Request for Appropriations Transfer as Reimbursement for Personal Services of an Employee

B-75052: May 14, 1948

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Office of Public Affairs
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The Post Office Department asked if the "agreement in advance" requirement was met in regards to reimbursement from the Post Office to the Bureau of the Budget for personal services of a certain employee, which appropriation said services could be charged to, if any, following the expiration of the current appropriated fund, and if authorization for reimbursement from the appropriation should be signed by the Second Assistant Postmaster General.

GAO determined that the appropriate agreement for reimbursement was entered into shortly after the services commenced, any decision regarding the charging of the proper appropriation must involve a specific voucher, and without evidence that the Solicitor of the Post Office was without authority to enter the agreement on behalf of the post office, there was no reason to require the execution of the Second Assistant Postmaster General.

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