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    Subject Term: Dependents

    3 publications with a total of 5 open recommendations
    Director: Jessica Lucas-Judy
    Phone: (202) 512-9110

    3 open recommendations
    Recommendation: The Commissioner of Internal Revenue should develop and maintain an online dashboard to display customer service standards and performance information such that it is easily accessible and improves the transparency of its taxpayer service.

    Agency: Department of the Treasury: Internal Revenue Service
    Status: Open

    Comments: In April 2017, IRS reported that it is evaluating the data that it can make available online. IRS also indicated that it will include the service standards that taxpayers should expect when interacting with IRS. IRS expects to make this information available online by February 2018.
    Recommendation: The Commissioner of Internal Revenue should review its document retrieval and scanning processes to identify potential training or guidance needs or other potential efficiencies.

    Agency: Department of the Treasury: Internal Revenue Service
    Status: Open

    Comments: In April 2017, IRS reported that it issued guidance to employees in February 2017 reminding them to follow IRS procedures that require thorough research of information contained in IRS systems before requesting a hard copy of documents from file storage or archives. However, IRS has not completed a review of its document retrieval and scanning processes to identify potential efficiencies. Without this review, IRS is missing potential opportunities to retrieve and scan the documents that employees require in a timely manner.
    Recommendation: The Commissioner of Internal Revenue should revise IRS's notices to IDT refund fraud victims to include information such as (1) whether any dependents were claimed on the fraudulent return, (2) to the extent possible, if those dependents match any of those the taxpayer claimed the same tax year, and (3) how to request a redacted copy of the fraudulent return.

    Agency: Department of the Treasury: Internal Revenue Service
    Status: Open

    Comments: In April 2017, IRS reported that it will revise its notices to victims of identity theft to include information that will advise them to protect the personally identifiable information of their dependents. The notice will also direct them to revised information and guidance on IRS expects to complete the revisions by July 2018.
    Director: John Pendleton
    Phone: (202) 512-3489

    1 open recommendations
    Recommendation: To balance combatant commanders' demands for forward presence with the Navy's needs to sustain a ready force over the long term and identify and mitigate risks consistent with Federal Standards for Internal Control, the Secretary of Defense should direct the Secretary of the Navy to develop a comprehensive assessment of the long-term costs and risks to the Navy's surface and amphibious fleet associated with its increasing reliance on overseas homeporting to meet presence requirements, make any necessary adjustments to its overseas presence based on this assessment, and reassess these risks when making future overseas homeporting decisions and developing future strategic laydown plans.

    Agency: Department of Defense
    Status: Open

    Comments: As of August 2017, the Navy had not completed their assessment.
    Director: White, James R
    Phone: (202) 512-5594

    1 open recommendations
    Recommendation: Given the potential for improving compliance now and in the future, Congress may wish to provide IRS with the authority to use math error checks to identify and correct returns with ineligible (1) IRA "catch-up" contributions, and (2) contributions to traditional IRAs from taxpayers over age 70-1/2.

    Agency: Congress
    Status: Open

    Comments: As of April 2017, the Congress has not provided IRS with the math error authority to ensure that taxpayers comply with certain catch-up and contributions requirements.