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As of January 31, 2023, there are 4842 open recommendations that still need to be addressed. 473 of these are priority recommendations, those that we believe warrant priority attention. Learn more about our priority designation on our Recommendations page.

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Southwest Border: DHS and DOJ Have Implemented Expedited Credible Fear Screening Pilot Programs, but Should Ensure Timely Data Entry

1 Open Recommendations
Agency Recommendation Status
Executive Office for Immigration Review The Director of EOIR should ensure immigration court staff have entered into EOIR's case management system all Notices to Appear received from DHS, in a timely manner, as required, for individuals who received positive determinations under the expedited fear screening programs. (Recommendation 2)

DOJ disagreed with our recommendation. In its comments on a draft of our report, EOIR stated that it confirmed with the relevant immigration courts in July and October 2020 that all Notices to Appear received from DHS for those in the expedited asylum screening pilot programs had been entered into the system. However, EOIR provided no documentation of its communication with the relevant immigration courts in July or October 2020. As of January 2023, we are awaiting further updates from DHS and EOIR and we continue to believe our recommendation is warranted. Should DOJ provide documentation

Immigration Courts: Actions Needed to Reduce Case Backlog and Address Long-Standing Management and Operational Challenges

1 Open Recommendations
1 Priority
Agency Recommendation Status
Executive Office for Immigration Review
Priority Rec.
This is a priority recommendation.
To better address current and future staffing needs, the Director of EOIR should develop and implement a strategic workforce plan that addresses, among other areas, key principles of effective strategic workforce planning, including (1) determining critical skills and competencies needed to achieve current and future programmatic results; (2) developing strategies that are tailored to address gaps in number, deployment, and alignment of human capital approaches for enabling and sustaining the contributions of all critical skills and competencies; and (3) monitoring and evaluation of the agency's progress toward its human capital goals and the contribution that human capital results have made toward achieving programmatic results.

EOIR agreed with our recommendation. In October 2018, EOIR officials told us that EOIR was developing an agency-wide strategic plan that would address workforce planning, among other issues. In February 2022, EOIR officials stated that the agency was participating in the development of a DOJ strategic plan which, once completed, would inform EOIR's own strategic plan. EOIR officials also stated that they were beginning work on a separate strategic plan focused specifically on workforce planning, which is intended to align reoccurring workforce needs assessments with the agency's budget

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