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A retired Army officer appealed the denial of his claim for transportation costs for household goods upon his separation from the service. The officer transported some household goods in his automobile by ferry across the English channel from Germany to the United States rather than having them shipped by the Government with the rest of his personal effects. He claimed reimbursement for the ferry charges on the basis that it was incurred primarily to get his household goods across the channel. GAO stated that, for personal reasons, the officer chose to drive from Germany to England and to take some of his goods with him as luggage rather than have them shipped by the Government. The goods were carried in the automobile with the officer, and the ferry fare he incurred was charged per vehicle. However, no separate or additional charge was made for the goods. Therefore, GAO considered the goods as baggage carried free in the automobile and, as such, they are not considered household goods for the purpose of transportation entitlements. Accordingly, the prior denial by the Claims Group was sustained.


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