Presidential and Congressional Transition

  • During presidential transitions, GAO provides information specifically for new administrations as well as new Congresses. The resources and recommendations here can help policymakers and other leaders find ways to greatly improve government operations and potentially save millions of dollars.

    Three sets of resources are available here, specifically focusing on the issues and challenges that should be most important to new policy makers and other leaders.

    1. Priority Recommendations: These are GAO recommendations that warrant priority attention. We sent letters to the heads of key federal departments and agencies, urging them to continue focusing on the issues related to these recommendations. Listen to our podcast on how our Priorities for Policy Makers app makes it easier for leaders to search our recommendations on the go. Download the app through the App Store® and Google Play links below.
    2. Key Issues and High Risk list: GAO's key issues pages highlight a range of issues facing the nation and provide links to our most relevant reports. GAO’s High Risk list calls attention to agencies and program areas that are vulnerable to fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement, or are in need of transformation. The High Risk list is issued at the start of each new Congress and will be updated in early 2017.
    3. Management Agenda: This tool provides high-level information for new leaders about the critical management challenges facing the government and lays out the actions needed to address those challenges.
  • Governing on the go?

    Our Priorities for Policy Makers app makes it easier for leaders to search our recommendations on the go.

    See the November 10th Press Release

  • GAO’s Transition Resources

    Comptroller General Gene Dodaro introduces GAO's presidential and congressional transition resources.

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