GAO Month in Review July 2005

About the Month in Review

The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

Top 10 list of significant work made publicly available in the last month

Economic Development

  • Economic Performance: Highlights of a Workshop on Economic Performance Measures. GAO-05-796SP, July 18, 2005 (51 pages).
  • Flood Map Modernization: Federal Emergency Management Agency's Implementation of a National Strategy. GAO-05-894T, July 12, 2005 (17 pages).


  • Federal Student Loan Repayment Program: OPM Could Build on Its Efforts to Help Agencies Administer the Program and Measure Results. GAO-05-762, July 22, 2005 (46 pages).
  • GAO Update on the Number of Prekindergarten Care and Education Programs. GAO-05-678R, June 2, 2005 (8 pages).
  • No Child Left Behind Act: Most Students with Disabilities Participated in Statewide Assessments, but Inclusion Options Could Be Improved. GAO-05-618, July 20, 2005 (38 pages).


  • Fair Labor Standards Act: Labor Made Key Decisions in Studies of Updated Overtime Rule and Contractor Provided Support. GAO-05-580R, June 3, 2005 (13 pages).


  • Energy Savings: Performance Contracts Offer Benefits, but Vigilance Is Needed to Protect Government Interests. GAO-05-340, June 22, 2005 (71 pages).
  • Gasoline Markets: Special Gasoline Blends Reduce Emissions and Improve Air Quality, but Complicate Supply and Contribute to Higher Prices. GAO-05-421, June 17, 2005 (46 pages).
  • Nuclear Security: Actions Needed by DOE to Improve Security of Weapons-Grade Nuclear Material at Its Energy, Science and Environment Sites. GAO-05-934T, July 26, 2005 (14 pages).
  • Nuclear Security: DOE's Office of the Under Secretary for Energy, Science, and Environment Needs to Take Prompt, Coordinated Action to Meet the New Design Basis Threat. GAO-05-611, July 15, 2005 (40 pages).
  • Nuclear Waste: Better Performance Reporting Needed to Assess DOE's Ability to Achieve the Goals of the Accelerated Cleanup Program. GAO-05-764, July 29, 2005 (48 pages).

Environmental Protection

  • Chemical Regulation: Options Exist to Improve EPA's Ability to Assess Health Risks and Manage Its Chemical Review Program. GAO-05-458, June 13, 2005 (64 pages).
  • Electronic Waste: Observations on the Role of the Federal Government in Encouraging Recycling and Reuse. GAO-05-937T, July 26, 2005 (18 pages).
  • Hazardous Waste Programs: Information on Appropriations and Expenditures for Superfund, Brownfields, and Related Programs. GAO-05-746R, June 30, 2005 (5 pages).

Financial Institutions

  • Financial Market Organizations Have Taken Steps to Protect against Electronic Attacks, but Could Take Additional Actions. GAO-05-679R, June 29, 2005 (9 pages).
  • Securities Markets: Decimal Pricing has Contributed to Lower Trading Costs and a More Challenging Trading Environment. GAO-05-535, May 31, 2005 (116 pages).

Financial Management

  • Financial Audit: Capitol Preservation Fund's Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002 Financial Statements. GAO-05-206, July 14, 2005 (13 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Department of Agriculture's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-595R, July 22, 2005 (19 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Department of Commerce's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-596R, July 14, 2005 (16 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Department of Energy's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-597R, July 14, 2005 (20 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Department of Homeland Security's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-600R, July 14, 2005 (17 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Department of Housing and Urban Development's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-598R, July 22, 2005 (21 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Department of Justice's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-602R, July 22, 2005 (22 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Department of Veterans Affairs' Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-599R, July 22, 2005 (18 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Environmental Protection Agency's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-603R, July 22, 2005 (15 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Export-Import Bank of the United States' Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-607R, July 22, 2005 (19 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Federal Communications Commission's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-608R, July 22, 2005 (15 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The General Services Administration's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-604R, July 14, 2005 (18 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund's 2003 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-609R, July 22, 2005 (18 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-610R, July 22, 2005 (18 pages).
  • Financial Audit: The United States Agency for International Development's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on Its Financial Statements. GAO-05-601R, July 22, 2005 (21 pages).
  • Financial Management: Audit of the White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance for Fiscal Year 2004. GAO-05-791R, July 21, 2005 (15 pages).
  • Financial Management: Challenges in Meeting Governmentwide Improper Payment Requirements. GAO-05-907T, July 20, 2005 (7 pages).
  • Financial Management: Challenges in Meeting Requirements of the Improper Payments Information Act. GAO-05-605T, July 12, 2005 (7 pages).
  • Material Internal Control Issues Reported in SEC's Fiscal Year 2004 Financial Statement Audit Report. GAO-05-691R, July 27, 2005 (12 pages).
  • Securities and Exchange Commission: Results of Fiscal Year 2004 Financial Audit. GAO-05-880T, July 27, 2005 (16 pages).

Government Operations

  • 21st Century Challenges: Transforming Government to Meet Current and Emerging Challenges. GAO-05-830T, July 13, 2005 (25 pages).
  • Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Costs. GAO-05-910T, July 14, 2005 (16 pages).
  • Contract Management: Opportunities Continue for GSA to Improve Pricing of Multiple Award Schedules Contracts. GAO-05-911T, July 26, 2005 (11 pages).
  • Conversions of Selected Employees from Noncareer to Career Positions at Departments and Certain Agencies. GAO-05-584R, June 9, 2005 (6 pages).
  • Data Quality: Improvements to Count Correction Efforts Could Produce More Accurate Census Data. GAO-05-463, June 20, 2005 (40 pages).
  • Federal Contracting: Share-in-Savings Initiative Not Yet Tested. GAO-05-736, July 26, 2005 (13 pages).
  • Human Capital: Symposium on Designing and Managing Market-Based and More Performance-Oriented Pay Systems. GAO-05-832SP, July 27, 2005 (99 pages).
  • Interagency Contracting: Franchise Funds Provide Convenience, but Value to DOD is Not Demonstrated. GAO-05-456, July 29, 2005 (45 pages).
  • National Mall: Steps Identified by Stakeholders Facilitate Design and Approval of Security Enhancements. GAO-05-518, June 14, 2005 (58 pages).
  • Paperwork Reduction Act: Subcommittee Questions Concerning the Act's Information Collection Provisions. GAO-05-909R, July 19, 2005 (8 pages).
  • Regulatory Reform: Prior Reviews of Federal Regulatory Process Initiatives Reveal Opportunities for Improvements. GAO-05-939T, July 27, 2005 (26 pages).
  • U.S. Postal Service: Improving Ratemaking Data Quality Through Postal Service Actions and Postal Reform Legislation. GAO-05-820, July 28, 2005 (52 pages).


  • Defense Health Care: Implementation Issues for New TRICARE Contracts and Regional Structure. GAO-05-773, July 27, 2005 (99 pages).
  • Mail Order Pharmacies: DOD's Use of VA's Mail Pharmacy Could Produce Savings and Other Benefits. GAO-05-555, June 22, 2005 (35 pages).
  • Medicare: Radiopharmaceutical Purchase Prices for CMS Consideration in Hospital Outpatient Rate-Setting. GAO-05-733R, July 14, 2005 (20 pages).

Homeland Security

  • Aviation Security: Better Planning Needed to Optimize Deployment of Checked Baggage Screening Systems. GAO-05-896T, July 13, 2005 (24 pages).
  • Aviation Security: Transportation Security Administration Did Not Fully Disclose Uses of Personal Information During Secure Flight Program Testing in Initial Privacy Notes, but Has Recently Taken Steps to More Fully Inform the Public. GAO-05-864R, July 22, 2005 (16 pages).
  • Border Security: Actions Needed to Strengthen Management of Department of Homeland Security's Visa Security Program. GAO-05-801, July 29, 2005 (42 pages).
  • FY 2006 Annual Report on the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. GAO-05-780R, July 1, 2005 (13 pages).
  • Homeland Security: Agency Resources Address Violations of Restricted Airspace, but Management Improvements Are Needed. GAO-05-928T, July 21, 2005 (33 pages).
  • Homeland Security: Managing First Responder Grants to Enhance Emergency Preparedness in the National Capital Region. GAO-05-889T, July 14, 2005 (11 pages).
  • Transportation Security Administration: Clear Policies and Oversight Needed for Designation of Sensitive Security Information. GAO-05-677, June 29, 2005 (57 pages).

Income Security

  • Administrative Expenditures and Federal Matching Rates of Selected Support Programs. GAO-05-839R, June 30, 2005 (7 pages).

Information Management

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges in Addressing Cybersecurity. GAO-05-827T, July 19, 2005 (22 pages).
  • Information Management: Acquisition of the Electronics Records Archives Is Progressing. GAO-05-802, July 15, 2005 (36 pages).
  • Information Security: Department of Homeland Security Needs to Fully Implement Its Security Program. GAO-05-700, June 17, 2005 (31 pages).
  • Information Security: Weaknesses Persist at Federal Agencies Despite Progress Made in Implementing Related Statutory Requirements. GAO-05-552, July 15, 2005 (49 pages).
  • Information Technology Management: Census Bureau Has Implemented Many Key Practices, but Additional Actions Are Needed. GAO-05-661, June 16, 2005 (90 pages).
  • Information Technology: Federal Agencies Face Challenges in Implementing Initiatives to Improve Public Health Infrastructure. GAO-05-308, June 10, 2005 (62 pages).

International Affairs

  • Afghanistan Reconstruction: Despite Some Progress, Deteriorating Security and Other Obstacles Continue to Threaten Achievement of U.S. Goals. GAO-05-742, July 28, 2005 (90 pages).
  • Compacts of Free Association: Implementation of New Funding and Accountability Requirements Is Well Under Way, but Planning Challenges Remain. GAO-05-633, July 11, 2005 (70 pages).
  • Independent Media Development Abroad: Challenges Exist in Implementing U.S. Efforts and Measuring Results. GAO-05-803, July 29, 2005 (43 pages).
  • International Trade: Further Improvements Needed to Handle Growing Workload for Monitoring and Enforcing Trade Agreements. GAO-05-537, June 30, 2005 (56 pages).
  • Rebuilding Iraq: Actions Needed To Improve Use of Private Security Providers. GAO-05-737, July 28, 2005 (65 pages).
  • Rebuilding Iraq: Status of Funding and Reconstruction Efforts. GAO-05-876, July 28, 2005 (44 pages).
  • Southeast Asia: Better Human Rights Reviews and Strategic Planning Needed for U.S. Assistance to Foreign Security Forces. GAO-05-793, July 29, 2005 (84 pages).

Justice and Law Enforcement

  • Border Patrol: Available Data on Interior Checkpoints Suggest Differences in Sector Performance. GAO-05-435, July 22, 2005 (85 pages).
  • Combating Alien Smuggling: The Federal Response Can Be Improved. GAO-05-892T, July 12, 2005 (14 pages).
  • Courthouse Construction: Information on Project Cost and Size Changes Would Help to Enhance Oversight. GAO-05-673, June 30, 2005 (39 pages).
  • Interim Report on the Effects of COPS Funds on the Decline in Crime during the 1990s. GAO-05-699R, June 3, 2005 (23 pages).
  • Questions for the Record: Hearing on the Judiciary's Ability to Pay for Current and Future Space Needs. GAO-05-941R, July 27, 2005 (10 pages).

National Defense

  • Armed Forces Institute of Pathology: Business Plan's Implementation Is Unlikely to Achieve Expected Financial Benefits and Could Reduce Civilian Role. GAO-05-615, June 30, 2005 (41 pages).
  • DOD Business Systems Modernization: Long-Standing Weaknesses in Enterprise Architecture Development Need to Be Addressed. GAO-05-702, July 22, 2005 (64 pages).
  • Defense Acquisitions: Progress and Challenges Facing the DD(X) Surface Combatant Program. GAO-05-924T, July 19, 2005 (19 pages).
  • Defense Acquisitions: Resolving Development Risks in the Army's Networked Communications Capabilities Is Key to Fielding Future Force. GAO-05-669, June 15, 2005 (44 pages).
  • Defense Ammunition: DOD Meeting Small and Medium Caliber Ammunition Needs, but Additional Actions Are Necessary. GAO-05-687, July 27, 2005 (28 pages).
  • Defense Health Care: Improvements Needed in Occupational and Environmental Health Surveillance During Deployments to Address Immediate and Long-Term Health Issues. GAO-05-632, July 14, 2005 (41 pages).
  • Defense Health Care: Occupational and Environmental Health Surveillance Conducted During Deployments Needs Improvement. GAO-05-903T, July 19, 2005 (26 pages).
  • Department of Defense's Assessment Addresses Congressional Concerns but Lacks Detail on High Energy Laser Transition Plans. GAO-05-933R, July 28, 2005 (7 pages).
  • Human Capital: DOD's National Security Personnel System Faces Implementation Challenges. GAO-05-730, July 14, 2005 (49 pages).
  • Industrial Security: DOD Cannot Ensure Its Oversight of Contractors under Foreign Influence Is Sufficient. GAO-05-681, July 15, 2005 (30 pages).
  • Military Bases: Analysis of DOD's 2005 Selection Process and Recommendations for Base Closures and Realignments. GAO-05-785, July 1, 2005 (265 pages).
  • Military Bases: Observations on DOD's 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Selection Process and Recommendations. GAO-05-905, July 18, 2005 (33 pages).
  • Military Personnel: DOD Needs to Improve the Transparency and Reassess the Reasonableness, Appropriateness, Affordability, and Sustainability of Its Military Compensation System. GAO-05-798, July 19, 2005 (58 pages).
  • Reserve Forces: An Integrated Plan Is Needed to Address Army Reserve Personnel and Equipment Shortages. GAO-05-660, July 12, 2005 (37 pages).

Natural Resources

  • Hardrock Mining: BLM Needs to Better Manage Financial Assurances to Guarantee Coverage of Reclamation Costs. GAO-05-377, June 20, 2005 (98 pages).
  • Oil And Gas Development: Increased Permitting Activity Has Lessened BLM's Ability to Meet Its Environmental Protection Responsibilities. GAO-05-418, June 17, 2005 (65 pages).
  • Wildland Fire Management: Timely Identification of Long-Term Options and Funding Needs Is Critical. GAO-05-923T, July 14, 2005 (12 pages).

Science, Space, and Technology

  • Space Acquisitions: Stronger Development Practices and Investment Planning Needed to Address Continuing Problems. GAO-05-891T, July 12, 2005 (14 pages).

Social Services

  • Child Care: Additional Information Is Needed on Working Families Receiving Subsidies. GAO-05-667, June 29, 2005 (43 pages).
  • Child Welfare: Better Data and Evaluations Could Improve Processes and Programs for Adopting Children with Special Needs. GAO-05-292, June 13, 2005 (51 pages).
  • District of Columbia: Federal Funds for Foster Care Improvements Used to Implement New Programs, but Challenges Remain. GAO-05-787, July 22, 2005 (44 pages).
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency: Crisis Counseling Grants Awarded to the State of New York after the September 11 Terrorist Attacks. GAO-05-514, May 31, 2005 (49 pages).

Tax Policy and Administration

  • Business Systems Modernization: Internal Revenue Service's Fiscal Year 2005 Expenditure Plan. GAO-05-774, July 22, 2005 (56 pages).
  • Tax Administration: IRS Can Improve Its Productivity Measures by Using Alternative Methods. GAO-05-671, July 11, 2005 (24 pages).


  • Air Traffic Control: Characteristics and Performance of Selected International Air Navigation Service Providers and Lessons Learned from Their Commercialization. GAO-05-769, July 29, 2005 (34 pages).
  • Air Traffic Operations: The Federal Aviation Administration Needs to Address Major Air Traffic Operating Cost Control Changes. GAO-05-724, June 23, 2005 (43 pages).
  • Coast Guard: Progress Being Made on Addressing Deepwater Legacy Asset Condition Issues and Program Management, but Acquisition Challenges Remain. GAO-05-757, July 22, 2005 (59 pages).
  • Commercial Aviation: Structural Costs Continue to Challenge Legacy Airlines' Financial Performance. GAO-05-834T, July 13, 2005 (21 pages).
  • Freight Transportation: Short Sea Shipping Option Shows Importance of Systematic Approach to Public Investment Decisions. GAO-05-768, July 29, 2005 (52 pages).
  • International Air Passengers: Staffing Model for Airport Inspections Personnel Can Be Improved. GAO-05-663, July 15, 2005 (38 pages).
  • Mass Transit: Preliminary Views on Options for Additional Fiscal Oversight of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. GAO-05-922T, July 28, 2005 (36 pages).
  • National Airspace System: FAA Has Made Progress but Continues to Face Challenges in Acquiring Major Air Traffic Control Systems. GAO-05-331, June 10, 2005 (83 pages).
  • Questions for the Record Related to Amtrak's Food and Beverage Service. GAO-05-893R, July 11, 2005 (5 pages).

Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

  • B.H. Aircraft Company, Inc.. B-295399.2, July 25, 2005 (7 pages).
  • Coast Guard--Electronic Certification Procedures. B-302789, July 6, 2005 (4 pages).
  • Great South Bay Marina, Inc.. B-296335, July 13, 2005 (6 pages).
  • Grove Resource Solutions, Inc.. B-296228, B-296228.2, July 1, 2005 (9 pages).
  • Liquidity Services, Inc.. B-294053, August 18, 2004 (9 pages).
  • Metro Business Systems, LLC. B-296371.2, July 13, 2005 (4 pages).
  • PPCSC/RAC BENNING JV 1. B-296239, July 19, 2005 (6 pages).
  • Photo Science, Inc.. B-296391, July 25, 2005 (10 pages).
  • SOS International, Ltd.. B-295533.2, B-295533.3, July 1, 2005 (5 pages).
  • Southern California Engineering, Inc.. B-296244, July 11, 2005 (6 pages).
  • United States Capitol Police--Overtime Pay and Compensatory Leave for Employees Whose Salaries Are Fixed By Statute. B-305835, July 19, 2005 (6 pages).

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