Appeal of -- Hitt Contracting, Inc. under Contract No. AOC-0300012

2006-1 (HOBC): May 30, 2007

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Hitt Contracting, Inc. appeals the decision of the Architect of the Capital (AOC) denying its claim and seeks $278,331.50 in damages arising out of asserted changes in contract No. 0300012, for expansion of the West Refrigeration Plant of the U.S. Capitol Power Plant in Washington, D.C. Hitt asserts that a requirement for an off-site security inspection of dump trucks traveling to the work site amounted to a contract change for which it was entitled to additional compensation. This Board's jurisdiction over this appeal is pursuant to the Disputes Clause in the contract and the appointment of the Board by House Office Building Commission.

AOC moves for summary judgment. Hitt opposes the motion. We grant AOC's motion for summary judgment.