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As of January 31, 2023, there are 4842 open recommendations that still need to be addressed. 473 of these are priority recommendations, those that we believe warrant priority attention. Learn more about our priority designation on our Recommendations page.

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Tribal Consultation: Additional Federal Actions Needed for Infrastructure Projects

1 Open Recommendations
Agency Recommendation Status
Civil Works The Director of Civil Works of the Corps should document in the agency's tribal consultation policy how agency officials are to communicate with tribes about how tribal input from consultation was considered in agency decisions on infrastructure projects. (Recommendation 7)

As of August 2022, the Corps was working on an update to its tribal consultation policy to cover several areas, including addressing GAO's recommendation to document how agency officials are to communicate about how input from tribal consultation was considered in agency decisions. The Corps gathered public comments, and conducted tribal outreach and consultation for updates to the policy in summer 2022. Corps officials told us they expect to finalize the policy in April 2023.

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