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National Security Snapshot: Challenges Facing DOD in Strategic Competition with China

GAO-22-105448 Published: Feb 15, 2022. Publicly Released: Feb 15, 2022.
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China's growing economic, diplomatic, military, and technological power—and willingness to exercise it—poses a significant long-term challenge to the United States.

This National Security Snapshot discusses our work on ways DOD can bolster national security as it focuses on strategic competition with China.

For example:

  • DOD could better mitigate threats to mobility from China (i.e., if China tries to prevent the military from moving equipment and personnel to the region during a conflict)
  • DOD could strengthen itself against cybersecurity threats
  • Sailor fatigue contributed to two fatal Navy ship collisions in the Pacific Ocean in 2017

Map of Asia with China highlighted

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This snapshot draws from a number of GAO reports to provide examples of the multiple challenges facing the Department of Defense from China. It also identifies opportunities for the Department to improve its efforts in strategic competition with China.

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