GAO Month in Review May 2006

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The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

Top 10 list of significant work made publicly available in the last month

Budget and Spending

  • Budget Process: Better Transparency, Controls, Triggers, and Default Mechanisms Would Help to Address Our Large and Growing Long-term Fiscal Challenge. GAO-06-761T, May 25, 2006 (15 pages).

Business, Industry, and Consumers

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Consideration of Key Principles Needed in Addressing Implementation for Smaller Public Companies. GAO-06-361, April 13, 2006 (87 pages).
  • Social Security Numbers: Internet Resellers Provide Few Full SSNs, but Congress Should Consider Enacting Standards for Truncating SSNs. GAO-06-495, May 17, 2006 (25 pages).

Civil Rights

  • Equal Employment Opportunity: DOD's EEO Pilot Program Under Way, but Improvements Needed to DOD's Evaluation Plan. GAO-06-538, May 5, 2006 (31 pages).
  • U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: Demographics and Occupations of State Advisory Committee Members. GAO-06-551SP, May 1, 2006 (52 pages).
  • U.S. Commission on Civil Rights: The Commission Should Strengthen Its Quality Assurance Policies and Make Better Use of Its State Advisory Committees. GAO-06-343, May 1, 2006 (67 pages).

Economic Development

  • Disaster Relief: Reimbursement to American Red Cross for Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. GAO-06-518, May 30, 2006 (34 pages).
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency: Factors for Future Success and Issues to Consider for Organizational Placement. GAO-06-746T, May 9, 2006 (18 pages).
  • Hurricane Katrina: Army Corps of Engineers Contract for Mississippi Classrooms. GAO-06-454, May 1, 2006 (16 pages).
  • Hurricane Katrina: Better Plans and Exercises Need to Guide the Military's Response to Catastrophic Natural Disasters. GAO-06-808T, May 25, 2006 (15 pages).
  • Hurricane Katrina: Better Plans and Exercises Needed to Guide the Military's Response to Catastrophic Natural Disasters. GAO-06-643, May 15, 2006 (67 pages).
  • Lessons Learned for Protecting and Educating Children after the Gulf Coast Hurricanes. GAO-06-680R, May 11, 2006 (8 pages).


  • Higher Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Trends and the Role of Federal Programs. GAO-06-702T, May 3, 2006 (18 pages).


  • Offshoring in Six Human Services Programs: Offshoring Occurs in Most States, Primarily in Customer Service and Software Development. GAO-06-342, March 28, 2006 (40 pages).
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance: Labor Should Take Action to Ensure Performance Data Are Complete, Accurate and Accessible. GAO-06-496, April 25, 2006 (54 pages).
  • Unemployment Insurance: Enhancing Program Performance by Focusing on Improper Payments and Reemployment Services. GAO-06-696T, May 4, 2006 (18 pages).


  • Futures Markets: Approach for Examining Oversight of Energy Futures. GAO-06-742T, May 4, 2006 (5 pages).

Environmental Protection

  • Climate Change: EPA and DOE Should Do More to Encourage Progress Under Two Voluntary Programs. GAO-06-97, April 25, 2006 (46 pages).
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Progress Has Been Made in Grant Reforms, but Weaknesses Remain in Implementation and Accountability. GAO-06-774T, May 18, 2006 (14 pages).
  • Grants Management: EPA Has Made Progress in Grant Reforms but Needs to Address Weaknesses in Implementation and Accountability. GAO-06-625, May 12, 2006 (57 pages).

Financial Institutions

  • Bank Secrecy Act: Opportunities Exist for FinCEN and the Banking Regulators to Further Strengthen the Framework for Consistent BSA Oversight. GAO-06-386, April 28, 2006 (125 pages).
  • OCC Preemption Rules: OCC Should Further Clarify the Applicability of State Consumer Protection Laws to National Banks. GAO-06-387, April 28, 2006 (88 pages).

Financial Management

  • Business Systems Modernization: DOD Continues to Improve Institutional Approach, but Further Steps Needed. GAO-06-658, May 15, 2006 (67 pages).
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Weak Controls over Trilogy Project Led to Payment of Questionable Contractor Costs and Missing Assets. GAO-06-698T, May 2, 2006 (16 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the American Ex-Prisoners of War for Fiscal Year 2003. GAO-06-685R, May 12, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the Legion of Valor of the United States of America, Incorporated, for Fiscal Year 2003. GAO-06-683R, May 12, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the Little League Baseball, Incorporated, for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. GAO-06-688R, May 12, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements for Fiscal Year 2003. GAO-06-686R, May 12, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. GAO-06-691R, May 12, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the National Fund for Medical Education for Fiscal Year 2003. GAO-06-690R, May 12, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum for Fiscal Year 2003. GAO-06-689R, May 12, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the National Tropical Botanical Garden for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. GAO-06-687R, May 12, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the Paralyzed Veterans of America for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. GAO-06-684R, May 12, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Financial Audit: Congressional Award Foundation's Fiscal Years 2005 and 2004 Financial Statements. GAO-06-682, May 15, 2006 (24 pages).

Government Operations

  • 2010 Census: Census Bureau Generally Follows Selected Leading Acquisition Planning Practices, but Continued Management Attention Is Needed to Help Ensure Success. GAO-06-277, May 18, 2006 (46 pages).
  • Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Projects's Schedule and Cost As of May 24, 2006. GAO-06-803T, May 24, 2006 (22 pages).
  • Hurricane Katrina: Improving Federal Contracting Practices in Disaster Recovery Operations. GAO-06-714T, May 4, 2006 (12 pages).
  • Indian Issues: Analysis of the Crow Creek Sioux and Lower Brule Sioux Tribes' Additional Compensation Claims. GAO-06-517, May 19, 2006 (54 pages).
  • Personnel Practices: Conversions of Employees from Noncareer to Career Positions May 2001 - April 2005. GAO-06-381, May 1, 2006 (77 pages).


  • Anthrax: Federal Agencies Have Taken Some Steps to Validate Sampling Methods and to Develop a Next-Generation Anthrax Vaccine. GAO-06-756T, May 9, 2006 (28 pages).
  • Consumer-Directed Health Plans: Small but Growing Enrollment Fueled by Rising Cost of Health Care Coverage. GAO-06-514, April 28, 2006 (33 pages).
  • Foreign Physicians: Preliminary Findings on the Use of J-1 Visa Waivers to Practice in Underserved Areas. GAO-06-773T, May 18, 2006 (26 pages).
  • General Hospitals: Operational and Clinical Changes Largely Unaffected by Presence of Competing Specialty Hospitals. GAO-06-520, April 7, 2006 (43 pages).
  • Medicare: Communications to Beneficiaries on the Prescription Drug Benefit Could Be Improved. GAO-06-654, May 3, 2006 (83 pages).
  • Medicare: Quality of CMS Communications to Beneficiaries on the Prescription Drug Benefit Could Be Improved. GAO-06-715T, May 4, 2006 (28 pages).

Homeland Security

  • Homeland Security Assistance for Nonprofits: Department of Homeland Security Delegated Selection of Nonprofits to Selected States and States Used a Variety of Approaches to Determine Awards. GAO-06-663R, May 22, 2006 (27 pages).
  • Homeland Security: Management and Coordination Problems Increase the Vulnerability of U.S. Agriculture to Foreign Pests and Disease. GAO-06-644, May 19, 2006 (69 pages).
  • Securing Wastewater Facilities: Utilities Have Made Important Upgrades but Further Improvements to Key System Components May Be Limited by Costs and Other Constraints. GAO-06-390, March 31, 2006 (63 pages).


  • Mortgage Financing: HUD Could Realize Additional Benefits from Its Mortgage Scorecard. GAO-06-435, April 13, 2006 (31 pages).
  • Rental Housing Assistance: Policy Decisions and Market Factors Explain Changes in the Costs of the Section 8 Programs. GAO-06-405, April 28, 2006 (67 pages).
  • Residential Care Facilities Mortgage Insurance Program: Opportunities to Improve Program and Risk Management. GAO-06-515, May 24, 2006 (63 pages).

Income Security

  • Private Pensions: Opportunities Exist to Further Improve the Transparency of PBGC's Financial Disclosures. GAO-06-429, March 27, 2006 (30 pages).
  • Social Security Administration: Additional Actions Needed to Prevent Improper Benefit Payments under Social Security Protection Act. GAO-06-196, April 28, 2006 (27 pages).

Information Management

  • Continuity of Operations: Agencies Could Improve Planning for Telework during Disruptions. GAO-06-740T, May 11, 2006 (10 pages).
  • Continuity of Operations: Selected Agencies Could Improve Planning for Use of Alternate Facilities and Telework during Disruptions. GAO-06-713, May 11, 2006 (67 pages).
  • Information Sharing: DHS Should Take Steps to Encourage More Widespread Use of Its Program to Protect and Share Critical Infrastructure Information. GAO-06-383, April 17, 2006 (36 pages).
  • Information Technology: Customs Has Made Progress on Automated Commercial Environment System, but It Faces Long-Standing Management Challenges and New Risks. GAO-06-580, May 31, 2006 (150 pages).
  • Information Technology: Near-Term Effort to Automate Paper-Based Immigration Files Needs Planning Improvements. GAO-06-375, March 31, 2006 (23 pages).
  • Privacy: Key Challenges Facing Federal Agencies. GAO-06-777T, May 17, 2006 (22 pages).

International Affairs

  • Foreign Assistance: USAID Completed Many Caribbean Disaster Recovery Activities, but Several Challenges Hampered Efforts. GAO-06-645, May 26, 2006 (46 pages).
  • Overseas Presence: Cost Analyses and Performance Measures Are Needed to Demonstrate the Full Potential of Providing Embassy Support Remotely. GAO-06-479, May 2, 2006 (40 pages).
  • Security Assistance: State and DOD Need to Assess How the Foreign Military Financing Program for Egypt Achieves U.S. Foreign Policy and Security Goals. GAO-06-437, April 11, 2006 (38 pages).
  • U.S. Public Diplomacy: State Department Efforts Lack Certain Communication Elements and Face Persistent Challenges. GAO-06-707T, May 3, 2006 (12 pages).
  • U.S. Public Diplomacy: State Department Efforts to Engage Muslim Audiences Lack Certain Communication Elements and Face Significant Challenges. GAO-06-535, May 3, 2006 (60 pages).
  • United Nations: Lessons Learned from Oil for Food Program Indicate the Need to Strengthen UN Internal Controls and Oversight Activities. GAO-06-330, April 25, 2006 (70 pages).
  • United Nations: Oil for Food Program Provides Lessons for Future Sanctions and Ongoing Reform. GAO-06-711T, May 2, 2006 (16 pages).

Justice and Law Enforcement

  • Long-Term Care Facilities: Information on Residents Who Are Registered Sex Offenders or Are Paroled for Other Crimes. GAO-06-326, March 31, 2006 (43 pages).

National Defense

  • Chemical and Biological Defense: DOD Needs Consistent Policies and Clear Processes to Address the Survivability of Weapon Systems Against Chemical and Biological Threats. GAO-06-592, April 28, 2006 (29 pages).
  • DOD Payments to Small Business: Implementation and Effective Utilization of Electronic Invoicing Could Further Reduce Late Payments. GAO-06-358, May 19, 2006 (34 pages).
  • DOD Personnel Clearances: Funding Challenges and Other Impediments Slow Clearances for Industry Personnel. GAO-06-747T, May 17, 2006 (17 pages).
  • DOD Personnel Clearances: New Concerns Slow Processing of Clearances for Industry Personnel. GAO-06-748T, May 17, 2006 (18 pages).
  • Defense Acquisitions: Better Acquisition Strategy Needed for Successful Development of the Army's Warrior Unmanned Aircraft System. GAO-06-593, May 19, 2006 (22 pages).
  • Defense Acquisitions: The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle Encountered Difficulties in Design Demonstration and Faces Future Risks. GAO-06-349, May 1, 2006 (34 pages).
  • Defense Inventory: Actions Needed to Improve Inventory Retention Management. GAO-06-512, May 25, 2006 (36 pages).
  • Limitations in the Air Force's Proposed Housing Plan for Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. GAO-06-736R, May 19, 2006 (27 pages).
  • Military Personnel: DOD Has Taken Steps to Address Servicemembers' Financial Needs, but Additional Effort Is Warranted. GAO-06-749T, May 18, 2006 (22 pages).
  • Military Personnel: Military Departments Need to Ensure That Full Costs of Converting Military Health Care Positions to Civilian Positions Are Reported to Congress. GAO-06-642, May 1, 2006 (34 pages).
  • Military Personnel: Progress Made in Implementing Recommendations to Reduce Domestic Violence, but Further Management Action Needed. GAO-06-540, May 24, 2006 (60 pages).
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: DOD Needs to Identify the Factors Its Providers Use to Make Mental Health Evaluation Referrals for Servicemembers. GAO-06-397, May 11, 2006 (34 pages).
  • Tactical Aircraft: DOD's Cancellation of the Joint Strike Fighter Alternate Engine Program Was Not Based on a Comprehensive Analysis. GAO-06-717R, May 22, 2006 (12 pages).

Natural Resources

  • Invasive Forest Pests: Lessons Learned from Three Recent Infestations May Aid in Managing Future Efforts. GAO-06-353, April 21, 2006 (118 pages).
  • National Parks Air Tour Fees: Effective Verification and Enforcement Are Needed to Improve Compliance. GAO-06-468, May 11, 2006 (37 pages).
  • Wildland Fire Management: Update on Federal Agency Efforts to Develop a Cohesive Strategy to Address Wildland Fire Threats. GAO-06-671R, May 1, 2006 (17 pages).

Science, Space, and Technology

  • NASA's Deep Space Network: Current Management Structure Is Not Conducive to Effectively Matching Resources with Future Requirements. GAO-06-445, April 27, 2006 (24 pages).
  • Space Acquisitions: DOD Needs Additional Knowledge as it Embarks on a New Approach for Transformational Satellite Communications System. GAO-06-537, May 24, 2006 (28 pages).
  • Telecommunications: Broadband Deployment Is Extensive throughout the United States, but It Is Difficult to Assess the Extent of Deployment Gaps in Rural Areas. GAO-06-426, May 5, 2006 (64 pages).

Social Services

  • Child Welfare: Federal Oversight of State IV-B Activities Could Inform Action Needed to Improve Services to Families and Statutory Compliance. GAO-06-787T, May 23, 2006 (22 pages).
  • Disaster Preparedness: Preliminary Observations on the Evacuation of Vulnerable Populations due to Hurricanes and Other Diasasters. GAO-06-790T, May 18, 2006 (13 pages).

Tax Policy and Administration

  • IRS Offers in Compromise: Performance Has Been Mixed; Better Management Information and Simplification Could Improve the Program. GAO-06-525, April 20, 2006 (60 pages).
  • Management Report: Improvements Needed in IRS's Internal Controls. GAO-06-543R, May 12, 2006 (33 pages).
  • Responses to Post Hearing Questions. GAO-06-699R, April 21, 2006 (8 pages).
  • Tax Debt: Some Combined Federal Campaign Charities Owe Payroll and Other Federal Taxes. GAO-06-755T, May 25, 2006 (21 pages).


  • Air Traffic Control: Status of the Current Modernization Program and Planning for the Next Generation System. GAO-06-738T, May 4, 2006 (31 pages).
  • Aviation Security: Progress Made to Set Up Program Using Private-Sector Airport Screeners, but More Work Remains. GAO-06-166, March 31, 2006 (50 pages).
  • Commuter Rail: Commuter Rail Issues Should Be Considered in Debate over Amtrak. GAO-06-470, April 21, 2006 (51 pages).
  • National Transportation Safety Board: Preliminary Observations on the Value of Comprehensive Planning, and Greater Use of Leading Practices and the Training Academy. GAO-06-801T, May 24, 2006 (43 pages).
  • Responses to Questions for the Record; Hearing on The Future of Air Traffic Control: The R&D Agenda. GAO-06-778R, May 17, 2006 (19 pages).

Veterans Affairs

  • Veterans' Disability Benefits: VA Should Improve Its Management of Individual Unemployability Benefits by Strengthening Criteria, Guidance, and Procedures. GAO-06-309, May 30, 2006 (50 pages).

Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

  • BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair Inc.. B-297879, March 29, 2006 (9 pages).
  • Bid Protests at GAO: A Descriptive Guide (Eighth Edition, 2006). GAO-06-797SP, May 1, 2006 (59 pages).
  • CHE Consulting, Inc.. B-297534.4, May 17, 2006 (4 pages).
  • CIGNA Government Services, LLC. B-297915, May 4, 2006 (16 pages).
  • CIGNA Government Services, LLC. B-297915.2, May 4, 2006 (11 pages).
  • Client Network Services, Inc.. B-297994, April 28, 2006 (9 pages).
  • Critical Incident Solutions, LLC. B-298077, May 30, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Del-Jen International Corporation. B-297960, May 5, 2006 (10 pages).
  • Department of the Army; ITT Federal Services International Corporation--Costs. B-296783.4, B-296783.5, April 26, 2006 (5 pages).
  • Guide to GAO Protective Orders. GAO-06-716SP, May 1, 2006 (43 pages).
  • Ideamatics, Inc.. B-297791.2, May 26, 2006 (5 pages).
  • Knowledge Connections, Inc.. B-297986, May 18, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Low & Associates, Inc.. B-297444.2, April 13, 2006 (8 pages).
  • ManTech Security Technologies Corporation. B-297133.3, April 24, 2006 (10 pages).
  • Metro Machine Corporation. B-297879.2, May 3, 2006 (17 pages).
  • NCR Government Systems LLC. B-297959, B-297959.2, May 12, 2006 (15 pages).
  • Nicholson/Soletanche Joint Venture. B-297011.3, B-297011.4, April 20, 2006 (12 pages).
  • Optical Systems Technology, Inc.. B-296516.2, B-296516.3, March 17, 2006 (11 pages).
  • Procurement Provisions in Appropriations Acts. B-306050, April 28, 2006 (50 pages).
  • Scope of Waiver Authority (2 U.S.C. 130c). B-307681, May 2, 2006 (8 pages).
  • T Square Logistics Services Corporation--Costs. B-297790.4, April 26, 2006 (5 pages).
  • Trailboss Enterprises, Inc.. B-297742, March 20, 2006 (5 pages).
  • Veolia Water North America Operating Services, LLC. B-291307.5, B-298017, May 19, 2006 (20 pages).

Legal Products: Federal Agency Major Rules

  • Department of Agriculture, Commodity Credit Corporation: Grassland Reserve Program. GAO-06-721R, May 8, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Department of Agriculture, Commodity Credit Corporation: Percentages for Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program Advance Payments. GAO-06-662R, May 17, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities Prospective Payment System Payment Update for Rate Year Beginning July 1, 2006 (RY 2007). GAO-06-763R, May 17, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Prospective Payment System for Long-Term Care Hospitals RY 2007: Annual Payment Rate Updates, Policy Changes, and Clarification. GAO-06-782R, May 19, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Average Fuel Economy Standards for Light Trucks Model Years 2008-2011. GAO-06-667R, May 2, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Inclusion of Delaware and New Jersey in the Clean Air Interstate Rule. GAO-06-726R, May 10, 2006 (3 pages).
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Rulemaking on Section 126 Petition From North Carolina to Reduce Interstate Transport of Fine Particulate Matter and Ozone; Federal Implementation Plans to Reduce Interstate Transport of Fine Particulate Matter and Ozone; Revisions to the Clean Air Interstate Rule; Revisions to the Acid Rain Program. GAO-06-728R, May 10, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Social Security Administration: Administrative Review Process for Adjudicating Initial Disability Claims. GAO-06-640R, May 16, 2006 (4 pages).

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