (4 pages).
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Revision of Fee Schedules; Fee Recovery for FY 2007. GAO-07-992R, June 19, 2007 (4 pages).


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