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A firm protested a Navy award of a purchase order for fabric panels, questioning the Navy's technical evaluation of its quotation. The protester also alleged that the awardee's quotation was incomplete and raised questions concerning: (1) the contractor's rapid delivery response; (2) the delay in receiving the award notice until nearly 2 weeks after award; and (3) alleged Navy errors in reporting dates and times of its phone calls to the protester. GAO found that: (1) the Navy's decision to reject the protester's quotation was reasonable because the protester's proposal and subsequent clarification left doubt that it would furnish the required fabric; and (2) omissions in the awardee's quotation were not significant because those sections were merely informational. The questions concerning rapid delivery response, delay of notice, and reporting errors did not affect the award's validity and, therefore, were not considered. Accordingly, the protest was denied.

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