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A firm protested a Navy contract award, alleging that the Navy failed to allow sufficient time for bidders to consider an amendment to the solicitation and improperly rejected its bid as late. The protester's bid was delivered by commercial carrier to the agency but, according to the Navy, the package was not delivered to the specified location until after the bid opening. The Navy subsequently rejected the protester's bid as late since: (1) there was no showing that wrongful government action was the cause of late receipt; and (2) the bidder contributed to the late receipt by not fulfilling its responsibility to deliver the bid to the proper place. The initial protest to the agency concerning the bid opening date was untimely and GAO would not consider the subsequent protest. GAO found that the Navy properly rejected the protester's bid as late. A delay in furnishing bid results was a procedural deficiency that had no bearing upon the validity of the award. Accordingly, the protest was dismissed.

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