Month In Review - December 2003

About the Month in Review

The Month in Review is a comprehensive list of all reports, testimony, correspondence, and other publications issued by GAO during the previous month, grouped according to subject categories.

Top 10 list of significant work made publicly available in the last month

Agriculture and Food

Bioterrorism: A Threat to Agriculture and the Food Supply. GAO-04-259T, November 19, 2003
(16 pages).

Business, Industry, and Consumers

Small Business Administration: Progress Made, but Transformation Could Benefit from Practices Emphasizing Transparency and Communication. GAO-04-76, October 31, 2003
(41 pages).

Economic Development

FEMA Cerro Grande Claims: Payments Properly Processed, but Reporting Could Be Improved. GAO-04-129, December 24, 2003
(13 pages).


Head Start: Better Data and Processes Needed to Monitor Underenrollment. GAO-04-17, December 4, 2003
(38 pages).

Student Loan Programs: As Federal Costs of Loan Consolidation Rise, Other Options Should Be Examined. GAO-04-101, October 31, 2003
(39 pages).


Department of Energy: Reimbursement of Contractor Litigation Costs. GAO-04-148R, November 26, 2003
(21 pages).

Energy Employees Compensation: Case-Processing Bottlenecks Delay Payment of Claims. GAO-04-298T, December 6, 2003
(15 pages).

Nuclear Regulation: NRC Needs More Effective Analysis to Ensure Accumulation of Funds to Decommission Nuclear Power Plants. GAO-04-32, October 30, 2003
(52 pages).

Nuclear Waste Cleanup: Preliminary Observations on DOE's Cleanup of the Paducah Uranium Enrichment Plant. GAO-04-278T, December 6, 2003
(11 pages).

Posthearing Questions from the September 17, 2003, Hearing on "Implications of Power Blackouts for the Nation's Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection: The Electric Grid, Critical Interdependencies, Vulnerabilities, and Readiness". GAO-04-300R, December 8, 2003
(9 pages).

Financial Management

Business Modernization: Disciplined Processes Needed to Better Manage NASA's Integrated Financial Management Program. GAO-04-118, November 21, 2003
(23 pages).

Business Modernization: NASA's Challenges in Managing Its Integrated Financial Management Program. GAO-04-255, November 21, 2003
(13 pages).

Business Modernization: NASA's Integrated Financial Management Program Does Not Fully Address Agency's External Reporting Issues. GAO-04-151, November 21, 2003
(38 pages).

Financial Management: Information on the Mandated Transfer of HUD's Appropriation Law Function to the Chief Financial Officer. GAO-04-272R, November 21, 2003
(10 pages).

Information Technology: Architecture Needed to Guide NASA's Financial Management Modernization. GAO-04-43, November 21, 2003
(58 pages).

Purchase Cards: Steps Taken to Improve DOD Program Management, but Actions Needed to Address Misuse. GAO-04-156, December 2, 2003
(49 pages).

Government Operations

Human Capital: Key Principles for Effective Strategic Workforce Planning. GAO-04-39, December 11, 2003
(32 pages).

Reliability of Federal Procurement Data. GAO-04-295R, December 30, 2003
(4 pages).


Smallpox Vaccination: Review of the Implementation of the Military Program. GAO-04-215R, December 1, 2003
(11 pages).

Tobacco Use And Public Health: Federal Efforts to Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Use among Youth. GAO-04-41, November 21, 2003
(32 pages).

Homeland Security

Combating Terrorism: Improvements Needed in Southern Command's Antiterrorism Approach for In-Transit Forces at Seaports. GAO-04-80NI, October 31, 2003
(29 pages).

Drinking Water: Experts' Views on How Future Federal Funding Can Best Be Spent to Improve Security. GAO-04-29, October 31, 2003
(69 pages).

Homeland Security: Preliminary Observations on Efforts to Target Security Inspections of Cargo Containers. GAO-04-325T, December 16, 2003
(17 pages).


Public Housing: HOPE VI Resident Issues and Changes in Neighborhoods Surrounding Grant Sites. GAO-04-109, November 21, 2003
(53 pages).

Public Housing: Small and Larger Agencies Have Similar Views on Many Recent Housing Reforms. GAO-04-19, October 30, 2003
(66 pages).

Income Security

Private Pensions: Timely and Accurate Information Is Needed to Identify and Track Frozen Defined Benefit Plans. GAO-04-200R, December 17, 2003
(10 pages).

Information Management

Information Technology: Improvements Needed in the Reliability of Defense Budget Submissions. GAO-04-115, December 19, 2003
(28 pages).

Information Technology: Leadership Remains Key to Agencies Making Progress on Enterprise Architecture Efforts. GAO-04-40, November 17, 2003
(405 pages).

International Affairs

Human Capital: Significant Challenges Confront U.S. Trade Agencies. GAO-04-301T, December 9, 2003
(28 pages).

Issues Relating to Foreign Investment and Control of U.S. Airlines. GAO-04-34R, October 30, 2003
(30 pages).

Justice and Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement: Better Performance Measures Needed to Assess Results of Justice's Office of Science and Technology. GAO-04-198, November 14, 2003
(54 pages).

Terrorist Financing: U.S. Agencies Should Systematically Assess Terrorists' Use of Alternative Financing Mechanisms. GAO-04-163, November 14, 2003
(50 pages).

National Defense

DOD Excess Property: Risk Assessment Needed on Public Sales of Equipment That Could Be Used to Make Biological Agents. GAO-04-15NI, November 19, 2003
(73 pages).

Defense Logistics: Preliminary Observations on the Effectiveness of Logistics Activities During Operation Iraqi Freedom. GAO-04-305R, December 18, 2003
(24 pages).

Military Personnel: Information on Selected National Guard Management Issues. GAO-04-258, December 2, 2003
(43 pages).

Military Readiness: DOD Needs to Reassess Program Strategy, Funding Priorities, and Risks for Selected Equipment. GAO-04-112, December 19, 2003
(103 pages).

Military Transformation: The Army and OSD Met Legislative Requirements for First Stryker Brigade Design Evaluation, but Issues Remain for Future Brigades. GAO-04-188, December 12, 2003
(51 pages).

Natural Resources

Alaska Native Villages: Most Are Affected by Flooding and Erosion, but Few Qualify for Federal Assistance. GAO-04-142, December 12, 2003
(82 pages).

Science, Space, and Technology

Satellite Communications: Strategic Approach Needed for DOD's Procurement of Commercial Satellite Bandwidth. GAO-04-206, December 10, 2003
(34 pages).

Space Acquisitions: Committing Prematurely to the Transformational Satellite Program Elevates Risks for Poor Cost, Schedule, and Performance Outcomes. GAO-04-71R, December 4, 2003
(21 pages).

Social Services

Vehicle Donations: Benefits to Charities and Donors, but Limited Program Oversight. GAO-04-73, November 14, 2003
(43 pages).

Tax Policy and Administration

Internal Revenue Service: Challenges Remain in Combating Abusive Tax Schemes. GAO-04-50, November 19, 2003
(27 pages).

Tax Administration: More Can Be Done to Ensure Federal Agencies File Accurate Information Returns. GAO-04-74, December 5, 2003
(31 pages).


Comparison of States' Highway Construction Costs. GAO-04-113R, November 3, 2003
(25 pages).

Posthearing Questions Related to Aviation and Port Security. GAO-04-315R, December 12, 2003
(5 pages).

Veterans Affairs

VA Health Care: Further Efforts Needed to Improve Hepatitis C Testing for At-Risk Veterans. GAO-04-106, December 12, 2003
(22 pages).

Legal Products: Decisions and Opinions

3K Office Furniture Distribution GmbH. B-292911, December 18, 2003
(4 pages).

American Systems Corporation. B-292755; B-292755.2, December 3, 2003
(9 pages).

Amigo-JT Joint Venture. B-292830, December 9, 2003
(4 pages).

Atlantic Research Marketing Systems, Inc.. B-292743, December 1, 2003
(7 pages).

Contractors Northwest, Inc.. B-293050, December 19, 2003
(4 pages).

Dwight Tellier Church Organs, Inc.. B-292825, December 9, 2003
(3 pages).

Foundation Engineering Sciences, Inc.. B-292834, B-292834.2, December 12, 2003
(5 pages).

Horizon Shipbuilding, Inc.. B-292992, December 8, 2003
(4 pages).

Immediate Systems Resources, Inc.. B-292856, December 9, 2003
(4 pages).

Lockheed Martin Information Systems. B-292836, B-292836.2, B-292836.3, B-292836.4, December 18, 2003
(9 pages).

Marine Metal, Inc.. B-292445.3, December 19, 2003
(3 pages).

Population Health Services, Inc.. B-292858, December 1, 2003
(4 pages).

The Paintworks, Inc.. B-292982, B-292982.2, December 23, 2003
(3 pages).

e-LYNXX Corporation. B-292761, December 3, 2003
(7 pages).

Legal Products: Federal Agency Major Rules

Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Inpatient Hospital Deductible and Hospital and Extended Care Services Coinsurance Amounts for 2004. GAO-04-235R, December 4, 2003
(4 pages).

Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Monthly Actuarial Rates and Monthly Supplementary Medical Insurance Premium Beginning January 1, 2004. GAO-04-236R, December 4, 2003
(4 pages).

Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Program; Part A Premium for 2004 for the Uninsured Aged and for Certain Disabled Individuals Who Have Exhausted Other Entitlement. GAO-04-237R, December 4, 2003
(4 pages).

Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration: Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum in Domestic United States Airspace. GAO-04-311R, December 9, 2003
(4 pages).

Federal Communications Commission: Promoting Efficient Use of Spectrum Through Elimination of Barriers to the Development of Secondary Markets. GAO-04-320R, December 12, 2003
(4 pages).

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