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A firm protested a Defense Construction Supply Center (DCSC) solicitation for commercial travel management services, contending that the: (1) solicitation improperly included both official and unofficial travel services and required the payment of certain fees in violation of laws governing the expenditure of appropriated funds; and (2) requirement for a mandatory minimum concession fee on the gross sales of both official and leisure travel unduly restricted competition and exceeded DCSC minimum needs. The protester also requested reconsideration of two dismissed protests that challenged similar solicitation specifications. GAO held that: (1) the combination of official and unofficial travel services did not violate any appropriation law or divert appropriated funds to a nonappropriated fund instrumentality, since the contractor was required to account separately for the monies generated from official and leisure travel services; (2) DCSC reasonably provided for the evaluation of proposed leisure travel services, since the combined services would potentially lower costs and ensure the availability of services for DCSC personnel; (3) DCSC reasonably required the minimum concession fee, since it was in line with historical fees; and (4) it would not reconsider the dismissed protests. Accordingly, the protest was denied and the dismissals were sustained.