Report on Audit of Wapato Irrigation Project, Yakima Indian Reservation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, November 1958

B-132935: May 11, 1959

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As part of our audit of the Portland Area, Bureau of Indian Affairs, we made an audit of the Wapato Irrigation Project as of November 1958. During our audit we reviewed the administration of certain project activities including matters relating to the repayment of construction and operation and maintenance costs.

The audit disclosed the need to clarify the repayment obligations of the Wapato-Satus Unit for certain construction costs of the Bureau of Reclamation's Yakima Project. Our audit disclosed also the need to take collection action or determine proper disposition of $1,291,416 classified as reimbursable operation and maintenance costs due the Government. Other findings noted relate to the need to distribute reimbursable operation and maintenance costs more equitably to project units and to strengthen management controls over the stores and warehousing operation.