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The Defense Logistics Agency requested a decision as to whether an employee was entitled to temporary quarters expenses incurred during his relocation. The employee contended that: (1) he was delayed from occupying temporary quarters because his travel advance was not timely processed; and (2) the regulations requiring occupancy of temporary quarters within 30 days should not apply to this situation. Regulations do not prohibit reimbursement of temporary quarters expenses for claims commencing between the period ending 30 days after the employee reports for duty at the new duty station and the 30-day period beginning when the family vacates the residence at the old duty station. GAO found that: (1) the employee's family did not vacate the residence at the old duty station; and (2) the employee's eligibility had expired 30 days after he reported for duty at the new station. GAO determined that the delayed travel advance could not be used as a basis for an exception to the regulations. Accordingly, the claim for temporary quarters expenses may not be paid.


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