Military Aircraft:

Travel by Selected Executive Branch Officials

AFMD-92-51: Published: Apr 7, 1992. Publicly Released: Apr 7, 1992.

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Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO provided data on 11 executive branch officials' use of military aircraft from January 1989 through March. 1991 focusing on the: (1) extent of travel on military aircraft by the officials; (2) policies governing that travel; (3) extent to which the selected officials complied with certain policies; and (4) operating costs of military aircraft related to the political and personal trips.

GAO found that: (1) out of 222 trips taken on military aircraft by the 11 executive branch officials, 151 were classified as solely official, 28 were mixed official and political or personal, and 43 were solely political or personal; (2) the General Service Administration and the Office of Management Budget provide guidance for official use of government aircraft, while White House policy requires that political and personal travel on military aircraft be reimbursed at the equivalent cost of commercial coach airfare plus $1; (3) 10 of the 11 officials generally followed travel policies requiring travel authorizations, justifications for using military aircraft, and reimbursements for political and personal trips; (4) of 195 trips requiring travel authorizations, 163 trips were properly authorized, while 32 trips were not properly authorized; (5) those 32 trips were primarily by the former White House Chief of Staff and the former Drug Policy Director; (6) 71 of the 222 trips involved at least some political or personal activity; (7) reimbursements totalled $77,507 for 57 trips, including $48,626 for family and staff members who accompanied the travelling officials; and (8) military aircraft operating costs totalled $774,000 for 35 trips that involved solely political or personal activities, and related reimbursements, made in accordance with White House policy totalled $61,585.