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GAO was requested to reconsider its decision in which it found that the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) justification of its statement of minimum needs in a solicitation for computer equipment was unreasonable. GAO had also recommended that FAA cancel the contract and not purchase the systems. In the request for reconsideration, FAA and an individual firm took exception to the decision, noting that it was based upon an audit report which ignored FAA needs for the equipment and improperly focused on misleading legalistic information surrounding the procurement. GAO held that the reports contained factual matters that were relevant to the procurement and that its findings adequately considered the full range of information FAA provided in the audit report. However, GAO held that, since the computer system was receiving full usage, its initial recommendation was not in the best interests of the Government. Accordingly, the initial decision was affirmed, but the recommendation to cancel the contract was withdrawn.


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