GAO Month in Review March 2006

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The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

Top 10 list of significant work made publicly available in the last month

Agriculture and Food

  • Agriculture Production: USDA Needs to Build on 2005 Experience to Minimize the Effects of Asian Soybean Rust in the Future. GAO-06-337, February 24, 2006 (56 pages).
  • Food Assistance: FNS Could Take Additional Steps to Contain WIC Infant Formula Costs. GAO-06-380, March 28, 2006 (38 pages).
  • Packers and Stockyards Programs: Continuing Problems with GIPSA Investigations of Competitive Practices. GAO-06-532T, March 9, 2006 (9 pages).

Budget and Spending

  • U.S. Government Accountability Office: Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Request. GAO-06-417T, March 10, 2006 (22 pages).

Business, Industry, and Consumers

  • Definitions of Insurance and Related Information. GAO-06-424R, February 23, 2006 (57 pages).

Economic Development

  • Rural Economic Development: More Assurance Is Needed That Grant Funding Information Is Accurately Reported. GAO-06-294, February 24, 2006 (56 pages).
  • Federal Economic Development Funding. GAO-06-436SP, February 24, 2006 (2 pages).


  • Discretionary Grants: Further Tightening of Education's Procedures for Making Awards Could Improve Transparency and Accountability. GAO-06-268, February 21, 2006 (32 pages).
  • Troops-To-Teachers: Program Brings More Men and Minorities to the Teaching Workforce, but Education Could Improve Management to Enhance Results. GAO-06-265, March 1, 2006 (37 pages).


  • Energy Employees Compensation: Adjustments Made to Contracted Review Process, But Additional Oversight and Planning Would Aid the Advisory Board in Meeting Its Statutory Responsibilities. GAO-06-177, February 10, 2006 (53 pages).
  • Human Capital: Agencies Are Using Buyouts and Early Outs with Increasing Frequency to Help Reshape Their Workforces. GAO-06-324, March 31, 2006 (35 pages).
  • Offshoring in Six Human Services Programs: Offshoring Occurs in Most States, Primarily in Customer Service and Software Development. GAO-06-342, March 28, 2006 (40 pages).
  • Unemployment Insurance: Factors Associated with Benefit Receipt. GAO-06-341, March 7, 2006 (86 pages).
  • Unemployment Insurance: Factors Associated with Benefit Receipt and Linkages with Reemployment Services for Claimants. GAO-06-484T, March 15, 2006 (23 pages).


  • Yucca Mountain: Quality Assurance at DOE's Planned Nuclear Waste Repository Needs Increased Management Attention. GAO-06-313, March 17, 2006 (54 pages).

Environmental Protection

  • Environmental Liabilities: Long-Term Fiscal Planning Hampered by Control Weaknesses and Uncertainties in the Federal Government's Estimates. GAO-06-427, March 31, 2006 (57 pages).

Financial Institutions

  • Hospital Mortgage Insurance Program: Program and Risk Management Could Be Enhanced. GAO-06-316, February 28, 2006 (61 pages).
  • International Remittances: Different Estimation Methodologies Produce Different Results. GAO-06-210, March 28, 2006 (53 pages).
  • OCC Consumer Assistance: Process Is Similar to That of Other Regulators but Could Be Improved by Enhanced Outreach. GAO-06-293, February 23, 2006 (41 pages).

Financial Management

  • Debt Management: Treasury Has Refined Its Use of Cash Management Bills but Should Explore Options That May Reduce Cost Further. GAO-06-269, March 30, 2006 (75 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the American Chemical Society for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. GAO-06-504R, March 14, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the American Council of Learned Societies for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. GAO-06-503R, March 14, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the American Gold Star Mothers, Incorporated, for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. GAO-06-505R, March 14, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the American National Theatre and Academy for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. GAO-06-506R, March 14, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the Aviation Hall of Fame for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. GAO-06-507R, March 14, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America for Fiscal Year 2003. GAO-06-508R, March 14, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the Blinded Veterans Association for Fiscal Year 2003. GAO-06-509R, March 14, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the Boy Scouts of America for Fiscal Year 2003. GAO-06-510R, March 14, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Financial Audit: American Battle Monuments Commission's Financial Statements for Fiscal Years 2005 and 2004. GAO-06-348, March 1, 2006 (35 pages).
  • Financial Audit: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Funds' 2005 and 2004 Financial Statements. GAO-06-146, March 2, 2006 (60 pages).
  • Financial Audit: Independent and Special Counsel Expenditures for the Six Months Ended September 30, 2005. GAO-06-485, March 31, 2006 (14 pages).
  • Financial Audit: Senate Restaurants Revolving Fund for Fiscal Years 2005 and 2004. GAO-06-363, March 31, 2006 (17 pages).
  • Financial Management Systems: Additional Efforts Needed to Address Key Causes of Modernization Failures. GAO-06-184, March 15, 2006 (85 pages).
  • Financial Management Systems: DHS Has an Opportunity to Incorporate Best Practices in Modernization Efforts. GAO-06-553T, March 29, 2006 (18 pages).
  • Financial Management: Challenges Remain in Meeting Requirements of the Improper Payments Information Act. GAO-06-482T, March 9, 2006 (25 pages).
  • Fiscal Year 2005 U.S. Government Financial Statements: Sustained Improvement in Federal Financial Management Is Crucial to Addressing Our Nation's Financial Condition and Long-term Fiscal Imbalance. GAO-06-406T, March 1, 2006 (33 pages).

Government Operations

  • 2010 Census: Planning and Testing Activities Are Making Progress. GAO-06-465T, March 1, 2006 (18 pages).
  • Hurricane Katrina: GAO's Preliminary Observations Regarding Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. GAO-06-442T, March 8, 2006 (46 pages).
  • Agency Management of Contractors Responding to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. GAO-06-461R, March 15, 2006 (8 pages).
  • Hurricane Katrina: Status of the Health Care System in New Orleans and Difficult Decisions Related to Efforts to Rebuild It Approximately 6 Months After Hurricane Katrina. GAO-06-576R, March 28, 2006 (13 pages).
  • Architect of the Capitol: Addressing Staffing and Training Issues Is Important for Efficient and Safe West Refrigeration Plant Operations. GAO-06-321R, February 10, 2006 (19 pages).
  • Capitol Visitor Center: Status of Project's Schedule and Cost as of March 15, 2006. GAO-06-528T, March 15, 2006 (11 pages).
  • Census Bureau: Important Activities for Improving Management of Key 2010 Decennial Acquisitions Remain to be Done. GAO-06-444T, March 1, 2006 (73 pages).
  • Election Reform: Nine States' Experiences Implementing Federal Requirements for Computerized Statewide Voter Registration Lists. GAO-06-247, February 7, 2006 (58 pages).
  • Electronic Government: Agencies Face Challenges in Implementing New Federal Employee Identification Standard. GAO-06-178, February 1, 2006 (55 pages).
  • Federal Contact Centers: Mechanism for Sharing Metrics and Oversight Practices along with Improved Data Needed. GAO-06-270, February 8, 2006 (40 pages).
  • Federal Rulemaking: Perspectives on 10 Years of Congressional Review Act Implementation. GAO-06-601T, March 30, 2006 (8 pages).
  • GAO's High-Risk Program. GAO-06-497T, March 15, 2006 (27 pages).
  • Paperwork Reduction Act: New Approaches Can Strengthen Information Collection and Reduce Burden. GAO-06-477T, March 8, 2006 (32 pages).


  • Health Information Technology: HHS is Continuing Efforts to Define a National Strategy. GAO-06-346T, March 15, 2006 (17 pages).
  • Health Professions Education Programs. GAO-06-55, February 28, 2006 (42 pages).
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Federal Program Compared Favorably with Other Products, and Analysis of Claims Trend Could Inform Future Decisions. GAO-06-401, March 31, 2006 (52 pages).
  • Medicaid Integrity: Implementation of New Program Provides Opportunities for Federal Leadership to Combat Fraud and Abuse. GAO-06-578T, March 28, 2006 (15 pages).
  • Medicare Durable Medical Equipment: Class III Devices Do Not Warrant a Distinct Annual Payment Update. GAO-06-62, March 1, 2006 (19 pages).
  • Medicare Payment: CMS Methodology Adequate to Estimate National Error Rate. GAO-06-300, March 24, 2006 (42 pages).

Homeland Security

  • Border Security: Investigators Successfully Transported Radioactive Sources Across Our Nation's Borders at Selected Locations. GAO-06-545R, March 28, 2006 (10 pages).
  • Border Security: Investigators Transported Radioactive Sources Across Our Nation's Borders at Two Locations. GAO-06-583T, March 28, 2006 (8 pages).
  • Cargo Container Inspections: Preliminary Observations on the Status of Efforts to Improve the Automated Targeting System. GAO-06-591T, March 30, 2006 (17 pages).
  • Combating Nuclear Smuggling: Challenges Facing U.S. Efforts to Deploy Radiation Detection Equipment in Other Countries and in the United States. GAO-06-558T, March 28, 2006 (13 pages).
  • Combating Nuclear Smuggling: Corruption, Maintenance, and Coordination Problems Challenge U.S. Efforts to Provide Radiation Detection Equipment to Other Countries. GAO-06-311, March 14, 2006 (74 pages).
  • Combating Nuclear Smuggling: DHS Has Made Progress Deploying Radiation Detection Equipment at U.S. Ports-of-Entry, but Concerns Remain. GAO-06-389, March 22, 2006 (54 pages).
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response: Some Issues and Challenges Associated with Major Emergency Incidents. GAO-06-467T, February 23, 2006 (19 pages).
  • Homeland Security: Better Management Practices Could Enhance DHS's Ability to Allocate Investigative Resources. GAO-06-462T, March 28, 2006 (18 pages).
  • Homeland Security: Progress Continues, but Challenges Remain on Department's Management of Information Technology. GAO-06-598T, March 29, 2006 (35 pages).
  • Homeland Security: The Status of Strategic Planning in the National Capital Region. GAO-06-559T, March 29, 2006 (16 pages).

Income Security

  • Social Security Administration: Improved Agency Coordination Needed for Social Security Card Enhancement Efforts. GAO-06-303, March 29, 2006 (51 pages).
  • Social Security Administration: Procedures for Issuing Numbers and Benefits to the Foreign-Born. GAO-06-253T, March 2, 2006 (18 pages).
  • Social Security Numbers: More Could be Done to Protect SSNs. GAO-06-586T, March 30, 2006 (20 pages).

Information Management

  • Bureau of the Public Debt: Areas for Improvement in Information Security Controls. GAO-06-522R, March 16, 2006 (8 pages).
  • Information Assurance: National Partnership Offers Benefits, but Faces Considerable Challenges. GAO-06-392, March 24, 2006 (31 pages).
  • Information Security: Continued Progress Needed to Strengthen Controls at the Internal Revenue Service. GAO-06-328, March 23, 2006 (29 pages).
  • Information Security: Department of Health and Human Services Needs to Fully Implement Its Program. GAO-06-267, February 24, 2006 (42 pages).
  • Information Security: Federal Agencies Show Mixed Progress in Implementing Statutory Requirements. GAO-06-527T, March 16, 2006 (28 pages).
  • Information Security: Securities and Exchange Commission Needs to Continue to Improve Its Program. GAO-06-408, March 31, 2006 (26 pages).
  • Managing Sensitive Information: DOE and DOD Could Improve Their Policies and Oversight. GAO-06-531T, March 14, 2006 (9 pages).
  • Managing Sensitive Information: Departments of Energy and Defense Policies and Oversight Could Be Improved. GAO-06-369, March 7, 2006 (23 pages).

International Affairs

  • Export-Import Bank: Changes Would Improve the Reliability of Reporting on Small Business Financing. GAO-06-351, March 3, 2006 (31 pages).

Justice and Law Enforcement

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation: Weak Controls over Trilogy Project Led to Payment of Questionable Contractor Costs and Missing Assets. GAO-06-306, February 28, 2006 (82 pages).
  • Immigration Benefits: Additional Controls and a Sanctions Strategy Could Enhance DHS's Ability to Control Benefit Fraud. GAO-06-259, March 10, 2006 (52 pages).
  • Information on False Claims Act Litigation. GAO-06-320R, January 31, 2006 (36 pages).

National Defense

  • Defense Acquisitions: Business Case and Business Arrangements Key for Future Combat System's Success. GAO-06-478T, March 1, 2006 (15 pages).
  • Defense Acquisitions: Challenges Associated with the Navy's Long-Range Shipbuilding Plans. GAO-06-587T, March 30, 2006 (19 pages).
  • Defense Acquisitions: Improved Business Case Is Needed for Future Combat System's Successful Outcome. GAO-06-367, March 14, 2006 (51 pages).
  • Defense Acquisitions: Missile Defense Agency Fields Initial Capability but Falls Short of Original Goals. GAO-06-327, March 15, 2006 (84 pages).
  • Defense Logistics: More Efficient Use of Active RFID Tags Could Potentially Avoid Millions in Unnecessary Purchases. GAO-06-366R, March 8, 2006 (11 pages).
  • Defense Logistics: Preliminary Observations on Equipment Reset Challenges and Issues for the Army and Marine Corps. GAO-06-604T, March 30, 2006 (23 pages).
  • Defense Logistics: Several Factors Limited the Production and Installation of Army Truck Armor during Current Wartime Operations. GAO-06-160, March 22, 2006 (63 pages).
  • Joint Strike Fighter: DOD Plans to Enter Production before Testing Demonstrates Acceptable Performance. GAO-06-356, March 15, 2006 (35 pages).
  • Joint Strike Fighter: Management of the Technology Transfer Process. GAO-06-364, March 14, 2006 (17 pages).
  • Military Disability System: Improved Oversight Needed to Ensure Consistent and Timely Outcomes for Reserve and Active Duty Service Members. GAO-06-362, March 31, 2006 (54 pages).
  • Post-Hearing Questions for the Record Related to the Department of Defense's National Security Personnel System (NSPS). GAO-06-582R, March 24, 2006 (11 pages).
  • Tactical Aircraft: Recapitalization Goals Are Not Supported by Knowledge-Based F-22A and JSF Business Cases. GAO-06-487T, March 16, 2006 (23 pages).
  • Tactical Aircraft: Recapitalization Goals Are Not Supported by Knowledge-Based F-22A and JSF Business Cases. GAO-06-523T, March 28, 2006 (23 pages).
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems: New DOD Programs Can Learn from Past Efforts to Craft Better and Less Risky Acquisition Strategies. GAO-06-447, March 15, 2006 (36 pages).

Natural Resources

  • Corps of Engineers: Observations on Planning and Project Management Processes for the Civil Works Program. GAO-06-529T, March 15, 2006 (12 pages).
  • Indian Irrigation Projects: Numerous Issues Need to Be Addressed to Improve Project Management and Financial Sustainability. GAO-06-314, February 24, 2006 (51 pages).

Science, Space, and Technology

  • Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites: Cost Increases Trigger Review and Place Program's Direction on Hold. GAO-06-573T, March 30, 2006 (23 pages).
  • Space Acquisitions: DOD Needs a Departmentwide Strategy for Pursuing Low-Cost, Responsive Tactical Space Capabilities. GAO-06-449, March 14, 2006 (24 pages).
  • Telecommunications: Challenges to Assessing and Improving Telecommunications for Native Americans on Tribal Lands. GAO-06-513T, March 7, 2006 (12 pages).
  • Telecommunications: Options for and Barriers to Spectrum Reform. GAO-06-526T, March 14, 2006 (20 pages).
  • Telecommunications: States' Collection and Use of Funds for Wireless Enhanced 911 Services. GAO-06-338, March 10, 2006 (22 pages).
  • Survey on State Wireless E911 Funds. GAO-06-400SP, March 10, 2006 (1 page).

Social Services

  • Children's Health Insurance: Recent HHS-OIG Reviews Inform the Congress on Improper Enrollment and Reductions in Low-Income, Uninsured Children. GAO-06-457R, March 9, 2006 (13 pages).

Tax Policy and Administration

  • Financial Management: Thousands of GSA Contractors Abuse the Federal Tax System. GAO-06-492T, March 14, 2006 (25 pages).


  • Federal Aviation Administration: An Analysis of the Financial Viability of the Airport and Airway Trust Fund. GAO-06-562T, March 28, 2006 (15 pages).
  • Gas Pipeline Safety: Preliminary Observations on the Integrity Management Program and 7-Year Reassessment Requirement. GAO-06-474T, March 16, 2006 (16 pages).
  • Next Generation Air Transportation System: Preliminary Analysis of the Joint Planning and Development Office's Planning, Progress, and Challenges. GAO-06-574T, March 29, 2006 (20 pages).
  • Passenger Rail Security: Evaluating Foreign Security Practices and Risk Can Help Guide Security Efforts. GAO-06-557T, March 29, 2006 (27 pages).
  • Undeclared Hazardous Materials: New DOT Efforts May Provide Additional Information on Undeclared Shipments. GAO-06-471, March 29, 2006 (29 pages).

Veterans Affairs

  • VA Long-Term Care: Data Gaps Impede Strategic Planning for and Oversight of State Veterans' Nursing Homes. GAO-06-264, March 31, 2006 (33 pages).
  • VA and DOD Health Care: Opportunities to Maximize Resource Sharing Remain. GAO-06-315, March 20, 2006 (53 pages).

Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

  • Allied Protection Services, Inc.. B-297825, March 23, 2006 (3 pages).
  • AshBritt Inc.. B-297889, B-297889.2, March 20, 2006 (17 pages).
  • Clarence Maddox -- Relief of Liability for Improper Payments for Bottled Water. B-303920, March 21, 2006 (8 pages).
  • Department of Defense Accountable Officials--Local Nationals Abroad. B-305919, March 27, 2006 (7 pages).
  • Department of Defense--Obligation of Chemical Weapons Demilitarization Funds. B-305494, March 27, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Global Analytic Information Technology Services, Inc.. B-297200.3, March 21, 2006 (2 pages).
  • Goodway Graphics of Virginia, Inc.; NPC, Inc.; P.A. Hutchison Co.. B-297789, March 21, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Impoundments Resulting from the President's Proposed Rescissions of October 28, 2005. B-307122; B-307122.2, March 2, 2006 (8 pages).
  • Information Ventures, Inc.. B-297276.2, B-297276.3, B-297276.4, March 1, 2006 (13 pages).
  • LLH & Associates, LLC. B-297804, March 6, 2006 (5 pages).
  • National Archives and Records Administration Records Center Revolving Fund--Advance Payments. B-306975, February 27, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Novex Enterprises. B-297660, B-297660.2, March 6, 2006 (5 pages).
  • OMNI Government Services, LP. B-297240.2, B-297240.3, B-297240.4, March 22, 2006 (4 pages).
  • Odyssey International, Inc.. B-296855.2, November 16, 2005 (9 pages).
  • Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight--Settlement Agreement with Freddie Mac. B-306860, February 28, 2006 (5 pages).
  • Presidio Trust--Use of Appropriated Funds for Audio Equipment Rental Fees and Services. B-306424, March 24, 2006 (5 pages).
  • The Castle Group. B-297853, March 21, 2006 (4 pages).
  • United Paradyne Corporation. B-297758, March 10, 2006 (7 pages).

Legal Products: Federal Agency Major Rules

  • Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Occupational Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium. GAO-06-539R, March 27, 2006 (4 pages).

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