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A finance and accounting officer of the Department of Defense requested that GAO determine whether an employee stationed overseas was properly paid travel expenses in connection with his dependents' travel to and from the Munich, Germany, campus of a U.S. university. If the travel payments were improper, GAO was asked whether the erroneous payments might be waived under statutory law and, if the waiver were inappropriate, whether GAO would consider reporting the case to Congress as a meritorious claim. GAO held that, since travel costs are payable only for dependents' travel to attend school in the United States, the employee was improperly reimbursed for his children's travel to and from Munich. GAO also found that indebtedness for educational travel expenses erroneously paid may not be waived, since travel and transportation expenses and allowance are specifically excluded from the waiver authority of statutory law. Further, GAO did not find that the claim would warrant submission to Congress as a meritorious claim.


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