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    Federal Agency: "Department of Commerce: Bureau of the Census"

    2 publications with a total of 2 open recommendations including 1 priority recommendation
    Director: Goldenkoff, Robert N
    Phone: (202) 512-2757

    1 open recommendations
    Recommendation: The Director of the U.S. Census Bureau should initiate a robust workforce planning process for those working on schedules related to the Master Address File, including actions such as an analysis of skills needed, to identify and address gaps in scheduling skills.

    Agency: Department of Commerce: Bureau of the Census
    Status: Open

    Comments: The Census Bureau agreed with this recommendation and states it is taking steps to improve its scheduling practices and to initiate a comprehensive workforce planning process for those working on decennial project schedules. Bureau officials state they are currently evaluating the skills needed for scheduling support of the 2020 Census and will take the appropriate steps to acquire and develop the appropriate mix of skill sets, including but not limited to developing certified scheduling staff, hiring expert contractors to assist with periodic training, and scheduling standards implementation. They also state that the Bureau is committed to continuing to strengthen the schedule management plan, practices, and methods in place for the 2020 Census. The Bureau has experienced turnover in the leadership of the team responsible for 2020 scheduling, and, as of July 2017, Bureau officials have said they are working to collect artifacts that may demonstrate how this recommendation was addressed.
    Director: Goldenkoff, Robert N
    Phone: (202)512-3000

    1 open recommendations
    including 1 priority recommendation
    Recommendation: GAO previously recommended that the Secretary of Commerce direct the Bureau to establish guidance, policies, and procedures for cost estimation that would meet best practice criteria. To help ensure that the Bureau produces a reliable and high-quality cost estimate for the 2020 Census, the Bureau should finalize guidance, policies, and procedures for cost estimation in accordance with best practices prior to developing the Bureau's initial 2020 life cycle cost estimate.

    Agency: Department of Commerce: Bureau of the Census
    Status: Open
    Priority recommendation

    Comments: Commerce neither agreed nor disagreed with this recommendation. In October 2015, the Bureau announced an estimate of its 2020 Census life-cycle cost. In our June 30, 2016 report (GAO-16-628), we assessed the Bureau's guidance, policies, and procedures underlying that estimate. We found that the Bureau's cost estimate partially met the characteristics of two best practices (comprehensive and accurate) described in the GAO Cost Guide and minimally met the other two (well-documented and credible). In addition, best practices state that a risk and uncertainty analysis should be performed to determine the level of risk associated with the cost estimate. The Bureau carried out such an analysis only for a portion of estimated costs for fiscal years 2018 to 2020, covering $4.6 billion. This amounts to about 37 percent of the $12.5 billion total estimated life-cycle cost, and less than one-half of the total estimated cost of the Bureau to comply with best practices for cost estimation. To fully implement this recommendation, the Bureau needs to implement specific controls over its cost estimation process for the 2020 Census, such as guidance that documents who is responsible for what and when, and what information flows where and when. As of July 2017, Bureau officials are currently gathering artifacts to support implementation of this recommendation.