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Entitlements of civilian employees of an agency to costs involved in training and transfer to a permanent duty station were reviewed. In this instance, an employee was sent by the National Security Agency (NSA) on a 2-year training assignment overseas, and at the completion of the training the employee traveled to a permanent change of duty station (PCS) in the United States. The employee requested reimbursement for costs for travel to and from a port terminal to pick up his privately owned vehicle (POV). It was held that assignments for training purposes are not permanent duty assignments; therefore, expenses for nontemporary storage and shipment of POV's to and from the training site are not authorized. Claims for travel to and from ports to deliver and pick up vehicles in connection with overseas training assignments will likewise be denied. Claims for PSC expenses incurred by employees while on training assignments which were other than transportation of immediate family, household goods and personnel effects, or packing, crating, and temporary storage, are disallowed. Questions concerning facts in individual cases, however, will be reviewed by GAO.


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