[Protest of a Series of DCSC Procurements]

B-210410,B-210449,B-210450,B-210451: Apr 25, 1983

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A firm protested four Defense Construction Supply Center procurements of aircraft parts, asserting that the agency failed to require inspection and acceptance at the source, which the protester contended was mandated by Defense Acquisition Regulations. The protests were filed with GAO because the protester was not satisfied that the agency acted diligently on protests filed with the agency. In each case, the original protests with the agency were untimely, since they involved solicitation defects which were apparent on the face of the solicitation which must be protested prior to the bid opening or closing date according to bid protest procedures. Because the protester waited until after contract award to file with GAO, these subsequent protests were also untimely. Furthermore, the protests raised an issue that would have restricted competition and, therefore, was not of legal concern. Accordingly, the protests were dismissed.